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We are not interested in threads that state you are looking for a coder for your server/addon/gamemode. Please instead use this website. https://scriptfodder.com/

3rd September 2014
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This forum is for help modding Garry's Mod. This includes everything from scripting to mapping. Your first port of call should be the Garry's Mod Wiki. If you don't find what you need - please post a thread in this forum asking for the information to...

27th February 2013
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Chair Entity Problem

Hello, I've tried making some simple chair entities but I have seem to run into a weird problem. It seems that the angles of the actual prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod depend on which way I am facing when entering the chair. (Changing the angles in the code...

1 Minute Ago
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Stop particles for players

For some reason, players can still see the particles from this particle hat: game.AddParticles("particles/item_fx.pcf") ITEM.Name = 'Harvest Moon' ITEM.Price = 40000 ITEM.Attachment = 'eyes' ITEM.Material = "vgui/particlepics/Harvest_Moon.jpg"...

Baron von Hax 2 reading
32 Minutes Ago
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Lua scripting

Having trouble with timer (I think)

Okay so I am coding a custom addon (just to learn Lua) and I seem to be getting this script error.. It basically says there is an issue in line 22 in my shared.lua, here is the code GM.Name = "Test GM" GM.Author = "Chris Tucker" GM.Email = "N/A"...

Connerzzz6 4 reading
38 Minutes Ago
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pc games

How to make a seperate category for my server?

I am wanting to make a seperate category for my server, so it comes under a category called something like SeriousRP or something like that, but how do I do that? Can someone please help me, I don't want it under the 'DarkRP' category any more, please...

RedGamingzz 3 reading
38 Minutes Ago
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Lua scripting


So im making my own NPC On my "SeriousRP Server" And its ment to stand inside nexus and you hit e whilst looking at it and a menu pops up ect, now im not asking you guys to make me it but, i want to know were i can find a toturial for such task scince i...

45 Minutes Ago
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solved Give ammo for CS:S weapons

Hi guys, I'm making a dynamic loadout system for my gamemode, but I ran into some problems. I'd like to give the player a custom ammo amount, but ply:GiveAmmo() only accepts weird strings like "Pistol" and not "weapon_pistol". So if I want to give ammo...

Seanrinox 1 reading
2 Hours Ago
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ScriptFodder ( 2 3 4 5 .. 20 21 22 23 Last ) This thread has images

ScriptFodder is a script marketplace and job listings site for Garry's Mod. https://scriptfodder.com http://i.imgur.com/RbqLlcq.pnghttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3659637/Screenshot_2014-09-25-23-23-21.png Any issues email to...

Handsome Matt 1 reading
3 Hours Ago
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GMod - What are you working on? October 2014 (#38) ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last ) This thread has images

PM me if anything else needs to be added, as always. Highlights from the previous thread

Mors Quaedam 9 reading
4 Hours Ago
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Next Update ( 2 3 4 5 .. 95 96 97 98 Last ) This thread has images

Current to-do list Latest changelog This is a thread for discussing upcoming Garry's Mod updates. All changes in the latest changelog should be already in the dev branch, so if anyone here is running on that branch, please test those changes and...

_Kilburn 1 reading
5 Hours Ago
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solved Restricted word list

How would I go about making a restricted word list better? I am starting on a huge table but realize that this method is very un-clean and open to bypassing. If at all possible I would also like to check for variants of the same word such as (Facepunch,...

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8 Hours Ago
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HOW DO I TURN OFF THIS FEATURE DOWN? My DarkRP server its getting a mess because of it

8 Hours Ago
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Having my entity run a console command

I would like to run a console command when my entity is used. Here is the code I have tried: function ENT:Use( ply ) if ( ply:IsPlayer() ) then RunConsoleCommand( 'opencp' ) end

8 Hours Ago
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Detecting bullet's travel line

This might be super difficult I'm not sure, but would it be possible to detect where bullets hit or their "line" that they would go through? I just want to detect if a bullet grazes a player but it seems since bullets aren't entities it might be hard. By...

9 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

solved Increasing FPS for tile-based game

I'm currently creating a Space Station 13-esque project to learn more features of source, and due to the tile based system of SS13, I decided I'd like to try and re-create it. I've tried multiple methods of lowering the hit on FPS, While I am looking...

10 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

solved Help with gamemode. AGAIN.

Does anyone know if there is a way to make a timer? For example: "If you get a kill you get a boost then I goes away in 30 seconds?"

11 Hours Ago
by Acecool Go to last post
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Getting error on new gamemode

Hey guys! I recently decided to make a new gamemode called sticks and stones. Its where the crossbowmen and knife men fight. The knifemen (also known as stoners :3) hunt the crossbowmen, while the crossbowmen (also known as stickers (idk)) hunt the...

11 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

FAS 2.0 : Problem Having trouble switching gun with lua

Ok.. so I cannot switch the gun's using GetWeapon(), I can use getweapon on about any-other gun's and they switch with no problem? No errors or nothing, They just refuse to switch, somtimes they give a occasional holsteranim is nil error? Sorry if...

11 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

Changing a random player's class.

Hi! For my fretta based gamemode, I need to select a random player from team 2 every round and set his/her class to VIP. This is how I've been trying to do it but the problem is that when the round starts no-one's class is changed. function...

12 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

solved Help with gamemode.

