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  1. t h e
    i just realized you have good avatars i like your avatars
  2. t h e
    good avatar
  3. macdoo999
    Best avatar, best mod. <3
  4. Gueno
    Hello, I would like to know how I can rust licenses to host servers in a Brazilian host, this game is making success in Brazil but it is very difficult to play due to high latency.

    Att; Gueno.
  5. Crash155
    What the fuck is a franking machine?
  6. Jesus Crits
    9/10 avatar, would give septims
  7. Doc_72
    Ah, well I t'was just curious. Any-who, enjoy your time there for what it's worth :D
  8. Doc_72
    Have you ever been to the CVG for work on that kind of stuff? I know they have a simulation center for the trainees there.
  9. Doc_72
    You're talking about those massive Boeing 747 hydraulic-controlled flight simulators, right? I used to use one of those during my time in pilot training! What do you do with them, are you into the maintenance of them or something? And sorry if I spam your profile with walls of text, don't know whether or not to ask in the thread or on your profile :u
  10. mintR

    I bought a title for my name but its not displaying like the other titles I have seen on the forums. The others are BOLD and Hyperlinked.

    Mine is just plain text.

    Can you fix this issue please?

    I want the link to be

    The Bold text can just say MRR WEBSITE

    Thank you <3
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