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  1. Levithan
    no PROBS YO
  2. Levithan ;3
  3. Vilusia
    hey what's going on in this visit- OH LORD
    Stop what even? I've been trying to get you stop by giving you the answer you need but you just seem to ignore them. I type up a long ass post and you're telling me to stop?
  5. Levithan
    I am trying my damn hardest to convince you that you're really mistaken when you say "You hate furries" or "You have personal demons". I don't understand why you continue to do this when I made it very clear that you can't convince me to agree with you, especially when you flame at the same time. You also looks like you're trying to figure out "Maybe it's really silly trying to convince this guy that he has issues!". I do have issues, I have depression and anxiety and I'm currently taking medication for it but by god I am more than certain that I don't have the "issues" that you describe. When someone tells me that they know more about me personally than I know more about me then that really pisses me off especially if it's some random guy who knows fuck all about me and ESPECIALLY if they're trying their damn fucking hardest to convince me to. Don't waste your words on me, spend it on someone who really needs some actual real help instead of just theorizing "what's wrong with burger".
  7. Levithan
    Ok so now this is what I'm getting from you so far

    you flame and play psychiatrist in my visitor messages, I explain myself and call you out, you apologize and say you wont bother me
    then you flame and play psychiatrist in my private inbox, stating that "this won't clutter your pms", I explain myself and call you out
    then you flame and play psychiatrist in a fucking thread, I explain myself and call you out
    then you shit up my visitor message sayings that it's better than shitting up as thread

    In a week from now, are you going to send me private messages on my xbox account, appologize on my youtube account, and then shit up my home answering machine?
  9. SweetSwifter
    best cats
  10. SweetSwifter


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