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Minecraft Section Rules *UPDATED: July 15th, 2011*

Read these rules FIRST. These are the Minecraft Section rules: Donít beg for Minecraft. Donít intentionally derail the chat thread. Itís stupid, and youíll get banned! Don't reply to threads just to be an ass. Use common sense. Don't advertise...

25th February 2011
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Minecraft Chat Thread v71: Pigs Are Better. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 101 102 103 104 Last ) This thread has images

Minecraft currently has 4 gamemodes. Survival: The player has to actually gather resources to build. The player can take damage and die, they also have to eat to fill their hunger bar. Creative: The player has infinite resources. They can fly...

1 Day Ago
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Max No Relax; A Minecraft Xx-HARDCORE-xX Server. "Let's make a canal!" ( 2 3 4 5 .. 66 67 68 69 Last ) This thread has images


1 Week Ago
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Profan's Humble FTB Monster V1 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 51 52 53 54 Last ) This thread has images

Profan's Humble Abode Adress: ftb.prfn.se World Border Size: 6 KM Radius! Hosted by: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/humbleabode Join this for announcements on what's going on with the server. TS3 Server: ts3.prfn.se (click to connect) Got a...

20 Hours Ago
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6th January 2014
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2b2t: is this shit dead yet ( 2 3 4 5 .. 25 26 27 28 Last ) This thread has images

About 2b2t: 2b2t is a Minecraft anarchy server run by a fellow named Hausemaster. No rules, no admins*, complete anarchy. The map on 2b2t is over a year old now, and the map filesize over 400gb. Many different internet cultures play on 2b2t: Reddit,...

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16 Hours Ago
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100% "Family Friendly" vanilla & modded survival ( 2 3 4 5 .. 23 24 25 26 Last ) This thread has images

it started out as something much less important, but turned into something more. the server originally started as a temporary place to stay while Max No Relax was getting up on its feet again. I was thinking of shutting it down again when Max No Relax...

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5 Hours Ago
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Max-No-Relax: A Minecraft Hardcore Server: Generation.... TWO? ( 2 3 4 5 .. 23 24 25 26 Last ) This thread has images What is this? It's a PvE Hardcore server. If you die, you are banned until the unbanning time, which is usually Friday between 5 and 6pm EST. There is a great community that has newer players as well as veterans from our first...

27th April 2013
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The Ancient World - New Age Begins August 16th! ( 2 3 4 5 .. 15 16 17 18 Last ) This thread has images

IP: theancientworld.mcdl.us If that doesn't work try Check out our blog! http://mctaw.wordpress.com/ The Ancient World is an old server created by it's inhabitants. Starting off as a single player map and advancing into a MP...

7th October 2013
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Vent out your dislike/anger/ worry about Minecraft right now and Minecraft in the future. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 14 15 16 17 Last ) This thread has images

Reply just as the title suggests, and give your reasons. For example, I dislike how Minecraft is becoming more and more adventure-like instead of the original "Fight to Survive" and sandbox-ey mode ever since the Wither came out. When I first played...

4 Weeks Ago
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Civilizations -Massive custom map vanilla server ( 2 3 4 5 .. 13 14 15 16 Last ) This thread has images

OLD go to here instead: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1284229&p=41269029#post41269029 Lock this.

3rd July 2013
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Minecraft Support Megathread V1 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 12 13 14 15 Last ) This thread has images

This is the Minecraft Support thread. This includes Technical Support, as well as support with the game itself. This is NOT a chat thread. Post here ONLY if you have a problem, or if you would like to assist someone. If you post off-topic, you WILL be...

4 Weeks Ago
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Half-Life Texture Pack! ( 2 3 4 5 .. 11 12 13 14 Last ) This thread has images

1.2.5 COMPATIBLE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE Dr. Cola is still the man. Much less content than I had planned. Lazyness got in the way.

