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READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST: the Rust server subforum rules sticky. Make only ONE thread for your server, in English. This thread has images

HEY DON'T FORGET TO READ THE MAIN RUST FORUM RULES HERE IN ADDITION TO THESE SERVER SECTION RULES: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1323628 Hi! Since the concept of being patient and not spamming tons of threads to get attention for your server...

15th January 2014
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WIPING FRIDAY 18th 16:00 - ADMIN REMOVAL TOOL - 24/7 Admin coverage - CLAN WARS

net.connect Presenting a brand new server that is going to start at exactly 16:00 on friday, join in and be the first to secure your area! Feauturing: -Admin removal tool *due to players abusing it, ask an admin to help you out...

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[EU/EN] THC Oxide ~ Hardcore Limited-Mil/C4 ~ PVP This thread has images

net.connect No Admin Abuse, New Players Welcome! No planned wipes before the next patch. PVP Enabled. Sleepers Enabled. Active Admin. Looking for Groups, Clans or just randoms who want to jump on.

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[US]Defiance|Oxide|Friendly|Missions|Kits|Reduced Craft|NO Durability Fresh 4/13/14 This thread has images

net.connect 50 Slot server based in Chicago | Runs Oxide Mod | No durability loss | Longer Days/Shorter Nights | Auto Kit | Location Tracking (rustnuts.com) | DoorShare | PVP |Sleepers|Reduced Craft Time | Modified Rusty Hatchet...

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- - ![EU] .:|RoTTen RusT|:. | [NEW][Oxide][PVP][Sleeper][Airdrops][Forum][Active Admins][No Cheat]! - - This thread has images

Hello Rustler´s! Hobo Brotherhood would like to present you a new Rust Server. There is active, experienced, and fair admins! No hackers! No Abuse! The admins have already successfully operated Counterstrike and DayZ Mod Servers. The Group...

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[GCG] Faster Loot Respawns - Active Admins - Friendly Players - Ideal For "Noobs"

Hello there fellow scavenger! Would just like to welcome you to join our fairly new server, we have 100 slots, 5 admins and an around 30 players at peak times which is usually at 7-11pm We may not be big but we sure are friendly, perhaps to friendly...

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[UK] Murder RustRespawn|No Vacs| No Grief | DDOS Protected This thread has images

A great English speaking European Rust server that's there for its players! Press F1 in game menu and paste > net.connect Server Name: Murder.RustRespawn.co.uk|AntiDDOS|NoVacs| Vanilla server, no mods for that authentic Rust...

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~NA East~24hr Daytime|GunKit|Groups|Teleport|NoDurability ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last ) This thread has images

Server Hosted by FPSPlayers Click here to check them out - I never had an issue with them and great locations available... RUST server: ~NA East~24hr Daytime|GunKit|Groups|Teleport|NoDurability IP:

1 Hour Ago
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RUSTARENA.NET | RECRUITING EVENT | This thread has images

We'd like to invite you to play on a unique server with proactive admins. www.rustarena.net

2 Hours Ago
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[CamJGaming] Dallas 4/12 Airdrops/No Durability/Sleepers/Active Admins

Our new server is up. You can connect to our server by going in to your console (F1) and type net.connect rust.camjgaming.com:28015 Features:

2 Hours Ago
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[UK]Rust in Peace - [Oxide|PvE-Day/PvP-Night|No C4|Economy] This thread has images

Server Name: Rust in Peace - How to Connect 1. Press F1 2. Copy/Paste: net.connect Features: Active Admins,

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AU - SmexyGaming This thread has images

Hey guys, Theirs a new and all exciting Rust server that has just been put up Its Called SmexyGaming. Its got quite a few nice mods that everyone should love such as 2x Gather , No Durability, Insta Craft, No Fall damage, Starter, ETC. Its also was Wiped...

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War And Rage/ Least Laggy Battle Field server/ P250 Auto equip/ Progression This thread has images

Connection Info: Pure War and Rage! No crafting/builing to add to server lag. Just straight up PvP! Auto equip P250/cloth armor/Shotgun/Small medkits/ and Wood barricade. Secure an airdrop for upgrades to your armor and...

