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RULES - Read ME before POSTING - *Updated Jan 7th, 2015* This thread has images

Articles - Don't post articles without a source, if it's from a magazine, scan it. If there's only a news video with no accompanying text you may post it. - Articles must not be more than 2 weeks old. - Don't post entire articles. Your quote snippet...

6th January 2015
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More creepy as fuck humanoid robots, this time, with facial expressions! This thread has images

http://ibnlive.in.com/news/meet-han-an-android-that-can-recognise-and-interact-with-people/541062-11.html Erm can you guys stop making uncanny valley material WTF no, I wouldn't even step into the fucking hotel If I see that shit with a fucking...

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Verizon to Customers Wanting Cheaper Service: Fuck Off and Good Riddance


Forumaster • 55 reading
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The Feces Defense This thread has images


CrossTownNews • 8 reading
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Man weighing over 1,000 pounds moved to new home with a crane ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

CRANSTON, R.I. - A man weighing more than 1,000 lbs. was moved Sunday by a crane, then loaded onto a flatbed truck and taken down I-95 from Providence to his new home in Cranston. Brian Butler had been living at the Bannister House in Providence but...

SPESSMEHREN • 15 reading
19 Minutes Ago
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HBO doesn't want people's money as it starts sending termination notices to HBO Now "VPN pirates" from outside of the US ( 2 Last ) This thread has images


wickedplayer494 • 13 reading
20 Minutes Ago
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ISIS suicide bomber fails spectacularly, going sky-high. ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwU6RNcc7sk :v:

Superwafflez • 1 reading
21 Minutes Ago
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23 Minutes Ago
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Nolan's favourite sequence from his films? Crashing that plane with no survivors ( 2 Last )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9994nv8BcU IndieWire, 4U]

Joz • 40 reading
24 Minutes Ago
by tharmas Go to last post
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Jay Z's Tidal music streaming service is already a spectacular flop This thread has images

SOURCE who would have guessed... :rolleyes:

Gwoodman • 13 reading
28 Minutes Ago
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Nazi goes on trial for being an accessory to the murder of at least 300,000 Jews. ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

I believe it isn't fair how they turned the information he shared against him, he was trying to dismiss claims that it never happened. Tomato Sauce BBQ Sauce - Apparently better

Lebofly • 12 reading
29 Minutes Ago
by A_Pigeon Go to last post
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Wikileaks releases the Sony Hack ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-32343268 Here you can find it: https://www.wikileaks.org/sony/press/ So far I've found a .csv with the complete home adresses, email, mobile phone, everything and more of Producers, Actors, basically...

Killuah • 5 reading
29 Minutes Ago
by DaMastez Go to last post
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Arab teen murdered by Jewish extremist officially recognized as terror victim ahead of National Memorial Day

As with all victims of terrorism and war, Muhammad Abu Khdeir's name has been added to the memorial wall in Jerusalem's Mount Herzl, and to the official Ministry of Defence website listing the names of the fallen. Source.

ScumBunny • 6 reading
40 Minutes Ago
by Emperor Scorpious II Go to last post
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49 Minutes Ago
by Pilot1215 Go to last post
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Benfords law helps identify fraudulent activity on social media

Source: http://www.technologyreview.com/view/536906/how-benfords-law-reveals-suspicious-activity-on-twitter/ In relation to Twitter specifically:

gerbe1 • 12 reading
51 Minutes Ago
by gerbe1 Go to last post
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DEA Chief to resign

http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/21/politics/dea-leonhart-resigning-marijuana/ Honestly id like to hope that they replace her with someone who dosent take such a hardline stance against pot and legalization. But who am i kidding, This organization has...

andy85258 • 42 reading
57 Minutes Ago
by Zero Ziat Go to last post
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Unseen Top Gear episodes to be broadcast

No official word on Hammond & May, but honestly we can probably rule them out for "new" Top Gear. Clarkson is expected to make a new show somewhere, after all. Maybe they can record bits for these remaining scenes, though. ...

Grizz • 10 reading
1 Hour Ago
by ThePinkPanzer Go to last post
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Michele Bachmann: The Rapture Is Coming And It's Obama's Fault (Your typical radical republican...)

Thing i find it very ironic how these idiots get away with saying these things. Last time i checked, nobody knows when the hell the apocalypse happens besides God.

