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  1. CaptainHijacks
    The link in yet title does not work, mate.
  2. TheFilmSlacker
    No, actually. Eden's profile is "Film's Sis" and Taylor's is "Walkerbait".
  3. TheFilmSlacker
    Honestly, not really. Eden's depressed and Ryan has a lot of stupid friends who drag him down with drugs and shit because he needs some kind of escape from everything over here. Eden used to cut herself without me knowing (around the same time as when we voice chatted that one time) and Ryan has to pass ALL of his classes this year or else he doesn't graduate. He's been puking over stress and Jeff is NOT helping him in that aspect.

    I'm doing alright, I just need to move up to Halifax ASAP with Tay. When I move, I'm letting him know that when I become a father, he is NOT going to be a part of my kid's life in any way, and if I hear ONE MORE FUCKING HORROR STORY from home, I'm calling the police and getting them out of there. I might not live with him after that, but I'm not leaving my brother and sister to the big bad wolf...
  4. TheFilmSlacker
    tbh I'm kinda waiting for a ride to come pick me up, but we can talk sometime this week for sure if you're up for it. Gonna be working, but it's my last week before Fan Expo. :)
  5. ImpSnob
    ay bb i luv u 2 :P you're a great user as well
  6. Swiket
  7. Luxuria
    I'll chuck you a PM bruv.
  8. fudge blood
    I'm not sure QUITE yet, I don't think they're giving out much info about it, but so far from the prototype videos, it looks like you can set things on fire or make things unusable for the other person
  9. fudge blood
    Oh, when you die in don't starve together, you become a ghost that you can haunt people and objects. It's pretty fun looking and I hope it works out actually : D
  10. fudge blood
    Same, I can't wait for Don't Starve Together either. RoG seems to be the perfect for multiplayer settings. When they announced it I was super happy but wondered how they're gonna pull it off. With the ghost thing when a character dies works, I guess, but I wonder what'll happen when you get resurrected and die again if you don't touch one of those revival stones or have an effigy. o:
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