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  1. LarparNar
    Who doesn't like some freedom.

    In all seriousness tho, having a kickass time. :)
  2. UserNotFound
    No prob
  3. UserNotFound
    Psst... "fpModsAreNigs"
  4. UserNotFound
    I pretty much came to that realization after seeing the post I was banned for

    Didja see my thread in the Refugee Camp?
  5. NiandraLades
    aaa I'm sorry ;__;
  6. Sally
    fil u in the dong
  7. digigamer17
    Was Babbaj3 an alt of someone as well?
  8. trollbuster
    Its most likely because not many people here can speak English,
    even though we start learning since elementary vv
  9. FreddiRox!
    ur gay (owned)
  10. trollbuster
    Its hard to describe, really.
    Games have shit ping, government schools are shit so you gotta go to private schools that are less shit, can't buy games from stores cause they're all shitty pirated ones copied onto disks, all the youth ever does is talk about cricket, the government is corrupted as all hell, so yeah, generally its shitty in this regard,
    But the people are kind, the places that aren't populated make fantastic scenery, and if you think optimistically, you can pretty much ignore most of the crap that would otherwise ruin your day.

    I didn't really think anyone would've asked about my country, why the sudden interest?
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