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  1. Asaratha
  2. Dub!
    I thought you'd respond with someone like that. Thanks for you time.
  3. Dub!
    Can't be a pedophile when you're fifteen years old. Also, I'm guessing you're talking about the attraction between me and a fictional 15 year old? Dude, who cares. I'm not going around waving it in your face. Nor is it really relevant because I don't really care for it anymore. I just love TLoU as a game. Not because it has some girl in it that I "love" to masturbate to.

    Sorry for ranting about something you probably don't care about, but you and others at Facepunch need to understand I meant no harm. None at all. For posting anything I did. And I stopped, didn't I?
  4. Dub!
    Could you ever make a friendly post? Highly doubt it.
  5. Dub!
  6. PolytizeMeCPT
    Hahaha yeah, I don't really take it personally. I just recognized your name and wanted an excuse to bring it up.

    I'm glad you like it!
  7. PolytizeMeCPT
    Gasp. You rated me dumb when I rigged your dog player model all those ages ago?

    Et tu, Ehmmett?
  8. Asaratha
    arent u snoop dog?
  9. Natrox
    ehmmett for mod 2014
  10. Zukriuchen
    "does anyone else think craptasket shouldnt be a moderator"

    i see right through you, you're undermining the system so you can take his place


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