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  1. stlMO
    You useless fat monkey, people like you who watch anime and post all day (LOL) need to fucking die. You are a worthless person, and you know it. You need to cease living, because you are worthless shit. Cease living. No one would care, and you would leave nothing of value behind to anyone. Because you are worthless, stop posting and get a fucking life. In reality you are a pathetic anime-watching fat piece of useless shit incapable of social inclusion, not that you've shown any different in this forum, thinking you are superior, and something more than worthless. Fuck off and die, do no one a favor, because you won't leave anything behind but worm food. You are nothing to me, because you are wholly inferior in terms of aesthetics, success, and strength to me and to many of the people around you. All you can do is pretend to be someone who has something distinguishable, which is fine by me. But you are pathetic worthless shit that needs to cease living in my eyes.
  2. Big Dumb American
    I don't know what you mean, but I'm angry about it.
  3. Toyhobo
    Thanks mate.
  4. Toyhobo
    Avatar source?
  5. NotMeh
    nah what the fuck is that

    sounds like a piece of shit
  6. The Aussie
    I'd argue that Mandarin is easier due to the simplicity of the grammar. But that's really only if you're learning simplified. Also, spoken Korean is worse then spoken french, and as a french (not so much) speaker that's saying something. Btw, how's your Jap going?
  7. Jellyman
    I'm saying he posts too much. 6k posts in 4 months is a little pathetic.

    I'm not being elitist at all, nerd.
  8. MacaroriCheeze
    Well, if you have an iPod/Phone/Pad, there is an app called "Japanese" ([url][/url]) that has a function where you draw the kanji and the dictionary gives you the meaning of it. It really helps whenever I find a confusing word. Too bad it isn't free though.
  9. MacaroriCheeze
    Ok, no problem.
    Yes, I am a native japanese speaker, I came to Australia when I was little, so I'm fluent in both languages.
    If you need help with some translating stuff, I might be able to help.
  10. ElementalCreeds


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