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  1. Streecer
    I didn't mind meteor storm, hyper beast was pretty bad.

    But seriously, ugh. I knew it would be some kind of combination of Mach and Drive, but I didn't expect them to actually mash them both together like that.
  2. Streecer
    deadheat confirmed for ugliest form
  3. Hakita
    hey i can understand that not everyone is great at expressing themselves over just text sometimes people misunderstand me as well but that's alright people tend to get too caught up on the details (which is exactly what i was complaining about with the complaining about the running... this shit is mad meta)
  4. Hakita
    oh i misread "competent" as "incompetent" so i thought you were saying you're really good at getting your point across so sorry if my blunt "ok." seemed harsh because it was a misread on my part
  5. Hakita
    also if you honestly think that a lot of people get really upset about opinions and tv shows like really upset even on facepunch so if it's not that improbable...
  6. Hakita
    ok i assumed you were talking about that argument because it's actually related to me in some way so i assumed you'd talk to me about things that relate to me
    but hey maybe if people keep misunderstanding you you might be doing something wrong? maybe you should make it a bit more clearer that you're not as angry as you seem to be?
    just saying
  7. Hakita
    i dont see how that discussion went anything like that but ok
    at least i didn't see anyone try to tell you that you're mad after you saying that you're not...
  8. MadCatMkII
    u grabro m8
  9. Dukov Traboski
    Oh jeez, gas a few colonies and everyone get's upset. How else were we supposed to get rid of all that g3 gas we had laying around?
  10. Dukov Traboski
    go space or go home
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