5th August 2013
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Osku's Civilizations -The epic wolrd awaits you! ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last ) This thread has images

It's time to build your empire! Civilizations are here with even more epic map. Server: Dedicated 50 slots server. IP: Ask for whitelist in this thread Small website:

13th October 2013
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EarthCraft 3 - It's that time again. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 9 10 11 12 Last ) This thread has images

IP: DYNMAP Rei's minimap strongly recommended: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/482147-152-may03-reis-minimap-v33-05 Hello all! Welcome to the third installment of everybody's favorite Earth based factions server! As you...

19th January 2014
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People's Republic of Brotopia ( 2 3 4 5 .. 9 10 11 12 Last ) This thread has images

The people's Republic of Brotopia is a project to create a totalitarian dictatorship in Minecraft. Last year, using the Extra Big-Ass Villages Mod, I built a wall around a village and posted screen of the daily happenings inside the walled micronation in...

5th July 2013
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SCP Minecraft Thread V3 - Now with 32x32 fhtagn! ( 2 3 4 5 .. 9 10 11 12 Last ) This thread has images

Credit for this OP goes to the previous thread. Following the Event the Site warheads have been activated. All personnel and SCP objects within are to be considered destroyed. What is this thread? In brief, we're a Minecraft RP / Building...

7th January 2014
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343N's FTB Mod Pack Server! (100% 1.4.2) ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last ) This thread has images

Server modpack version: v4 nice to report that there hasn't been a single crash ever since the servers been up, 15 hours ago 1.4.6 with REDPOWER guys! use THAT modpack

27th October 2013
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Age of Mines: Where Templars Go to Die ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last ) This thread has images

Yes that's right, you heard correctly! The server is up, and should stay up, thanks to Dragory! The Whitelist has been reset due to major changes in the rules! Make sure to re-read the rules and re-apply for whitelisting! Download the Texturepack! If...

20th June 2013
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The Forgotten Realm: Mists of Fauhuin! A brand new server! ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last ) This thread has images

Hi guys! We've been working on a server for a while to get the right map and plugin combinations and its ready to be checked out! I'll tell you a little bit about it and keep it short! TFR is a server with a vastly beautiful world painted map with...

4 Weeks Ago
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What Are You Working On? V3 - "Lockdown Edition!" ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Last ) This thread has images

The What Are You Working On thread is back once more. Feel free to post videos or pictures of whatever you're working on. Be it a castle fit for a king, a big hole in the ground, or a giant, colossal golden dick, we wanna see. - Post pics/videos of...

19 Hours Ago
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A New World, a factions server that you guys build. ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last ) This thread has images

Hello everyone, I've decided to create a server that falls in line with gooses server of old, with a twist. IP: (its up! and running 1.6.4) ARTWORK: None at the moment, literally nothing is on here, it's a blank slate to be designed...

9th January 2014
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Fictasia - A Minecraft Roleplay ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

Fictasia is a Minecraft Serious RP server set in the island of the same name. The goal of Fictasia is to make a large group of communities that feel realistic and rely upon one another instead of relying on the Admins so that they can get their...

27th June 2013
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NostalgiaFP - A Minecraft server with the pre-1.8 beta gameplay ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

(shit header maybe someone could change that) IP: mc.vintagecowa.com Website: http://vintagecowa.com/mc HOW DO I GET WHITELISTED??? As a way of security, you must contact one of the OPs or post in this thread with your minecraft name to get...

19th June 2013
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Fuxxit: a Flux-Craft Hexxit server ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Address: Rules: We have one rule; No Griefing. About: Flux-Craft is a community operated and headed by Adam S. Founded in 2012 we have been looking at what YOU want. As of now we have 2 servers in full operations and more to...

10th September 2013
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OblivionCraft - A Minecraft Sound Replacement Pack ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

1.7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMcU8DX1TH8 Outdated 2011 video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFZTemeub8I Texture pack used is DokuCraft. Oblivioncraft is a sound replacement pack I made for Minecraft years with the help of sound enabler mods...

