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  1. Talvy
    You do know my original comment was nothing more than a speculation "hmm, PewDie did this, could this have an effect on his fame?"

    Seriosuly, just read it! It even ends in "not hatin', seriously"

    Why did you even take that offensively in the first place, when I clearly said it wasn't supposed to be.
  2. Talvy
    "let's ditch the arguement & start throwing meaningless insults about... uhh... avatars"
  3. Talvy
    I'll try one more time...

    You say that his motives are an important part of the argument, which they are not, because the argument is not about him.

    See? It doesn't affect the argument even if I said he was Hitler!
  4. Talvy
    Let's put it this way.
    The president has been killed - if I write an article about how that will affect our country, I won't focus on WHY he was killed, because that's not what my article is about.

    How you assume PewDie's morals based on what I said is up to you. But again, it doesn't fucking matter what do you think of him because that's not the topic. The topic is that PewDie closed his comments for one reason or another, and what THAT does might have a negative impact.

    I'm just so fucking tired of your shit. What makes you think that you have to circlejerk every decision he does, even if it's bad, because he's your friend?
    A friend is someone who you can trust for an honest opinion, not someone like you describe.
  5. Talvy
    Whatever man. I was just saying all this could have an effect on his fame, but since even being neutral is intentional shitting to you, then fuck pewdiepie & his fanbase, unsubscribed.
    You ppl just can never take it if anyone questions anything he does. I was kinda starting to understand the guy.
  6. Talvy
    You just don't get it. I left that info out because the reason WHY he did it was NOT the point. Stop acting like a child and assuming everyone just wants to shit on your bf for the sake of hating.

    And if you would've actually bothered to watch "your friend's" video, you would've noticed he continuously shits the game for "being random & unfair" when it's not.

    Believe it or not, pewdie is not a god. He's not perfect. Stop implying that nothing he does is wrong.

    You already turned out a big hypocrite on your shitposting theory, so pls, let's just stop 'cause this is pointless.
  7. Talvy
    Putting things in short is not even remotely lying, and saying that "I'm never playing this game again" is not a description of a situation.

    Also I'm posting on your profile - but just saw you continue the argument on the thread. tell me more about shitposting
  8. Talvy
    He disabled comments, declined the challange & looks tired. What part of that was a lie?

    He didn't know why, where or when the animatronics attack, and that's when he called it bullshit multiple times through the playthrough.

    Posting stuff you don't agree with is not shitposting.
  9. Talvy
    Stop defending Pewdie, he called 5N@F (and any other strategy game) bullshit, and you know it.
  10. The Robster
    That's not what I had in mind when I picked
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