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  1. Hugo Strange
    @Sad Eggplant I could grant you gold for that. *unsettling look on face*
  2. KingCentKing
    Hi garry - how to get Gold Member
  3. Sad Eggplant
    Hi Garry can I have Gold Ill send you a picture of my tits
  4. owenthecool
    I hate everything.
    That is all.
    Have a fabulous LIFE!
  5. mochisushi
    I need help with this tough maths problem, what's 2 plus 7? I've tried everything, I just can't do it.
  6. Impos
    omg garry no 1 care about ur experimental rust, 100 000 players every day playing rust classic.. can u fuckin FIX this bugs where u got raided by sleeping bags. FIX THIS, WORK ON RUST CLASSIC not experimental. WE WANT TO PLAY RUST CLASSIC.
  7. Lord_TAcoz
  8. Falkok15
    hai glory numan
  9. cucumber
    Mommm, i want ice cream
  10. Odissa
    Hi Gary. Please take a look of this post: These guys are DDoSing other servers to keep their server population up. They are wasting money for real legit admins and owners trying to run their server. This is illegal what they are doing, they need to be taken down. Please do something about this. It's really important to keep good servers running in Rust, if things like this keep happening, Rust servers are dying because of it.
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