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~US/UK/EU~[Kits/Airdrop 5+/Remove/Money/Doorcloser/Doorshare]RUST Hungary

~US/UK/EU~RUST Hungary IP: Join -> Press F1 in game and type or paste -> net.connect Server Information: - Kits - Doorshare (/share /unshare) - Money (/buy /price) - Remove (/remove) - Airdrop 5+ players

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| SOTSERVER.COM | US | PVP | SLP | TPA | VOTE | STARTERKIT| INSTA | NOWIPE | AIRDROPS | SLOW DECAY | ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last ) This thread has images


6 Hours Ago
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How to connect? Press F1 and copy/paste this: "net.connect" - No Durability - Airdrops - PvP - Starter Kit (No guns, don't need to be overpowered) - Instant Crafting Time - Rare Wipes - Admins always on - Factions! * You can...

6 Hours Ago
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[US West] New 4/16 - Vanilla

New server as of 4/16/2014. All Vanilla at the moment (may add more in future based on user requests), Oxide added with a few admin mods for managing server. Active Admin Vanilla/Admin/New Server 4/16 net.connect

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[US EAST] RustStory |WIPED 04/15|Vanilla|ACTIVE ADMINS|DuraOFF This thread has images

Oh! Hello there! I see you're looking for a server to join, right?? Are you tired of restarting all the time because a hacker clipped your base? Are you tired of abusive admins kids?? Are you tired of servers wiping very often?? I am, but this...

7 Hours Ago
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ALL NEW!!! PVE Server w/ Arena, Starter Kit, Raffles, Random Airdrops, Currency and more

Still working out the kinks and getting used to having 1 million add-ons, but I have a very large urban-esque arena built with buildings, towers and lotsa hiding space. Looking for more people to come join in the fun. When you join, look for me...

7 Hours Ago
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[ NEW] [US]Big Mamba Gaming|Instacraft|NoDura|Econ|Remove|TP|Home|Level

We use Oxide and here are some of our features: Door Sharing PvP Economy PM's Insta-craft Admin tickets Teleport Request system Oxmin

7 Hours Ago
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HQServer! | Oxide | Friends | Home | PVP | Airdrops | Friendly Admins This thread has images

Join today! Official HQServer. We host with the official Oxide modification and many more plugins. How to join? IP: net.connect

7 Hours Ago
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[US] CAMNB - PVP/0 Grief/0 Abuse/Dedicated Admin ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

We are a central based server, so everyone throughout the country of the USA & Canada can play together with equal ping. We have 1 extremely dedicated admin, and 2 moderators to make sure the server runs as smooth as possible, and is consistently kicking...

8 Hours Ago
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Skynet Rust Server. Craftable c4, Airdrops with 1, No Durability This thread has images

Welcome to Skynet. Server is in US Chicago, on East Coast time. We have craftable c4, No Durability, Airdrops with 1 person online, half craft and no sleepers. We have limited mods or addons causing lag so the game is almost vanilla. There IS decay so...

10 Hours Ago
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{US Eastern} {Airdrops} {PVP} {No Durability} {Vanilla Sever} {No Admins Abuse} {Long Before Another Wipe}

Admin Abuse: Not Tolerated Hackers: Not Tolerated Sever Whip: April 16 2014 My server will include the following: -AIRDROPS -PvP -No Durability -Vanilla Server -Fair admins

10 Hours Ago
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[US EAST] BleedOUT | Fresh Wipe 4/16 | PvP | Vanilla | Active Admins | Air Drops|

BleedOUT Rust!! IP: Features: Fresh Wipe! 4/16/2014!!!!! Active, fair, adult admins, no abuse No tolerance for cheating (Cheatpunch Enabled!) and Active Admin Bans No lag/ Great ping Vanilla...

11 Hours Ago
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[US - Dallas, TX] r00t Gaming Community :: PVP, 50% Craft Time, 50% Durability Loss, Teleporting, and more!

A Oxide Rust server brought to you by the r00t gaming community. Date of creation: 3/30/2014 Address: net.connect Location of server: Dallas, TX, USA

11 Hours Ago
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RedIronOxide an Oxide controlled server, calling for new and old players alike!

net.connect *RedIronOxide server has been around for about 3 weeks now. *No Durability* *Fast Crafting* OXIDE Controlled Airdrops, Once every 3 RUST days.

11 Hours Ago
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FRESH WIPE 4-16-Durability-OFF-PvP-Active Admins-Airdrops

I have been hosting fair Rust server's for over a month now and i have just decided to wipe the server about 10 minutes ago. I have had anywhere from peak populations to 20 people to 75 people. My server will include the following: -AIRDROPS -PvP...