Deathtrooper2 • 8 reading
1 Hour Ago
by mastoner20 Go to last post
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pc games

WWE 2K15 coming to Windows PCs this spring This thread has images


warneccruid • 7 reading
1 Hour Ago
by TheFilmSlacker Go to last post
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Nigel Farage wants the BBC to stop making Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing, and Top Gear This thread has images

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/nigel-farage-wants-the-bbc-to-stop-making-doctor-who-strictly-come-dancing-and-top-gear-10193051.html Jesus, he's just trying to stop himself from winning the election at this point isn't he

Irockz • 7 reading
1 Hour Ago
by person11 Go to last post
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humanoid looking aka creepy as fuck Robot receptionist welcomes shoppers at Japan's Mitsukoshi store This thread has images

http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/tokyo-lifelike-humanoid-robot-woman-chihiraaico-directs-customers-around-department-store-video-1497340 Why must it always be the uncanny valley robots

Ignhelper • 4 reading
1 Hour Ago
by saintsim Go to last post
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The Fast and Furious Toyota Supra Goes Up for Auction This thread has images

Source: http://thesupercarkids.com/the-fast-and-the-furious-toyota-supra-goes-up-for-auction/ Anyone know what they did to the car aside from the body kit and detailing? I doubt it's actually a ten second car... The specs aren't listed. Either way,...

agentfazexx • 2 reading
2 Hours Ago
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Canadians everywhere weep: Kraft Dinner to remove artificial colouring from macaroni and cheese. ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/2/29/CBC_News_Logo.svg/1145px-CBC_News_Logo.svg.png SOURCE RIP Childhood meal.

Cakebatyr • 3 reading
3 Hours Ago
by dr.bean Go to last post
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Despite airstrikes failing to thwart Houti rebels in any major way, Saudi Arabia declares operation a success and new phase will begin "aimed to protect civilians"


Emperor Scorpious II • 1 reading
3 Hours Ago
by joes33431 Go to last post
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Supreme Court Rules: Traffic stops cannot be extended to bring in K-9 This thread has images

http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/14pdf/13-9972_p8k0.pdf In short: They need reasonable suspicion to have a dog come out and sniff. They just cant go about running a dog on your vehicle without it.

Code3Response • 3 reading
3 Hours Ago
by Gray Altoid Go to last post
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Sony Highly Interested in Doctor Who Hollywood Movie, Says WikiLeaks ( 2 Last )

http://www.doctorwhotv.co.uk/leaked-sony-emails-reveals-doctor-who-movie-plans-73062.html https://wikileaks.org/sony/press/ (this is the link the Telegraph gave, WikiLeaks is blocked here so sorry if it doesn't work :/) *Muffled Screaming in the...

mcgrath618 • 1 reading
4 Hours Ago
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Champagne from 1840s shipwreck analysed

http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-32388123 http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/304/media/images/82446000/png/_82446467_picture1.png

TehAgentGuy • 5 reading
4 Hours Ago
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Japanese Maglev breaks new speed record at 603 km/h This thread has images

**SOURCE** There's also a video in the source. About one kilometer a second. That's just.......jesus......

pentium • 4 reading
5 Hours Ago
by Novangel Go to last post
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Google extends Google Chrome's Windows XP support to the end of 2015


wickedplayer494 • 2 reading
6 Hours Ago
by sam.clarke Go to last post
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Android vs iOS Debate Ends in Violence ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Source: http://www.droid-life.com/2015/04/17/android-vs-ios-debate-ends-in-violence/ I enjoy debating pros and cons of various operating systems, but come on guys. Don't nerd-rage THAT much.

6 Hours Ago
by wraithcat Go to last post
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6 Hours Ago
by Propane Addict Go to last post
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The Man Who Broke the Music Business

http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/04/27/the-man-who-broke-the-music-business Not exactly news and a long article, but a very good read into how these early scene groups operated

rampageturke 2 • 1 reading
7 Hours Ago
by Zero Ziat Go to last post
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Jon Stewart Reveals the Date of His Final Daily Show Appearance

http://www.vulture.com/2015/04/jon-stewart-reveals-date-of-final-tds-appearance.html?mid=imdb Video of him detailing everything: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TRDCsq5rM4

TheFilmSlacker • 1 reading
7 Hours Ago
by Malos Go to last post
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Utah mom admits killing 6 babies after giving birth

http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/21/us/utah-mom-sentenced-baby-deaths/index.html http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=34311236

{TFS} Rock Su • 3 reading
7 Hours Ago
by Maegord Go to last post
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MLB Reds manager Bryan Price drops 77 F-bombs blowing up at media, immediately given a role in sequel to Wolf of Wall Street This thread has images

"I’m fucking sick of this shit. It’s fucking hard enough to fucking win here to have fucking every fucking opponent know exactly what the fuck we bring to the table every day. It’s fucking horses shit. I don’t like it. It’s what I’m saying." more...

Kite_shugo • 4 reading
7 Hours Ago
by Propane Addict Go to last post
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You might not care, but Fractured Space is free on Steam this weekend. This thread has images

http://store.steampowered.com/news/16422/ Just a heads up, it's at early access as of now.

