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  1. Rick VIce
    I am turtle man.
  2. F T
    who's that jumping up
    here we go
  3. Faren
    thanks bro, yours is pretty cool as well, big gold member gifs make me feel all tingly inside
  4. F T
    gong ahowhoa wow fuck nigga
  5. Hiro_Protagonist
    Is that my long-lost sister, Teevee?
  6. gtanoofa
    what did u just call me? i m oper8orr as fuqa m8 fuq d kebab ur in 4 a beating m8
  7. gtanoofa
    durgs r bad kiddo

    shotsfired dohoho fite me u tall bushman
  8. Viper123_SWE
    I AM a understanding person, but i am also a human being. I
    t is YOU that need to put yourself in my shoes, surely you must understand that it is not fun to get harassed for nothing.

    But no, here you are, defending Ninja for him, defending him like he's a autistic kid or a retarded person when in fact be's capable of defending himself.

    This isn't even about me being entrenched in my opinions, it is about how Ninja harasses me and that i want him to stop.
    (Which i have told him before.)
  9. Viper123_SWE
    No it's not, he's the one who harasses me.
    Before this when i gave him a bad rating in response he wasted two hours by saying "choke on it".
    And this just proves my point, you simply ignore everything he has done just because he's your BFF, he's a goddamn blind spot for you.

    If you can't provide an objective insight you shouldn't be involving yourself into this.
  10. Viper123_SWE
    I didn't take a jab at his condition, i told him how he has been treating me and that i've let it all go by because of his aspbergers.

    I know he's one of your pals but you have a blind spot for him, i also know you have a GF etc.

    I remember more than you know, unlike yourself whom i have had to remind about certain things over and over.
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