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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! *Updated November 6, 2012* This thread has images

Comprehensive Rules List as of 10/26/12: • If you're debating and state something as a fact - if challenged you need to produce proof. If you can't you get banned. • No personal attacks. Which you should not do when debating. • Start 'effort'...

25th March 2012
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How will World War 3 start ? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

So in school were having a debate about How World War 3 will start. Dont ask how the debate started because I can't remember. I just want to see different peoples views on this matter. My Views : I think that World War 3 (if it does happen) will...

Tarado • 1 reading
8 Hours Ago
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Will there ever be a Garry's Mod 14? PLEASE SAY YES. (User was banned for this post ("Not a debate - read the sticky" - Megafan))

1 Day Ago
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Paper or Plastic? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

or ? So you're walking to the checkout while yakking on your phone like a straight ass and the cashier and/or bagger asks you the biggest question of the day: paper or plastic this evening? Stricken by this obstacle in your course to obtaining...

1 Day Ago
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Appoint your Senators rather than electing them

Bicameralism refers to legislatures which have two chambers. Many legislatures around the world are bicameral - for example, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Under parliamentary bicameralism, government is typically formed in...

1 Day Ago
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Tobacco and nicotine - Should it be banned? ( 2 Last )

There have been many advertisements on TV, the internet, and in newspapers spreading the fact that smoking will give you gum disease, emphysema, heart disease, etc. to many people, smokers an non-smokers alike. Along with these advertisements, many more...

2 Days Ago
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Do nazis really live on the dark side of the moon?

discuss. (User was banned for this post ("Shit thread / Read the rules" - Swebonny))

2 Days Ago
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Do you believe in a higher being; God? ( 2 3 4 5 .. 41 42 43 44 Last ) This thread has images

Do you follow a religion? What higher being do you follow? Or do you follow the Christian God? Why? If you don't have a religion, or don't believe in religion, why? I'm interested in everyone's different views/opinions.

2 Days Ago
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The Ship of Theseus ( 2 Last )

What are your views on the Ship of Theseus, Facepunch? First, for those of you who don't know: The Ship of Theseus is an ancient Greek problem (as the name would suggest) which has puzzled philosophers for ages. The problem is: The Ship of Theseus...

4 Days Ago
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America's Gun laws.

The Gun laws in the US are generally just loosing up and the yanks get mad whenever a bill against them is published. I'm sickened by how many Americans online say they own a gun. People say they need guns to protect themselves - but tell me, why...

4 Days Ago
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the way suicidal people should be dealt with

i was wondering if someone could convince me if something i've been thinking about is wrong, its about the way suicidal people are dealt with this is how its really dealt with, they forcibly take you to this one sided institution where they try and...

4 Days Ago
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Do You Believe in 'Life after Death'? ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last ) This thread has images

I am here today to discuss the largely debated, discussed and acknowledged 'Life after Death' topic. Once upon a morrow, I was browsing a forum. I saw a thread about death and such, and a smart guy came around. Not me of course. He explains that once...

5 Days Ago
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Should the Death-Penalty be Eliminated from the World? ( 2 Last )

These is my debate/reasons why I think the death penalty should be eliminated from this Earth. Imagine yourself in front of a television of some sort. A man is convicted of murder. He’s been found guilty, and his punishment is… Death! Sounds pretty...

6 Days Ago
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Should we also convert angles, time and geographic coordinates to the decimal system? This thread has images

As we know, almost everything in the modern world is using the decimal system, or base 10. However, angles, geographic coordinates and time still uses a modified sexagesimal, or base 60 system. Should people convert these three things to decimal or keep...

1 Week Ago
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Is marriage beneficial enough to individuals in modern society to warrant getting married?

Marriage, as a concept, has likely existed for as long as human beings have existed. It still remains an important issue in modern society, with discussion of religion being allowed to dictate what marriage is, and whether a government can dictate which...

1 Week Ago
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Should Crimea be Russian? This thread has images

Russia has occupied the Crimean peninsula with the help of their military and treaties have been signed between the Russian authorities and the Crimean authorities as a result of unrest in Ukraine and soon after Crimea and other parts of Eastern Ukraine....

2 Weeks Ago
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Should cars have built-in breathalyzers? ( 2 Last )

I'm not sure how prevalent drunk driving is globally, but in my home state and particularly home region, drunk driving is a serious problem resulting in hundreds and thousands of deaths a year, and because Wisconsin is culturally viewed as a drinking...

2 Weeks Ago
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The limmits to growth

Long story short Volkswagen funded a project to run a simulation of the world in 1972. The data inputed was about population, resources,industrialization etc. Since then it has been regularly updated, the last being in 2004 afaik?? Anyways, I'd be...

2 Weeks Ago
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Should criminals be able to vote again (In the U.S)?

In the United States of America, I have heard a proposal from a politician to give the voting ability back to criminals guilty of non-violent crimes. What do you think about this, should they have their rights back, or should they remain as is? My...

2 Weeks Ago
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Most animal cruelty.

I am not a vegetarion, but imagine you need to die, because people wanted to eat you. Lots of cruelty of animals on slaughterhouses, fucking cunts. I herd Paul McCartney talk about his life growing up on a slaughterhouse, how it works, etc. ...

2 Weeks Ago
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Wolf-PAC This thread has images

http://www.wolf-pac.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf-PAC http://www.wolf-pac.com/28th What are your thoughts on Wolf-PAC? As someone who's not very informed in politics and from what I see so far on their site, I'm pretty supportive of...