11 Hours Ago
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R.I.P Australia |rustinpeace.com.au | Fresh Server 11/4

Hey guys, I'm here to tell you guys about the R.I.P Australia |rustinpeace.com.au | Fresh Server 11/4 The server currently enjoys a medium playerbase has many features within the Magma Mod. We currently have three active admins who are solely bound by...

12 Hours Ago
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[US EAST] BleedOUT | PvP | Vanilla | Active Admins | Wiped 2/25

IP: Features: Fresh Wipe! 4/16/2014!!!!! Active, fair, adult admins, no abuse No tolerance for cheating (Cheatpunch Enabled!) and Active Admin Bans No lag/ Great ping Vanilla server (No mods) Sleepers...

12 Hours Ago
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West Coast PVP | Sleepers | NoDura | Airdrops | Wiped 3/31 This thread has images

West Coast PVP | Sleepers | No Durability | Daily Airdrops ** net.connect ** The server has DDoS protection and we're wiping as little as possible. Durability is disabled, airdrops are set to 25. Server is not running any mods and...

12 Hours Ago
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US 4/15 stats,half craft, no crafting c4, no durability, remove tool, airdrops and more

net.connect fun server with great admin and fun people, come join and plant your flag now. lots of available real estate! 16th April 2014 anyone who comes in solo and needs a helping hand getting started, hit me up in game ,...

13 Hours Ago
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Toronto, ON/New York |Noob Friendy|PVP|Magma|No Decay|Sleeper|Active Admin|Neo| Hey everyone. Please join my server and play Rust. PVP, watch your back and trust no one. No decay and using the Magma mod. Come, build your kingdom and be prepared to defend it. Lets have some fun and build some shit!

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[EU] :: PvP/ TP/ MASSDROPS/ 0 Dur/ 0 Craft/ 0 Decay/ Share/ Remove/ Home/ Kits/ Active Admins | [WIPED 20/03/2014]

Hey there guys! Today, I'd like to introduce you all to my recently bought server. I'm a first time server owner and this should be very interesting for and to see how everything goes. Let's cut with the small talk and get down to business. ...

13 Hours Ago
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WAR |Wiped 4/11 PVP/Sleepers/1/4 Craft/L.E.S/Remover/NoDura

***Welcome to WAR :)*** ***We Are Ruthless*** US East (Chicago) Wiped 12am EST Friday April 11th 2014 **Active Admins**

13 Hours Ago
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-- ♘[ALL] Post Apocalypto PVP|Sleepers|Drops|Economy -- ♘

Come join the post-apocalyptic struggle where the fellow rustards are struggling to create a new society. net.connect We need Bandits, Raiders, Fighters, Survivors, Bounty Hunters All Nationalities Welcome. Wiped and economy...

14 Hours Ago
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[US] SAF // Classes // Levels // Economy // Achievements // Events // Wiped 04/13 This thread has images

Sneakyasfuck.com net.connect rust.sneakyasfuck.com:28025 SAF - A brand new server opened on April 13th, 2014. We have developed plugins for this server since February to ensure the best possible experience with our players. Our server is built to...

14 Hours Ago
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[US/CAN]BrandNewServer12/4|StarterKit|NO DURABILITY|Airdrop|PvPSleeper|Remove||EventHungerg ame and Arena|Open for all!

Hi all ,Brand new server 4/12, admin on 24/7 we are friendly and no admin abuse , Open for all =) About the pluging : - 1 Starterkit for all =) - server is fast craft, - no durability so you're item don't break - no decay -/Remove Command...

14 Hours Ago
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net.connect Brand new server! Give us a try, we're an incredibly friendly community. We're running the Rust Essentials Mod API. Our Features:

14 Hours Ago
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COME JOIN A UNIQUE RUST SERVER! Pedestrian's HAM Time Rust is a unique server that has been active for many months. Pedestrian is an extremely active and involved admin of this server and is constantly working towards improving your Rust experience. ...

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Fresh Rust sever- No wipe / PVP / Shop / Sleepers / Noob friendly / Active Admins / Airdrops

Hello And welcome to my server forum ! But i won't make you read a book about the server heres the main stuff :smile: PVP-On Sleepers - On Airdrops - On DECAY – On WEAPON CONDITION - Off Noob Friendly -Yes

15 Hours Ago
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