8 Hours Ago
by Firefox42 Go to last post
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Plans to Abolish Requirement for Corroboration in Scotland Dropped

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-32398065 I'd imagine the legal profession will be quite happy with this at the moment, abolishing this was only going to increase false hope in the few instances it would actually make a...

Marzipas • 2 reading
8 Hours Ago
by Marzipas Go to last post
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"There are no Iranian troops in Syria fighting, only Hezbollah. Also, America oversaw the creation of Daesh/ISIS" - President Assad


Emperor Scorpious II • 1 reading
10 Hours Ago
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Concealed Permit Holder Stops Attempted Mass Shooting in Chicago This thread has images

http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/20/concealed-permit-holder-stops-attempted-mass-shooting-in-chicago/ (User was banned for this post ("Read the rules." - Swebonny))

VHE3.5 • 1 reading
12 Hours Ago
by TestECull Go to last post
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Russian Head Transplant Doctor or A Kojima Ruse Cruize ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

https://au.news.yahoo.com/technology/a/27031329/man-volunteers-for-world-first-head-transplant-operation/ And for the more weirder part From Neogaf

warneccruid • 7 reading
13 Hours Ago
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AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleads guilty to kill threat, drug possession This thread has images


13 Hours Ago
by Dr._Medic Go to last post
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Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Elephant kills its hunter ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images


13 Hours Ago
by Jzzb Go to last post
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Spanish kid kills teacher with crossbow during class

http://i.imgur.com/cvpDhgH.jpg http://www.levante-emv.com/sucesos/2015/04/20/joven-mata-barcelona-docente-balllesta/1253468.html http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-32380705

eirexe • 3 reading
13 Hours Ago
by agentfazexx Go to last post
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Zebras fuck up Brussels

http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-32357986 It wasn't actually Brussels, it was mostly in Vilvoorde, my home town. I can't fucking believe this is a thing that happened. http://time.com/3827425/zebras-brussels/...

Yahnich • 1 reading
13 Hours Ago
by Yahnich Go to last post
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Japan issues tsunami alert after quake off Taiwan This thread has images

Al Jazeera The star represents the epicenter of the quake. Secondary source: NHK English.

14 Hours Ago
by V12US Go to last post
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Kim Jong-Un's bravery is matched by no man, supreme leader climbs North Korea's highest mountain ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images


zin908 • 3 reading
14 Hours Ago
by POLOPOZOZO Go to last post
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FBI director James Comey blames Holocaust responsibility on Poland and Hungary

It all started with his article for Washington Post titled "Why I require FBI agents to visit the Holocaust Museum": The bolded excerpt has stirred controversy: Reuters]

17 Hours Ago
by Nebukadnezzer Go to last post
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High School Freshman Dies of Heart Attack ( 2 Last )

http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20150419_St__Joseph_s_Prep_football_player__15__dies_at_spring_workouts.html#vB3XHzhkxuESbKO2.99 I knew this kid...

18 Hours Ago
by Zoran Go to last post
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Displaced Iraqis from Anbar now physically barred from entering Baghdad without a "sponsorship from a Sunni institution"; Government says it's to prevent Daesh agents from access

http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/04/iraq-displaced-anbar-isil-baghdad-150420064615281.html I hope they realize that for every Sunni from Anbar they fuck over, they make a potential recruit for Daesh

19 Hours Ago
by download Go to last post
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Neat New WTC Elevator ride shows NY timelapse

Video at http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/20/nyregion/on-time-lapse-rocket-ride-to-trade-centers-top-ghostly-glimpse-of-doomed-tower.html?src=vidm&_r=0

21 Hours Ago
by Chinook249 Go to last post
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2,000+ Walmart employees toward mere hours beforehand that their stores are closing for 6+ months and they may lose their jobs if they can't transfer; The reason - "plumbing issues" ( 2 Last )

http://money.cnn.com/2015/04/16/news/companies/walmart-closing-plumbing/index.html Walmart is still being shit.

Emperor Scorpious II • 1 reading
21 Hours Ago
by SuperDuperScoot Go to last post
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Adobe, Autodesk, & Corel vs. Forever 21: Forever 21 denies Photoshop piracy, strikes back at Adobe ( 2 Last ) This thread has images


1 Day Ago
by HookerVomit Go to last post
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NASA seeking Ideas to safeguard human on Mars journey ( 2 Last ) This thread has images


1 Day Ago
by wraithcat Go to last post
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1 Day Ago
by amos106 Go to last post
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Saudi Arabia is buying from France 250 combat vehicles, 7 attack helicopters, 3 small warships, 7 years of troop training and 10 years of equipment maintenance for Lebanon

http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2015/04/lebanon-receive-saudi-funded-french-weapons-150419055427852.html Saudi Arabia literally bought a military for Lebanon

