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  1. Winner
    take me with u
  2. Winner
    you wouldn't understand it's about the suffering and pain of not being anime

    maybe somedya science can help us
  3. Winner
    i expect you to know it by HEART
  4. Winner

    I got pride. I got enough pride to start a fucking riot
    Welcome to the future where the internet is daily life
    Welcome to Akiba where they cosplay day and night
    30 years later catch me flying mechas through the sky
    Welcome to 4chan. Where dark meets light
    New fags stay away. If I just lost you life your life
    Oh you shot a nigga on sight cuz you gangbanging?
    Hack the bank and steal about 300 thousand. That's gangster
    Elder trynna tell me I don't know what I'm saying
    But I am the future. You can't speak this language
    If you living in the present you can't see where my brain is
    Thinking it don't matter that you internet famous
    I won't explain it. I might blast off to Uranus
    Inside my Ota spaceship till Otaku World has made it
    Be a leader to my people. All I'm trying to say is
    The curtain has been pulled.. we really are the greatest
  5. Winner
    Fuck that! There's only one way. I questioned my friends anyway
    In a world fulla shit you gotta take risks
    The whole time I was superior treated inferior
    Why agree to it I cast magic with materia
    In this digital age reigns otaku master race
    "You're a dweeb." No I control the fate of the human race
    Us otaku we imaginate great then create
    At over 9000 terabytes we come in size and shape
    You a weeaboo? I feel sorry for your level gain
    Party up with me gain EXP straight off the metro train
    Let's go to Akiba where Otaku is the way to be
    You a weeaboo until you see how great that you can be
    Ota-nation all my niggas on they shonen shit
    Ladies on they shoujo shit. Wait till they get a load of this
    Weaponized anime. Dynamic wordplay
    I could penetrate time & space with these 808s
  6. Winner
    Weeaboos have no pride
    They are soulless jelly fucks who don't know the power they could possess
    Otakus always manifest vision into reality
    We are warriors!

    Back in middle school I kept that manga in my backpack
    I been 2D living but nobody ever understands
    People go braindead from the status quos hands
    Sooner later you be looking like what happened to my friends

    They looking at you like why the hell you wanna do that for
    Now when these plastic bitches chasing after niggas you gon get your ass ignored
    But chasing materialistic shit in time will finally get bored
    And when they ask about what you do. Just say you a weeaboo
    That's your reward. That's your reward?
  7. Winner
    now you're talking god i fucking love japan i wish i was an onii chan and had lots of kouhais
  8. Winner
    u think this is fuckin zelda get out with ur fake money
  9. Winner
    sorry bud that's gonna cost ya
  10. Winner
    vvvvv check out captain i touch kids over here
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