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  1. Necro90
    Hello, i have a big problem in my rust server (i'm the founder). Since this morning when i try to log in my server it says ConnectionBanned. I tried to check many times in the control pannel but there's no ban for my name/steam id, changing name is useless, tried to restart my pc/router many times, i also tried to instal the game again but it's all useless. I thought that the cheatpunch plugin could be the problem so i deleted it and i restarted my server, but it's been useless too.. I have this problem only in my server, i can play in all the other servers..any suggestion? Help me please :S
    (Yesterday when i closed the game it was all ok and this morning when i tried to log in my server it started to say ConnectionBanned)
    EDIT: my steam id is 76561198120455774
  2. darmagdar
    I am a representative of a new, quite young, but rapidly developing gaming community in Russia.
    We would like to give access to the game licensed players RUST in Russia.
    We have powerful equipment and we wanted to join the official game servers RUST.

    We want to obtain a license key to install Your server ON our equipment.
    With impatience we wait from You for the answer.
    My email -
    With Respect!
  3. Brainos
    Hello I got a ban yesterday.I do not know why.I never cheated.Will you tell me please why I have ban.Please can get unbanned? please.I never cheated ;( my id :STEAM_0:0:64498460
  4. freduk1

    Check it. I never do something like that!!!

    I have already contacted Steam to complain about this act white. That can not be so well.
  5. mcbilo61
    Why i have facepunch ban i never hack any game and rust to and i dont have VAC Ban But i cant connect server on rust pls Tell my I never use cheats oder tools can you pls endbann me really i never use cheats he is my Steam ID:76561198062240384
  6. lucianls
    he will not answer .... its a good business for them ... more banns more people buying the game again ... more $$$$
  7. koto030
    They do not use the cheat tool.
    Do you have evidence something?
    It can not enter my server.


    You can not convince anyone that there is no evidence.
    Sorry, but thank you
  8. k9lord
    Garry if you could i posted on the forms about being banned though you have heard this a 1000 times from people i was not hacking it says there is screen shot proof i was i would like to see this i was about of rust before you even put the 20 dollar price on it i got it for 5 and some odd cents for the action price you were doing. please take a look at the forms and if you could clear my name. thank you
  9. Marine4435
    I was issued a ban on the 8th and know for a fact I was not hacking. I have never hacked and was playing with my friend getting a base set up for like an hour or two into the early morning then. I haven't played since then and get on to see this posting about the ban. My steamid is:

    I have always been against hacks and I know for a fact that I have never hacked. I paid more than what the game is selling for now on steam in support for this game and would love to play it, but I can't if I am banned... Please help because this is ridiculous...
    Thank you,
    give me a rust key plsplsplsplsplsplspls
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