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  1. Marceline
    Your most recent Fast Thread is pretty good.
  2. Dub!
    Well let's just drop the topic then

    Just like High School; dumb shit will happen and people will forget about it in the next couple days. :)
  3. Dub!
    You good now, bro?
  4. United States
    Yep. Unfortunately, 1776 wasn't a valid birthday either.
  5. gk99
    Don't worry about people, bro. I've been here for seven years, and, if there's two things I've learned in that time, it's:
    1.) That no matter how many people like you and agree with what you post, there's always those people that for some reason just don't like you.
    2.) That not every post someone makes is going to be their holy grail of posts. Recently, I've been saying a lot of things that a majority or FP doesn't agree with in in Sensationalist Headlines, but then the next post I make in somewhere else gets received extremely well.

    TL;DR People are dicks, don't let them get to you and state what you want how you want with no regrets.
  6. Chubbles
    This place sucks ass and I've debated leaving plenty of times, but then I don't... because I'm an idiot. But really... just wait it out a couple days and don't let these dick heads get to you. Surprisingly, there are a nice bunch of us on this site that get rated dumb constantly for actually having a decent opinion about things rather than looking like a fucking pretentious prick all the time. Just hang in there, buddy.
  7. Sharkattackt
  8. CAPT Opp4
  9. CAPT Opp4
    Listen Danny Boy...everybody, no matter how long they've been here, no matter the postcount, popularity, or member status, will always have at least ONE string of bad posts every now and then. So you'll get rated dumb every now and then. It's apart of being a member.

    The answer isn't to just cut and leave because you messed up a few times and people rated you dumb. If you make a mistake and post something stupid? Learn from it. The next thing you post ends up being stupid, and you get banned? Learn MORE from it. Lurk. Watch good-quality posters. Find out what's acceptable, and what's not. Post when you think it's appropriate, and always make sure to follow the simple rules of 'Don't be an ass, and don't be unreasonably stupid'. Think before you post, and you'll be alright.

    Also, don't ever accept a pole result as your answer for anything here, half of everyone votes with sarcasm.
  10. digigamer17
    What you should really do, is take a nice long break. Unless something is bothering you a lot that you don't want to talk about then, I wouldn't be any of help to keep you happy. :/ Just sayin'.
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