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- Basic Guidelines -

Yo relax, this is just keeping this subforum in check. New: Some non-source mapping is fine, even down to discussing mapping/architectural concepts with or without software. Have in mind this place is primary for Source mapping. Just thought...

2nd April 2013
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Mapping Question Megathread v4 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 136 137 138 139 Last ) This thread has images

If you have any mapping-related problems, use this thread to ask them, rather than creating a whole new thread. This is not the place for requests. If you want to request a map to be found/made, create a new thread. Useful Links ...

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Crash on map load in Game

As the title says, cant load the map into game. Crashes automatically, only happens on this map. Running via Hammer.exe in CounterStrike/bin, map for garrysmod. Doing a basic BSP only compile to check and make sure everything is scaled properly. ...

1 Hour Ago
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The ~Official~ Facepunch Map Pimpage/WIP Thread V15 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 205 206 207 208 Last ) This thread has images

I'll do this properly when I'm home We got 1000 posts only so make lets make it the most beautiful 1000 posts facepunch has ever seen! RULES MAX 3 IMAGES PER QUOTE! IF YOU'RE USING A 1920X1080 + RESOLUTION USE SO YOU DONT BREAK EVERYONES...

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Custom VBSP with func_detail_blocker support This thread has images

L4D introduced func_detail_blocker, a useful brush entity that prevents the placement of detail props within its volume. Unfortunately it's not supported by the compile tools of older Source games, so I decided to implement it myself for a map I'm working...

3 Hours Ago
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How do I fix "To0 many faces with the same material in this scene" error?

So I'm making a map with all developer textures, but after I got a good portion of the map done, my textures were flickering and I was getting this "Too many faces with the same material in this scene" error. Does anyone know how to fix this, and if...

4 Hours Ago
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Mapping King x 32

Smooth curved and sloped roads using displacements This thread has images

Here's a quick guide on how to create smoothly curving roads using displacements. In my experience, this method is much faster and easier than working with traditional brush-based roads. Additionally, it reduces the number of texture seams and it's a bit...

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4 Hours Ago
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Compiling Takes for Ages. ( CS:GO -> SFM )

Hello all, i've decompiled some CS:GO Maps then converted materials into older version ( CS:S / HL2 etc ), it works all fine in the CS:S's Hammer, but when i compile it the time is just insane on "PortalFlow", once i've tried to compile single map and it...

5 Hours Ago
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First Map This thread has images

This thread has been gone for a while, so I decided to resurrect it. I always end up laughing when I see somebody's first map (no offense) 1.If you can post a photo (or two) of your map (finished or unfinished) 2.Give a description of what the map is...

7 Hours Ago
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Looking For A Mapper

I need a mapper for a gamemode creation team. We already have 2 coders. We make Gamemodes for coder hire and split the profit. if intrested add me on skype at shane92399

10 Hours Ago
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Gmod Hammer stopped working out of nowhere! This thread has images

Now before anyone asks: NO... I haven't changed anything in the paths! The last config I used goes as following: Game Configuration: Config: Garry's Mod Game data files: $SteamUserDir\GarrysMod\garrysmod.fgd Texture Format: Materials (Half-Life 2)...

10 Hours Ago
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Looking for Map Maker for F2S: Stronghold This thread has images

So lately we've been looking around for properly optimized maps that don't lag at 20 players. sh_lockdown is our only wanted map at the moment and I'm looking for a mapper who could reduce lag, but make a better bigger version of that map. Prices range...

11 Hours Ago
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pc games

Using hammer without CS:S

Is there any way for my buddy to use Hammer without owning CS:S? Could I send him a copy of the Hammer files and will he be able to use it? He doesn't need textures or entity files or compiling. He just needs to be able to make some structures for our...

12 Hours Ago
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Mapping King x 79

Metrostroi (gm_metrostroi) ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last ) This thread has images

GMOD 81-717 Subway Simulator 2014 Concept, Mapping, Scripting, ...: Black Phoenix Scripting: HunterNL 3D Modelling: Anonymous69

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13 Hours Ago
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Work In Progress

rp_subterranean This thread has images

What is it? rp_subterranean is a roleplay map in an underground town/community that is built in a cave of sorts. The theme I've been trying to go for is that its a makeshift community built below the surface hidden away from the world above, whether...

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16 Hours Ago
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What to improve This thread has images

Hey I'm currently working on this gmod map of arendelle (The castle where the princesses of the movie Frozen live) It's my first map and I'm really proud of it Does any of you guys know some tips for lighting and some tips about improving the map in...

18 Hours Ago
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Mapping King x 38

Opinions on this City map please? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

So I'm nearing completion of my city map finally but I kinda want some opinions from the general public of gmod about it. The maps brush geometry is pretty much full right now so I don't have any room for expansion there. What are some things I can...

19 Hours Ago
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texture not seamless in hammer This thread has images

Hi facepunch, I rarely post here, I am creating a HL2 type level with custom textures and props using HL2 ep2 engine. I have made a similar thread regarding this issue on another forum but I thought I would like to get multiple advice on the problem. I...

23 Hours Ago
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Looking for Mapper for Server (Gmod) This thread has images

I'm a community owner currently working on a server, and we need a custom map. The server's lore takes place in Iceland after a volcanic eruption. We'd need a rather large surface map, with details pointed out here; http://pastebin.com/Ee92QsqW. ...

1 Day Ago
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[WIP] gm_GhostRun (Horror map) This thread has images

My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/kretorus About It's about you (currently singelplayer but I plant to build COOP support) that need to complete certain goals in the map, and with a ghost that tries to stop you. This is another kind of...

