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We are not interested in threads that state you are looking for a coder for your server/addon/gamemode. Please instead use this website. http://coderhire.com/

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This forum is for help modding Garry's Mod. This includes everything from scripting to mapping. Your first port of call should be the Garry's Mod Wiki. If you don't find what you need - please post a thread in this forum asking for the information to...

27th February 2013
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Lua scripting

Developing Partner This thread has images

I'm restarting my community, and I would like to have someone who knows how to code on my team to get the servers quickly back up and running again. I have for the most part finished our forum, as shown below. I just need a lua coder he can devote his...

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GMod - What are you working on? September 2014 (#37) ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last ) This thread has images

Time for another thread. Highlights from the previous thread

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Need Help With ULX Commands

Right I Want to make my own custom commands for ulx but when i do it it's not working like this local CATEGORY_NAME = "Private Stuff" function ulx.respawn( calling_ply, target_ply ) if not target _ply:Alive() then target_ply:Spawn()...

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Lua scripting

ULX Ranks!

Hello, I need help with the inheriting, and the targetting any help? "owner" { "allow" { } "inherit_from" "co-owner" }

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Lua scripting

solved just some pointshop taunts

Just need a pointshop taunts script.. and i want to be able to change the key bind for using the taunt its probably out their somewhere tho i cant find it 19th September 2014 how is this fucken funny wow. 19th September 2014

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Problems That Don't Need Their Own Thread v2.0 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 27 28 29 30 Last ) This thread has images

Welcome to the PTDNT page ! Have a small problem and need help with it , but you don't want to start a new thread and ask about your problem then you've came to the right thread ! To keep it clean -Post your problem ("Variable returns nil at some...

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Next Update ( 2 3 4 5 .. 87 88 89 90 Last ) This thread has images

Current to-do list Latest changelog This is a thread for discussing upcoming Garry's Mod updates. All changes in the latest changelog should be already in the dev branch, so if anyone here is running on that branch, please test those changes and...

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Random amounts of T's in TTT each round?

Okay so I want to make my TTT server different. So my idea is... I would like to have different amounts of T's, detectives, and innocents each round. If I go to do that how would I make that happen. Another idea is.. I changed the default characters. I...

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Help with game mode error

Hi, I am trying to host a server with a gamemode called objhunt, and I want it to come up as prop hunt (with other prop hunt servers). It works completely fine when it is named objhunt, but when I change it to prop_hunt and edit the files I get an error...

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DarkRP - Administrator - Godmode.

Hello, I've been trying to workout myself how to give godmode to Administrators but only when they are the current Administrator class. I just basically need some help with a little code as the code what i've come up with doesn't work at all, no I don't...

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Lua scripting

TTT Remote Detonator for Traitors not working as it should

So I have this remote detonator swep that is suppose to be placeable on living and dead players and also on health stations. It won't detonate at all after you place it a health station. When you detonate it on a living or dead player, it does not damage...

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Need a darkrp coder to help me make my darkrp server! This thread has images

My co-owner reinstalled my ENTIRE darkrp server and I need a coder to help me make it again, will anyone help me please? I can not pay for it since I have no money, but will a rank on the server be ok? Please respond if you are interested in helping me!

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Lua scripting

Hiring a Coder MegaThread ~ Rip In Peace CoderHire ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

New Gmod Scripts/Jobs Site: ScriptFodder By now we all heard the news that http://coderhire.com/ is going to be closing it's doors so might as well go back to the good ol' megathread days. This thread is for anyone who wishes to hire a coder to...

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Need help with a looping weapon sound (I want the sound to end when keydown(IN_ATTACK) is false

Hello everyone. I have been encountering problems with a script I am making for my PPSH-41. Basically, it's primary firing sound is a loop. I want this loop to stop when Keydown(IN_ATTACK) is false (when I take my finger off mouse1). After that sound is...

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solved How to disable F1 menu in DarkRP

So the name of the thread kind of gives you a hint of what it's about. How do I disable the F1 menu in DarkRP?

7 Hours Ago
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Open GUI with NPC

Hello community, I've been looking around for a bit, but I can't find anything; so maybe you guys can help me! I'm looking for a way so when you press e on a NPC it will open up a VGUI coded in DERMA. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Myles

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Lua scripting

solved setjob command help

On my derma menu I have a button that runs the command 'ulx setjob'. What's the function to make it so when a player clicks the button it changes them to the job I have listed. an example in console would be: ulx setjob Mezzy citizen How could I make...

9 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

CreateSound Problem

I'm trying to get a Nextbot to play sounds using CreateSound. My problem here is that instead of emitting from my bot, it emits from the middle of the map, and i'm not sure why. Here's what i have: local talk = CreateSound(self,...

9 Hours Ago
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Is it possible to give the world model of a gun special effects? (smoke, fire, glowing, etc.) for TTT

As the title says, I would like to know if it's possible to make it so that a weapon on the ground 'glows'. Say I have a 'cursed' weapon, like a 'Unholy M16' that would glow white when dropped on the ground. Is it possible? Keep in mind, I know jack shit...

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ScriptFodder ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

ScriptFodder is a script marketplace and job listings site for Garry's Mod. https://scriptfodder.com A few screenshots of the site (runs great on mobile etc..):...

