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  1. Konnestra
    Yeah it's really nice to read up on these things and see the people behind the stories. You're welcome, I hope you have an idea of what to do this summer now :D
  2. ewitwins
    Thanks for the heads-up on the show. It was fucking sweet, and now I'm hyped for the second episode!
  3. Konnestra
    Hahaha true. Hmm I'd suggest this one tumblr page, "humansofNewYork" I think...It has alot of pictures of all sorts of people from NYC , and many of them has a very unique appearance. I use those sometimes to get inspiration.
  4. Konnestra
    Then you can find pictures online to draw from. There are figure/still life drawing websites with a timer that you can practice from. And there are Andrew Loomis PDF's for free too!
  5. Konnestra
    Ahh well you can always draw people around you, or save up a bunch of reference images on your comp :)
  6. Konnestra
    Also wow sorry for spam on your profile, damn.
  7. Konnestra

    And then there is the more cartoony for TV-and-animation kinda books. Its a good starter!

    And then there is also Andrew Loomis, Richard Williams, Chuck Jones, Burne Hogarth, Milt Kahl and wayyyy more.
  8. Konnestra
    I'm gonna recommend some really good books which could be of good use to you!

    Drawing with Force! (This one is a gold mine, I have gotten so much out of this book. I guess you can see all the dynamic curves in my art after seeing this book!)

    This book IS a goldmine. It teaches you basicly everything and why you should do it, and why it works. Magic of Disney!

    This one is a classic from Will Eisner. It has alot of basic anatomy, expressions, body language and such. Not a super comic-y book, but you gotta know about the old timers.
  9. Konnestra
    You don't have to do drugs in order to see things. Creative people probbaly see movies in their head all the time, that's what I see too. Today when listening to a song, I saw a samurai cat in a blue jacket fighting a giant dog, obliterating the universe hehe.

    Hmm...well , I'd say drawing from real life is the absolute best thing a artist can do. Unless you're aiming to be a underground modern artists that gets millions for splotches on a wall. But for you who aims at a cartoony style, try going out with a small sketchbook and some shades, and draw people around you. I ilve in a big city with alot of tourists all year around, and you never know what weird looking people might lighten up your inspiration.
  10. Konnestra
    Sounds good! And yeah I am 22 years haha. I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. When I was little, I often got jealous if someone was better than me and that jealousy strangely motivated me to push my limits to draw more. But I guess having jealousy as a motivator isn't really healthy...:'D
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