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  1. J$ Psychotic
    No one answered you in the lifting megathread about how low you should go for squats so here goes

    If you're going below parallel you are doing them perfectly. There is no such thing as too low. People who stay 30 degrees above parallel are not squatting correctly.
  2. JoeSkylynx
    Examples of this range from simple things like, holy fuck Cuomo stop sucking NYC dick, to other much more painful issues such as the nuclear waste cleanup problems in Western and Northern NY which never get funding because NYC's issues always come first, which is utter bullshit.
  3. JoeSkylynx
    Gonna take this and post it here for now if you don't mind.
    What I'm saying is that NYC should be turned into a federal district, as their's incredibly poor representation of the rest of NY, and this is seemingly done purposefully in favor of the democrats, as the greater the density of a population center, the more likely it's to vote on democrat or independent policies. If a city reaches over the population of two million, it'd be in the interest of the country and state to turn that city into a Federal District akin to Washington DC, as it allows the state to be more-or-less an autonomous entity akin to the Native American reservations, and it also allows for that city to not be as far reaching in the state's politics as it once was.
  4. Bradyns
    You're pretty cool.
  5. StrawberryClock
    What does your avatar say, its aliased as fuck.
  6. xeo xeo
    Merry Christmas Antdawg, and a happy New Year!
  7. RockmanYoshi

  8. ScottyWired
    Haha! I make two more cents than you per hour!
  9. LuaChobo
    merry jewmas
  10. -Rusty-
    I never said they were controlled dets guy
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