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We are not interested in threads that state you are looking for a coder for your server/addon/gamemode. Please instead use this website. http://coderhire.com/

7th May 2013
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This forum is for help modding Garry's Mod. This includes everything from scripting to mapping. Your first port of call should be the Garry's Mod Wiki. If you don't find what you need - please post a thread in this forum asking for the information to...

27th February 2013
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Problems That Don't Need Their Own Thread v2.0 ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last ) This thread has images

Welcome to the PTDNT page ! Have a small problem and need help with it , but you don't want to start a new thread and ask about your problem then you've came to the right thread ! To keep it clean -Post your problem ("Variable returns nil at some...

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Work In Progress

GMod - What are you working on? - July 2014 (#35) ( 2 3 4 5 .. 14 15 16 17 Last ) This thread has images

You know the drill, another month, another WAYWO thread. As before, PM me / steam message me if you think I should include anything else in the OP! Highlights from the previous thread

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Jailbreak - F2 Menu

Hi I'm trying to mod a fresh copy of Jailbreak. I want to make it so F2 opens a menu if you're the warden, instead of splitting teams. So far, I have a sv_blah.lua file and cl_blah.lua file. Also, in sv_hooks.lua, I disabled the F2 function to split...

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Next Update ( 2 3 4 5 .. 70 71 72 73 Last ) This thread has images

Latest changelog This is a thread for discussing upcoming Garry's Mod updates. All changes in the latest changelog should be already in the dev branch, so if anyone here is running on that branch, please test those changes and report any issues on...

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Help making a mod.

Hello all! I'm new here, and to modding in Gmod in general, and had a question about how I am supposed to go about making something. I looked everywhere for the solution and could not find it. So I came to you guys for help! What I was planning on...

26 Minutes Ago
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Is there any LUA tables record limit ??

Hi, me here Some of my users are asking to make a support for the XQM coaster tracks. They are defined as a table with records, that i call my RailDB. I currently got 47 items in my Panel, of which 2 are XQM tracks. It seems like i can't get the...

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Warning: Table modelprecache is full

Hey, I heard Garry was on the Way to increase it (2009) but we still get hit by these problems: Warning: Table modelprecache is full, can't add models/props_lab/teleportframe.mdl Any idea? Server crashes when its full.

35 Minutes Ago
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Prophunt stuck

Hello, My prop hunt hangs after some time when there are no players. Or when a player logs in, the game is set in the viewer, so if someone chose to be props or hunter, the game does not launch. Best Regards

38 Minutes Ago
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Webhost for fastdl

Hello, What webhost you used for your fastdl ? I need with diskspace 10giga or greater Best regards

warblack31 1 reading
39 Minutes Ago
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Jailbreak Respawn Command

So I'm trying to make a Jailbreak Respawn command, but it doesn't spawn them in. So I was wanting to know how to make it work. Thanks for any help. --] function ulx.respawn( calling_ply, target_plys ) for _,v in pairs(target_plys) do v:Spawn()...

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Lua scripting

Menu and money

i made a custom gamemode and i want to know if there is any way to move darkrp money into it? so it will work with darkrp bank robbery and stuff? and so players can drop it and stuff... the last thing is a menu that you can buy weapons/entites/cars...

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ConVar is nil?

I dont get this error in a singleplayer game with bots but on multiplayer servers I do. I dont entirely understand why the Convar value doesnt stay. This is a SWEP so the Convar is created server side and referenced in Shared. Any help? if SERVER...

1 Hour Ago
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Redirect if server is full

Hello, is there a way to make the client redirect to another server (e.g. server 2), if server 1 is full? So when he connects that he will automatically redirect to another server? Can you help me with this? Maksimo007

Maksimo007 4 reading
1 Hour Ago
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gmod [(VG)UI || visual] design - What are you working on ~art is inclusive ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

We have seen a dramatic increase in visual design work posted in the regular WAYWO in the last few months and when asked, many peopled expressed the desire for a design focused waywo thread - So here it is! Post your paragraphs in stylized fonts, super...

LennyPenny 1 reading
1 Hour Ago
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Lua scripting

Auto-Kick for TTT

I've recently decided to code a lua file that will automaticly kick people if they are in spectator mode (and are NOT staff) for over 15 minutes. However I'm completely lost in this. I know this isn't a "make me" forum but can someone help me code this?...

2 Hours Ago
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CoderHire ( 2 3 4 5 .. 106 107 108 109 Last ) This thread has images

After some drama and downtime, CoderHire is officially back. The site now has community moderators to help it run much more smoothly. CoderHire was made to accommodate people looking for some custom work done for their Garry's Mod server, and for...

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2 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

Little problem : Align text in DTextEntry This thread has images

Hey ! I have a little problem with my DTextEntry : I want to center align my text in my textbox... I have this : and i want this :

3 Hours Ago
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TTT - Item doesn't show up in T shop

I recently decided to add a silent AWP that looks like a sniper rifle to the server. Shouldn't be too hard, right? Should be something that even a complete noob should be able to do. I just took an existing T shop item, took the weapon_zm_rifle lua file,...

JasonMan34 1 reading
3 Hours Ago
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Resident Evil R.P.D. patrol offiicer This thread has images

http://static.gamespot.com/uploads/scale_super/gamespot/images/2009/117/948036-958780_20090428_004.jpg http://i753.photobucket.com/albums/xx176/RPD_Librarian_Amy/Raccoon%20City%20Police%20Department%20N%20Officers/raccoonpolice9bo.jpg Hi,can someone...