1 Day Ago
by Emperor Scorpious II Go to last post
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No, this isn't the Onion - ISIS, Taliban announced Jihad against each other ( 2 Last )


The Vman • 3 reading
1 Day Ago
by Charybdis Go to last post
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Italian police arrest 15 Muslims on charges of throwing 12 Christians from migrant boat


1 Day Ago
by da space core Go to last post
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Pilot Arrested With Knives At Heathrow


Ignhelper • 1 reading
1 Day Ago
by agentfazexx Go to last post
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Star Wars: Battlefront details announced ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images


1 Day Ago
by Tomo Takino Go to last post
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Finnish parliamentary elections have finished This thread has images

Keskusta (Centre Party) are liberals that are all about rural areas in Finland. They got a massive victory so we can probably expect taxes that affect city folk more than rural farmers. Kokoomus, aka National Coalition Party, is the party for the rich...

Orkel • 1 reading
1 Day Ago
by WhyNott Go to last post
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1 Day Ago
by CrossTownNews Go to last post
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State seizes 11-year-old, arrests his mother after he defends medical marijuana during a school presentation ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-watch/wp/2015/04/17/state-seizes-11-year-old-arrests-his-mother-after-he-defends-medical-marijuana-during-a-school-presentation/?tid=trending_strip_6 This is fucked up.

1 Day Ago
by coldroll5 Go to last post
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Redhead banned from school for being too ginger ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/redhead-banned-from-school-for-being-too-ginger/story-fnq2oad4-1227306655004 Apparently this is too ginger for school:

1 Day Ago
by Solo Wing Go to last post
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Oklahoma governor approves use of nitrogen gas for executions ( 2 Last )

i wish that execution in general wasn't used, but as far as i am aware this would be the most painless way possible to execute so i guess that counts for something source

Ninja Gnome • 1 reading
1 Day Ago
by coldroll5 Go to last post
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BioShock film again in the works, according to WikiLeaks

The newest leaks from Sony emails brought us some interesting news. It's the first information about Bioshock adaptation being worked on since that cancelled version of Gore Verbinski, back from 2009. And well, Ryan Gosling having interest in...

Joz • 1 reading
1 Day Ago
by LaTrefle Go to last post
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1 Day Ago
by mcgrath618 Go to last post
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Man hires undercover cop as hitman, then hires ANOTHER undercover cop to kill the first after finding out This thread has images

this is fucking golden http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/28827977/massachusetts-man-charged-in-plot-to-kill-state-trooper this is why you don't try to hire assassins

FFStudios • 1 reading
1 Day Ago
by mcgrath618 Go to last post
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IBM and Fujifilm have figured out a way to store ~220 TB on a regular-size tape ( 2 Last ) This thread has images


1 Day Ago
by DrTaxi Go to last post
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Hundreds of migrants feared drowned in the Mediterranean Sea This thread has images

Boat arrives in Port of Messina carrying migrants after a rescue operation. Source

1 Day Ago
by Impact1986 Go to last post
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1 Day Ago
by KorJax Go to last post
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Couple gets cockblocked by their own car. This thread has images

Sorry for the rough translation. Only source in Spanish.

1 Day Ago
by MyAlt91 Go to last post
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Five arrested in Melbourne over ISIS inspired plot for ANZAC Day

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-18/five-arrested-in-melbourne-after-a-joint-terrorism-operation/6402810 Scumbags. I hope they rot in prison.

1 Day Ago
by Dostoyevsky Go to last post
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The science behind Dragon Ball Z: Get your Saiyan on


1 Day Ago
by Blackwheel Go to last post
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CNBC's Jim Cramer remarries to Lisa Detwiler


1 Day Ago
by 27X Go to last post
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SpaceX barge landing V. third times a charm ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

http://i.imgur.com/IPJKMFZ.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/Tqq1g7i.jpg http://www.space.com/29083-spacex-go-for-dragon-rocket-launch.html http://i.imgur.com/VcFOJoS.jpg Their last attempt: http://vine.co/v/OjqeYWWpVWK I don't think the second really...

1 Day Ago
by OvB Go to last post
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer leaked ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.buzzfeed.com/adambvary/batman-v-superman-trailer-leak#.ep7kEaXQe Trailer in the link!

2 Days Ago
by BeardyDuck Go to last post
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Baby Chokes on applesauce and Spinal Cord Breaks, Babysitter Sobs in Court ( 2 Last )

http://www.nj.com/monmouth/index.ssf/2015/04/nj_babysitter_accused_of_killing_child_tells_jury.html How hard do you have to pat the baby to break it's spinal cord?

Wolfgirl1515 • 2 reading
2 Days Ago
by proboardslol Go to last post
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