3 Weeks Ago
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Communism - Good or Bad? ( 2 Last )

Before we start, I want to say that I will mainly be talking about Marx and his ideas. You can feel free to talk about "Leninism and Stalinism", but they are completely different things. Stalin and Lenin just took some names and used them for their own...

3 Weeks Ago
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Should homosexuality be classified as a disorder? ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last ) This thread has images

Before you post, I am not against homosexuality at all. This is just a topic I thought would be interesting to discuss. Because we as mammals breed by intercourse between a male and female, it would be assumed that we would naturally attracted to one...

3 Weeks Ago
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Work In Progress

Transgenderism, should it be accepted or not? ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last ) This thread has images

Since nobody else has done so, I think I'll give this a try. The definition of transgender: Transgender is the state of one's gender identity (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) not matching one's assigned sex (identification by others...

3 Weeks Ago
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Can words be in the same level of agression as physical violence?

i have heard lots of different perspectives surrounding this topic, and im not sure whos wrong or right, but, for me at least, words can only hurt you while you allow them to bother you, while a punch in your face is clearly something we can all feel....

3 Weeks Ago
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Anarchism has always been in an unjustified rather negative light in my opinion. Of course, when you see folks like these: http://symboljewellery.com/symbolpic/anarchist-5.jpg You're bound to think that that is not exactly a nice person. ...

4 Weeks Ago
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Which Culture/Combination of Cultures is the Best to Raise Children In?

Asian people probably aren't inherently smarter than everyone else, Jews probably aren't inherently better with money than everyone else and Black men probably aren't inherently better with women than everyone else. But somehow, stereotypes have existed...

4 Weeks Ago
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Would private space exploration/exploitation be a good thing? This thread has images

I had to analyse this article for school about a month ago, and found its content quite interesting. (Mainly due to the fact that I'm a big fan of anything space-related, but still.) From the Mojave to the Moon Commercial space-flight is something a...

12th March 2014
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Is There a Point to Living ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Personally, I find that there is almost no point in living, other than to see it all through to the end. There is beauty in the journey, and there is certainly excitement and fun to be had, but ultimately, everything we do (as a society, as individuals,...

12th March 2014
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What happens after death

The question that is "what is after life?" has plagued my mind for years. It is a question that I have never found a believable answer for, but I have founded a theory. I believe that upon death we instantly resume some other form of life, not like...

10th March 2014
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Single-member electorates, or multi-member proportional?

Throughout much of the world we vote for representatives, who take our views and local issues to the state or federal / national legislature. However, in places like the United States or much of Australia, we only elect a single representative from an...

7th March 2014
by Antdawg Go to last post
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Alcohol vs. cannabis ( 2 Last )

I've had this debate with several people for a while now. When I got rather stoned for the first time, I wanted to investigate what cannabis does to the person and how toxic / addicting it is. What I've discovered is rather twisted in my view. The...

3rd March 2014
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The Minimum Wage Debate

The debate centered around whether or not a higher minimum wage in the United States should exist has been reignited recently after Pres. Barack Obama put his support behind a plan to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. However, if politicians...

26th February 2014
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Globalization - Good or Bad? ( 2 Last )

As communications get better, travel gets cheaper and trade regulations are made less strict the world is with increasing efficiency coming together. This affects everybody in many different ways, and I will point out some of the general results of...

25th February 2014
by Tengil Go to last post
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Dos The United States have an unhealthy obsession with the Military? ( 2 Last )

I come from a military family in the south. My great grandpa, grandpa, all my brothers, uncles, and my dad were all in the military (mostly marines). I have a lot of pressure on me to enlist, but I won't because I don't want to give away 4-6 years of my...

25th February 2014
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Global Warming - a More Imminent Threat than Asteroid Impact, or Scaremongering and a Hoax?

How long have you been on this planet? Try to think about the environment when you were born; do you think it has changed at all, and if so for better or for worse? Either way, there is evidence that human activity is contributing towards the greenhouse...

24th February 2014
by Tengil Go to last post
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Has America and Russia's relationship been better or worse since the fall of the wall?

I bring this up because I've heard some people including my folks say that Russia ain't no better since the wall fell, what with Putin's bashing of Gay rights, the imprisonment of that one band, and Putin's "reelection". And besides major politics I...

21st February 2014
by Aide Go to last post
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Should New York City secede and be it's own separate entity from the rest of the state?

Theoretically, could New York City and possibly Long Island with it be formed into a new State? New York State (including NYC) contains 19.57 million residents, while NYC contains roughly 8.34 million people. That means that roughly 42% of the entire...

20th February 2014
by Pythonox Go to last post
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What is nothing? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

To kickstart the debate here's a video of the annual Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate from 2013, which talks about this subject. You're obviously not obliged to watch to post, but if you feel like you're not sure where to start or want some scientists to...

18th February 2014
by Laserbeams Go to last post
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Science destroys Humanity

THBT Science is a threat to Humanity. With regards to Science is a threat to Humanity. what i mean is the Technological Advancement throughout the years or what ever you call it(Cars, Cellular phones, etc...). And Medical Discoveries are not included....

18th February 2014
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Should Education be Compulsory, and if so, What Age Should It Be Set? This thread has images

From the chart provided above, you can see that education is compulsory almost everywhere, to varying degrees. For example, it is quite strict in the US, while the UK and Japan have a slightly lower requirement - very few countries, such as Malaysia,...

18th February 2014
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