3 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

Vote for Team Autobalance

First, I want to know if It is even possible, I figure it is. I was thinking of taking the Rock the Vote code and reworking it so that instead of voting map, it would scramble/balance teams. Otherwise, if someone could give me a general template on how...

4 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

DarkRP 2 Custom Checks in a Job?

Trying to make this job donator only and set armor to it but I am unsure how to combine the custom checks... I read this thread: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1237404 customCheck = function(ply) return ply:Team() == SWAT then...

4 Hours Ago
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Decompiling HL2 SMG

Hello, I am working on a small SWEP pack for gmod, and I am getting to the point of making the SWEPS where you need to decompile the model, and the HL2 SMG in order to fix crotchguns and all that, but I use 2 model decompilers, and one of them crashes...

4 Hours Ago
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Server Help ( 2 Last )

While making your jailbreak server did you come into a problem with the awp's and scout with an error message like this? "attempted to create unknown entity type weapon_scout" "Can't init weapon_scout" If so could you tell me how you fixed it?

4 Hours Ago
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Admin ESP Script This thread has images

The main idea behind this script is to create an "admin mode" to where the admin gains god mode and invisibility. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything on invisibility, and it doesn't work 100% correctly. God mode doesn't activate, and when the server...

Subject_Alpha 1 reading
4 Hours Ago
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Automatic resource.addfile generation

Hello Facepunch, I am running a DarkRP server with custom content on a server hosted by a company. At this company, i have fast download sync. However, you are required to put your custom content into materials, models, sound and resource at...

5 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

Zip Ties, Un-Tie Players on Death

So earlier I asked for assistance in altering my Zip Ties, now I have noticed another issue. Players who are killed while zip-tied remain zip-tied into the next life. They can run full speed and switch weapons and what not, but some actions, such as...

6 Hours Ago
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Game Crashes when dead Lua error

Hi! I was quite bored so I thought I would look into GMOD Lua Coding. All is grand until I die. When I die, the game instantly crashes. Here is my init.lua: AddCSLuaFile( "cl_init.lua" ) AddCSLuaFile( "shared.lua" ) include( 'shared.lua' )...

6 Hours Ago
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solved Can't Force a Panel to be Displayed In-Front of all Other panels

Hello all, I'm developing a menu for an Admin mod I'm working on and I'm working on creating tooltips at the moment. A tooltip is to appear when a particular panel has been hovered. However, the tooltip is being displayed behind all other panels. How...

6 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

solved how to display a webpage in a derma panel?

I would like to know how to make a derma panel that displays a webpage inside it and I would like to use a ! command to open the derma. Is this possible? Like a ULX MOTD? http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=showimg&v=113292_2

6 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

solved text "godmode" above players head

I'm running into some issues trying to make it so if a player is in godmode, display the text "godmode" above their head. I have no trouble making it display their name, or if they are in noclip above their head. But for some reason godmode doesn't...

7 Hours Ago
by Tony Nav Go to last post
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SRCDS is telling me: "I CRASHED !!!"

Well SRDS, when i crashes, send me an windows error so, it doesn't restart him self. Is there a way to override the windows error and restart SRCDS ? Here is the code i'm using to run my server (RUN.bat): @echo off cls :srcds echo (%time%) srcds...

7 Hours Ago
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Hitboxes not working properly

This is my QC file: http://pastebin.com/jbk302Ns For some reason when i get shot in the head it does the same amount of damage as anywhere else. I need it to do more damage to the head as this is for TTT. What am I doing wrong? 24th July 2014 ...

8 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

Show spectators (GetObserverTarget)

I need some help creating a small script that will display (I'll probs just use chat.AddText) when spectators spectate me and when they stop. I know I'm going to need to do something like: if v:IsPlayer() and v:GetObserverTarget() == LocalPlayer then...

8 Hours Ago
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Chat Commands

I am reasonably new to Lua coding (so sorry if this is a basic mistake!) but I am trying to create chat commands for the addon 'Atmos'. The only issue with this is that I am trying to make a chat command activate the console command 'atmos_dnc_settime...

9 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

Useful scripts that are good for learning and improving lua knowledge

Hi! I want to learn lua a little more than I know it now (I've made a few small scripts and a simple gamemode), and I can't think of any projects that would be useful to my server, that would be also on the difficulty level of making me more fluent. ...

12 Hours Ago
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Disabling OOC

Does anyone know how to disable ooc on a garrys mod dedicated server. Gamemode: Jailbreak

12 Hours Ago
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World Model (TTT)

One of my world models for a weapon floats in air. It's part of the m9k pack. Is there a way to fix this? Also, if not, is it possible to make it to where you cannot in any way pick up this gun other than purchasing it from the T shop? I've seen...

13 Hours Ago
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Random Playermodel

Hi, im wondering if anyone knows how to make a team (custom gamemode player.lua) every time they spawn get a random player model from a set list heres my player.lua so far, i want citizen to choose a random player model everytime they spawn local...

14 Hours Ago
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solved Looking For Mapper

I need a mapper for a gamemode creation team. We already have 3 coders. We make Gamemodes for coder hire and split the profit. if intrested add me on skype at shane92399

17 Hours Ago
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solved Derma Frame Tabs

Derma Tabs are so badly explained in the outdated wiki and aren't even really mentioned in the updated one. Here is my current buy menu in my game (working) local function drawBuyMenu() local cash = LocalPlayer():GetNetworkedInt( "money" ) ...

18 Hours Ago
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