Does anyone know how to make a function active every-time any player gets a kill.

12 Hours Ago
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Is there a way to set prop orientation on Prop Hunt..

Is there a way to set prop orientation on Prop Hunt.. I mean is there a functions or tips on how I can make that each RMB click the prop rotates to the angle the player camera is facing?

12 Hours Ago
by Acecool Go to last post
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Problems That Don't Need Their Own Thread v2.0 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 42 43 44 45 Last ) This thread has images

Welcome to the PTDNT page ! Have a small problem and need help with it , but you don't want to start a new thread and ask about your problem then you've came to the right thread ! To keep it clean -Post your problem ("Variable returns nil at some...

12 Hours Ago
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12 Hours Ago
by Acecool Go to last post
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solved How can I set a team to have a certain jump height ...

How can I set a team to have a certain jump height ? What function can I use? Gravity setting is global, doesn't work well cause I want the other team to have normal jump height.

14 Hours Ago
by Good Go to last post
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solved Addons stopped working after i moved my server to a host.

If this is in the wrong section I'm terribly sorry and hope for a staff to move it. So, I've been working on my Deathrun server. And I have these two addons ( RHUD + M9K (All) ) And i just moved it all to a host. So It's on a dedicated server and is...

16 Hours Ago
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solved Server Side Key bindings?

I attempted to bind weapons to certain keys in config_default.cfg to be used on my server. bind "1" "slot1" bind "2" "slot2" bind "f" "impulse 100" Switched to bind "1" "use 3d_maneuver_gear_expert_c;use 3d_maneuver_gear_c" bind "2" "use...

16 Hours Ago
by Darago Go to last post
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Prop Hunt Players Can't Hear Custom Taunts

Hey guys, So I have just started a Prop Hunt server! When people join the download all of the taunts, but when they get in the game, they can't hear the taunts! Can anyone help with this? Also, on a side note, people can also hear random...

16 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting
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Coderhire Addon Cloning Thread ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last ) This thread has images

Edit 9/14: With the demise of Coderhire and the appearance of a couple clones, I would like this thread to still be focused on recreating paid addons not limited to Coderhire. Gracias The sole purpose is to find fairly easy/5 minute scripts that people...

Exho 1 reading
16 Hours Ago
by Baron von Hax Go to last post
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solved Making a console command

So, i'm making a console command that will open my DPanel. So far I have tried this: concommand.Add( "opencp",function( ply ) net.Start( "OpenIt" ) net.Send( v ) end ) But that did not work. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Here is all...

17 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

Camera Help This thread has images

I'm going to make a script that makes it so when someone talks, everyone's camera is fixed on the speaker's character in third person mode. Somewhat like this: I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing this.

17 Hours Ago
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What program do i use to model, texture and animate a mod or addon for gmod becuase i want to start making addons for my server

17 Hours Ago
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Problems with scaling (Draw.SimpleText problems)

I used acecools guide on how to scale a hud and everything else is perfectly fine it's just that this one isn't working properly. It doesn't scale property on any resolutions higher/lower then 1200x720. I've tryed it 1920x1080 and anything below that and...

17 Hours Ago
by Acecool Go to last post
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Swep Making it shoot forward

How would I make a swep shoot forward really fast + long distance.

17 Hours Ago
by LUModder Go to last post
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Scoreboard name color problem

I'm trying to make a scoreboard and I want specific person to have colorful name but the problem being is that it shows everyone else name the same color function namecolor() for k, v in pairs(colorname) do if LocalPlayer():SteamID() == v...

17 Hours Ago
by Acecool Go to last post
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DarkRP Armour

Hello all, Im struggling to find out how to create an Armour entity, that sets Armour at 25, 50 and 100. I see people set Armour according to jobs but none show how to create an entity. Thanks, Doom.

17 Hours Ago
by Acecool Go to last post
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RunConsoleCommand Bypass?

Yo yo, is there any way i can do a run console command that is blocked? for example crosshair bind ? thx yo yo

kittix 2 reading
17 Hours Ago
by sasherz Go to last post
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Using net.SendToServer to send commands from server to client..

How to use net.SendToServer to send commands from server to client..? Cause I checked the wiki and there's not much info on how to send from server to client..

18 Hours Ago
by Invule Go to last post
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Lua scripting

Nutscript weapon code.

I need help making weapons for nutscript.. If someone could tell me the angles and positions for pistols, rifles and shotguns..and perhaps tell me what's wrong with these lines, it would help a ton. The item appears in vendors ingame, but when you buy it,...

18 Hours Ago
by jo Go to last post
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solved Prop Rotation script?

I am looking for a name or a public script for Prop Rotation for Prop Hunt. Anyone knows any?

18 Hours Ago
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When will Steam Workshop fonts be fixed?

It's annoying when you put a workshop HUD on your server and EVERYBODY complains about the HUD looking ugly, the text. And they have to download an entirely separate file which will just make the average GMod player get annoyed and leave the server...

19 Hours Ago
by Baron von Hax Go to last post
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Lua scripting

NextBot Coding and Discussion Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 7 8 9 10 Last ) This thread has images

This thread will be for anything related to the new NextBot system, I'll keep the OP updated with useful information to help anyone who has questions or needs help. Update 160 added bindings to the nextbot system, which is what CSS, TF2 and L4D bots...

19 Hours Ago
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