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  1. YourFriendJoe
    That sounds like wrap heaven
  2. YourFriendJoe
    those wraps look good
  3. YourFriendJoe
    nice things
  4. jakedog
    Haha, you should take a video of him eating some fruit, the internet loves that shit
  5. jakedog
    Yeah I remember when my dad cut the head off, they stay alive for like 6 hours after because they're heart rate is so slow. It was crazy we had the body in one bucket, the head in the other. If you put your finger by it's head it would snap at you, if you put your hand by the body it would move it's neck like it was trying to bite at you.
  6. jakedog
    Tastes like really hearty beef, it goes in with a creamier base.
  7. jakedog
    That messed up, I've only killed one, and it was because my dad wanted to make turtle stew, it was sooooooo fucking tasty. We still have the shell hanging up in the garage, the turtles in my area are extreamly reclusive but they seem to love fish guts. I wonder how many of them feed off of cleaned fish, it's common practice to just dump the guts back into the lake.
  8. jakedog
    Hey I saw you like turtles, I live in Michigan and a hobby of mine was to clean fish, then take the guts and chum the waters real good. Then catch the biggest fucking snapping turtles I could, but with my bare hands. I was a crazy ass little kid, the biggest one I caught was close to 60 pounds, they're scary when they're that big. We have some really pretty turtles up here though.
  9. YourFriendJoe
    brb moving to TN
  10. YourFriendJoe
    I hate TN but mainly because I had to drive like 5 hours up a mountain just to visit some relatives and to be honest I dont really like NC
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