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4 Weeks Ago
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Flak's Modded Server ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Hey guys, I finally got around to making a page for the server. http://flakthemighty.net/minecraft/(Outdated now, will update) Check it out! Runs on the FTB Direwolf20 modpack. Download FTBLauncher here. I don't care what you do in the world,...

7th May 2013
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Cowtoon Texture Pack. ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

A texturepack that adds some color and happiness to the world of Minecraft. Pictures: http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/4004/junglef.png http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/5956/snowdh.png...

5th February 2014
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[Host] Precise Servers - best and fastest Minecraft servers available, at the lowest price possible. ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

I am a employee at a server hosting called Precise Servers. We sell Game Servers, Voice Servers and Web Hosting. One of our Game Servers includes a game you all know very well called Minecraft! We are a new hosting company dedicated to simple, precise,...

28th September 2013
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[HOSTING] MinecraftBread! Affordable and top of the line! ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

We at Minecraft Bread provide top of the line quality for affordable prices! With years of experience in the Minecraft Server business, we can provide top-notch quality of service! Features: (Applies to all plans) Intel Xeon E3 v2 Solid...

10th February 2014
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CrookedCraft Snapshots - Public Snapshot Server - Updates with current Minecrafts developer snapshot ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

This is a 100% vanilla server running the latest Minecraft Snapshot at all time What is a snapshot? (do you live under a rock?) Snapshots are testable versions of what the developers are currently working on in the development of minecraft. They...

28th September 2013
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The Ancient World ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

The Ancient World is an old server created by Drakortha (Who you may know from his machinima work). Starting off as a single player map and advancing into a MP server, it has progressed through the years and is now a great open world in which you can...

5th July 2013
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14th March 2014
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Has Minecraft become too complicated? ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Anyone else here remember Minecraft Indev, Infdev or Alpha? When the only monsters were zombies, skeletons, creepers and spiders? When we couldn't wait for the next seecret Friday update, and when SMP was so buggy it couldn't be played? Pre-nether,...

RectumRipper ē 1 reading
15th October 2013
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Profan's Humble Abode v.6! ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Server Name: Profans Humble Abode Max Players: 75 Started:4th August 2010 Server IP: fellowsgame.net Managed by FlubberNugget, so ask him about this server! Whitelist! Send a PM to FlubberNugget, no proof of play necessary....

4th September 2013
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ESRB Rating for Minecraft? ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

If Minecraft ever get to full version, what kind of rating do you think this game might get? (ec) Early Childhood (E) Everyone (E10) Everyone 10+ (T) Teens (M) Mature (Ao) Adults Only (RP) Rating pending

31st January 2014
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[Flux-Craft 1] InacioPack 3.0 - The 205 Modpack Spectacular! ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Enjoy the server! Server goes up 1/6/2013

Adamnetwork ē 1 reading
4 Weeks Ago
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Ancient Worlds - V. Why hasn't anyone made this? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

You Enter The Ancient World - Make a post with your Minecraft username to be added to the whitelist! Some Quick Points; >Continents! Currently we have restricted play to 3 huge continents. They are completely new and are...

6th May 2013
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Change your Minecraft username! ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Ever hated your Minecraft username? Just didn't know that registering and buying would make it your permanent name? Source. edited Yea I'm a bit late, but no one else has posted this.

19th August 2013
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Minecraft Mod Megathread v4 - (witty title) ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Bored with the ordinary Minecraft? You've come to the right place! In this thread, you will find various mods, from utilities to gameplay-altering mods. Before installing a mod, refer to this tutorial video: Alternatively, use MultiMC:

5th June 2013
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What you want too see on minecraft? ( 2 Last )

I would like too see more blocks, weapons, redstone circuits and much more industrial elements so it never get boring. And you guys?

3rd September 2013
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