1 Day Ago
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What the best way to make a map? #debate

So there's a lot of ways on how you can create a map, some says "find a picture from google" and then tries to imitate that photo. Or is it better going just with your own imagination? And how do you start out? Do you start with the bare bottom,...

1 Day Ago
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[Release] MU_Nightmare_Church_Final [Murder Map] This thread has images

Hello all, this map is out of Beta Stage now and has been heavily updated in all areas. Thanks to the 23000 plus players that have played MU_Nightmare_Church and the people that have showed support. The map is at Final/Stable Stage, more Information...

1 Day Ago
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Source Multi-Tool ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Source Multi-Tool is meant as a replacement to Valves Source SDK Launcher. Current features: * Launch hammer for any game or mod * customConfig, a way for you to setup hammer for mods and Garrys mod and even lets you choose what content to mount! *...

1 Day Ago
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Any Suggestions For A Map With Houses? This thread has images

I'm in the progress of making a map with some houses included, and I was wondering if anyone could make some suggestions to help the houses look more "Realistic". Some photos to show how they are put together are below.

1 Day Ago
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'Fake' Brushes appearing only ingame This thread has images

As you can see from these screenshots, in game there is a concrete wall just infront of the player. However in the editor this wall does not exist, I've checked the compile log for any errors but aint been able to find any, regardless I'll post it below....

1 Day Ago
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Map totally crapped.

Hello all, I edited a map which was no problem for the first 3 compiles. The map looks perfectly. Then I added soms things. Saved it and started compiling ofcourse it crashed (always happens when I'n editing in jammer too long). So I openend Hammer...

1 Day Ago
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Source SDK: Random Music?

Making a minigame course, but how do I make music randomly play when you spawn. I have 3 songs, in which every round one song will play, and it will randomyl select a song to play.

1 Day Ago
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Space/Sci-fi maps for SFM?

I've been thinking of doing some Sci-fi themed SFM posters and possibly other works, but I've yet to find any good ones. I think I've done a thread like this here, but it's been so long and I looked around to try and find it again but to no luck.

2 Days Ago
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Ambient Maps Project

Hey guys! I'm not new to the community, but rather new to posting. So bare with me if this is a little awful :v: Apart from mapping, I work with my buddy Detective Nigbone on the show that him and I produce. Primarily though, I'm a mapper. I figured...

2 Days Ago
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Cannot find a map.

I am looking for a version of EvoCity that I cannot find anywhere. All the other versions I have downloaded contain a very undetailed syndicate tower. The version I am thinking of has a huge tower with an elevator that has glass on 3 sides, and passes a...

2 Days Ago
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gm_ordnance_v1 This thread has images

Good news everyone! I've updated my long forgotten about map, that was broken and/or buggy for quite some time as well as added a few requested new features! For those of you unfamiliar with this map, it is basically a giant stretch of land with a...

2 Days Ago
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Compiling issue, extremely short compile

** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\counter-strike source\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\counter-strike source\cstrike" "C:\Program ...

2 Days Ago
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I need help setting up Hammer Editor | It's crazy if you help me out ;D This thread has images

Over the last 5 days or something I've constantly tried to fix my Hammer Editor for Garrysmod. All the tutorials I've found doesn't seem to work and if you would actually take your time to help me out i would really appriciate it. But then again, why...

2 Days Ago
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The Condominium Collab ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

Choose a Apartment and decorate it as you want to. Decorate the apartment as you want, choose more than one and break the walls to make a bigger apartment, Choose one and the same of the above floor and make a duplex apartment. You will give life...

2 Days Ago
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Map fails to compile from hammer

Hello everyone, I just started using Hammer to make some simple maps. The first thing I did was just build a hollow cube and put an info_player_start entity inside. Of course, I wanted to test this, so I pressed F9 to run the map. The problem is, no...

3 Days Ago
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[Hammer] Possible to use L4D2 Entities in HL2-EP2 Editor?

Hey guys, i have a little question Is it possible to use the "Left 4 dead 2" entities in "HL2 Ep2" editor or is there a way to port them? as example i need the "beam_spotlight" entity from L4D2 for some maps but its just available in the l4d2/newer...

3 Days Ago
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Work In Progress

Compile Pal - Easily configurable map compiling This thread has images

Compile Pal is a wrapper for the source map compiling tools that provides easy configuration as well as overall UI. It was inspired by VBCT and serves to be an easier to use replacement with improvements such as: Fast configuration management:...

3 Days Ago
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fof_depot (Fistful of Frags map)

Download Links: - No need for download links, the map is official. Get the game here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/265630 I decided to make a thread for this in the mapping section so I don't pollute the FoF thread in the Valve games section....

3 Days Ago
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gm_ps_hugeflatconstruct_v2 This thread has images

Hugeflatconstruct v2 is a continuation of a map made in 2010, by Phoenix Storms. it's a larger version of gm_construct. Night version coming soon! Workshop Link (images at the bottom of the post) ----------------------------------- FEATURES:...

3 Days Ago
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Blender to GMOD, problem : Can't find steam app user info.

Hello ! At first, please, excuse my language, I don't speak english very well. I'm making this thread because I've got a lot of problems for exporting a model I made in Blender to GMOD. I export it in .smd, made the .qc and etc, but I just can't...

3 Days Ago
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Question regarding timelapses

Hey! So I was wondering: how do they do it? Like you have a video of a certain spot, changing with every frame with new changes made by the level designer. How do you make it so that you always have the same points of view when making screenshots of...

4 Days Ago
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