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DarkRP Help Thread V1 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 36 37 38 39 Last ) This thread has images

Hello Everybody and Welcome to the DarkRP Help thread. This forum covers everything related to DarkRP. This is the list of things that you can help others or get help from. 1. Lua=this includes HUD'S, lua errors, and lua code. 2. Jobs=generally...

11 Hours Ago
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Lua scripting

Make a simple file to edit physcannon

I want to make a simple file that will set all of the physcannon's attributes to 2147483647 using something like this: RunConsoleCommand("physcannon_maxmass", 2147483647) Will this work? I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT LUA. ALL OF THIS IS FROM PRIOR EXPERIENCE...

11 Hours Ago
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How would i go about..?

How would i go about freezing , unfreezing props via a script.

11 Hours Ago
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srcds crash or in game bug at certain time

Hello, My srcds crash at someone moment, and, in game, I have freeze at someone moment my server.cfg : hostname " Monde Shielx" rcon_password "XXXXXXX"

16 Hours Ago
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Custom player models

Hi recently I have installed some new custom models and now when someone kills them in TTT their bodies disappear. could I have some help how to fix it Thanks!

16 Hours Ago
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Weapon given upon arrested

I can't get this simple script to work. What am I doing wrong? function JailFist() for k, ply in pairs(player.GetAll()) do if ply:isArrested( ) then ply:Give( "weapon_fists" ) end end hook.Add( "onArrested", "JailFist", JailFist )

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Lua scripting
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Lua Animations API beta ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last ) This thread has images

This is a script that allows you to create dynamic animations using only Lua. Two example stances are included. It is obviously for coders. There is no use for the average gmod user. Use Entity(1):SetLuaAnimation("staffholdspell") or...

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Issues compiling module on linux. (undefined symbol: g_pMemAlloc) This thread has images

I've been working on a module to add some extra bindings to the CNavArea class. I've got it up and working just fine on windows, and linux kinda. On linux I can get the module to work just fine except for any functions that use valve's CUtlVector. So...

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Netchannel: unknown net message (45) from <IP>

Hi everyone, I started receiving an error on my client reading "Netchannel: unknown net message (45) from <IP>", where <IP> is my computer's LAN address. This only happens on a game mode I am working on, but as far as I can tell, this message became...

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Lua scripting

Making a countdown for mapvote

I want to make a mapvote system that runs on a timer for a server I might host later on. I want it to do these, which should be the easy part: - Have the countdown be shown in the hostname - Have the countdown initialize the vote - Have messages...

1 Day Ago
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Lua scripting

A Way to Save IP Addresses This thread has images

Hi, I would like to have a way to show the IPs of users that connect to my server in a little TXT file, but I couldn't find any on the interwebs.

1 Day Ago
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Lua scripting

solved Gamemode HUD Timer

I'm trying to make a gamemode and add a timer. I got it to appear, but the thing is it isn't synced to the server. I put the timer code in shared.lua and the HUD code in cl_init.lua. function GameTimer() STimer = 0 MTimer = 0...

1 Day Ago
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solved Gmod server benchmark addon?

I saw a addon or module awhile ago that would let you see where your server was bottle necking I believe. I can't find it for the life of me. Can some kind soul shed some light on this for me? Thanks in advanced!

1 Day Ago
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Users cannot pick up weapons

Hello, yesterday I was fixing my ranks for darkrp. When I finished twidling with the ranks, I noticed users and donators could not pick up weapons purchased by gundealers. Only moderators and up were allowed to pick up guns. CSS has been properly...

1 Day Ago
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Lights/library Help Please!!

Hey, i just had a question. Is their another way to create a light, Without using DynamicLight? Because I want something that ALL players can see but... I've noticed DynamicLight is CLIENT Side only. If theirs a way to make it Serverside and Client...

1 Day Ago
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Lua scripting
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Coderhire Addon Cloning Thread ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Edit 9/14: With the demise of Coderhire and the appearance of a couple clones, I would like this thread to still be focused on recreating paid addons not limited to Coderhire. Gracias The sole purpose is to find fairly easy/5 minute scripts that people...

1 Day Ago
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solved M9K Weapon Issue [LUA Error when fired]

I have added M9K Weapons to my DarkRP server. I have ensured all files are on but when I shoot the weapons I get this error: ERROR] addons/m9k assault rifles/lua/weapons/bobs_gun_base/shared.lua:206: attempt to call method 'CanPrimaryAttack' (a nil...

1 Day Ago
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Snow Script Glitchy?

Hey, I was testing a really old script yesterday and got some really weird results: local REPLACING_TEXTURES = { // Grass, Fields, etc.. //"ajacks/ajacks_grass01", "nature/forest_grass_01", "nature/forest_dirt_01", // "nature/grassfloor001a",...

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ED-E Follower From Fallout New Vegas This thread has images

I've seen dog companions for Gmod that basically followed you around the same way they do in Fallout, though they didn't attack things, so I know this is possible. What I'd love to see is a scripted ED-E that follows you around and plays that little music...

1 Day Ago
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So I do not believe these are really causing any issues on any of my serves at the moment but it is just annoying looking at them. http://paste.ubuntu.com/8358772/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/8358777/ Now I have completely deleted my counter strike...

1 Day Ago
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