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This is the Games in Progress forum. You can use this forum to organize multiplayer games with other Facepunchers. You could do this with a "Let's Play..." thread, or perhaps make a thread for a server of your own. There are a few rules to keep in mind...

24th August 2014
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Island Repunch ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Original Island Punch Flak's server has been dead for a while now, and I've been thinking about hosting a reboot. We just need a new map (weren't there already a few ready to go?) and enough interest (at the very least 5 players). Server's on hosting...

18 Hours Ago
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pc games

Minecraft Server - Chestnut Craft This thread has images

About:Chestnut Craft is a reboot of a server called Brutal Simplicity, It is a Multi-verse server which now has separate worlds for Factions and non pvp survival. Me and another owner both manage each world. I "Jonnyblazex2" manage the Factions World...

1 Day Ago
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2b2t : A Decent into Dead ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

2b2t is the longest running and largest minecraft world ever made. There are no rules, no staff, and infinite possibility, in a completely vanilla setting. The world (at the time of writing this) is 787GB large and 49 months old (19 Jan 2015) and nearly...

1 Day Ago
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Technicalia Ultra Modded Minecraft: Technology, my ass! ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

New thread smell guys! Shamelessly copied Banana's OP because it is pretty great. Currently TCB, Mr. (Neonat), and myself are managing the server. If you have any issues, let one of us know. Enjoy!

1 Day Ago
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GCinema - What will you watch today? This thread has images

Oh great, another server with Cinema straight out of github Nope! We don't share anything with it other than using PlayX (and the concept). We also have a small community that started back on GM12, which you're more than welcome to join, and a custom...

2 Days Ago
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CS:GO Tournament

Hello, I am hosting a CS:GO tournament this weekend and we need to fill a couple more 5 man teams. Its just a friendly tournament, I will be hosting one every other month if this one does well. For information about prizes or times:...

4 Days Ago
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[Unreleased] Novabox - Beta Half Life 2 Roleplay This thread has images

Novabox is currently unreleased, but I thought I'd throw the thought out there for the future. Also before you ask questions, yes, I will be making a thread for City 2 shortly. Website: gmod.novabox.org Group Page: steamcommunity.com/groups/novabox...

1 Week Ago
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pc games

Minecraft - Facepunch Vanilla (Whitelisted) ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

This is simply a straight vanilla whitelisted server I have set-up for Facepunch and anyone else who particularly cares to join. As far as rules go, there really aren't any beyond "Don't be a fucknugget." In short, that means don't screw with other...

1 Week Ago
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pc games

The Bicentennial Facepunch GTA Games This thread has images

Twice every hundred years, the Facepunch community gathers to play a series of games in the Sun God's honour. This century's games will kick off with the release of GTA V. Such exciting games will be featured as: SEASONAL HEATS W/ FINAL: -...

2 Weeks Ago
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FP DayZ: Officially Unofficial ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

USPVT made a mark on all of us who played DayZ a couple years back, there were both good, and bad times. We want to get something new going, what with the standalone becoming marginally better with each update. Right now, there are five...

2 Weeks Ago
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Turtle Roleplay 25K$start|Custom|New|Bronypets ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Hello Facepunch and gmod users, Introducing .... Beta...

2 Weeks Ago
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The Facepunch After Easter Smashup!! (Ssb4wiiu online tournament)

Hey everyone! In the smash thread in general games discussion there were some expressions of interest at the idea of a European ssb4 tourney. As someone who's participated in a few online smash tourneys I figured I'd put up a strawpoll and see who was...

2 Weeks Ago
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pc games
2 Weeks Ago
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{FOG} FNAF 1/2 | FNATI { Pointshop, Custom, Fun For All Ages } This thread has images

Introduction: Recently we made four(2 being a beta version which isnt fully finished map wise) FNAF 1 Servers, two FNAF 2 Servers and 1 FNATI Server. If you like FNAF or anything relating to it, then this is for you! Anyway, hope you guys can enjoy the...

2 Weeks Ago
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Lets Play: Gmod Quake 3 Arena This thread has images

Since no one seems to be running the Quake 3 Arena gamemode, figured I'd go ahead and do so. Sadly, I'm going to most likely shut it down as it gets no players. So before I do, I'm throwing a Lets Play tonight at 9:00 PM EST. The server itself is a mix of...

2 Weeks Ago
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New Gmod Sandbox Server! IP:

I just made a new sandbox war server. Build bases, make friends, and go to war! I has addons like the wire mod, fading doors,M9K weapons, Keypads and more! The maps in Black Mesa Sigma a very cool map. Come and Join! IP:

3 Weeks Ago
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The GModRP Experiment - Facepunch gets to tell me what to do ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last ) This thread has images

We're dead but we might come back, IDK There's a distinct lack of Garry's Mod FP servers. I know not everyone here still plays the grandaddy of games that brought us all together, but it's a shame we don't have a server hosted by a Facepuncher, for...

3 Weeks Ago
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pc games

Looking for Spacers to Play Elite Dangerous

Hello. I discovered Elite Dangerous a little over a month ago and finally conquered my fear of space. I would love to meet up with some people who play regularly, as it does get lonely out in space from time to time. I was running cargo runs and various...

4 Weeks Ago
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Minecraft FTB Magic World 2: Magic! This thread has images

Magic World 2 is a modpack for FTB which I recently discovered and like quite a lot! I grew tired of playing by myself so decided to create this. It's easy to join and download, all you need to do is go download the FTB launcher ...

23rd March 2015
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Sturminsel.de - Deutscher Reign of Kings Server This thread has images

Willkommen bei der Vorstellung unserer Community 'Sturminsel.de' Auf diesem Weg suchen wir neue Mitglieder die wir für unsere Plattform begeistern können. Die Sturminsel hat eine längere Vergangenheit. Das Projekt hat nun schon ein paar...

18th March 2015
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TFC Basewars This thread has images

Who are you? We are a group of players that like to have fun. We have found that it is more fun to play with others, and laugh along the way, and that is why we have decided to create TFC Basewars. Why Choose TFC Basewars? I've played on many...

18th March 2015
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Battlefield 4 anyone?

Join my server and ill be in here. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/be803885-f842-43e3-8d26-fd2c24f1be75/BobCottonSwab-s-Conquest-Server-Ranked-Conquest-Classics/

12th March 2015
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Keen Brigade TTT This thread has images

Return of a once very popular TTT server. Running mostly minecraft maps. Coderhire scoreboard/ui. All the CS:S weapons, and a few other extras. Hosted by NFO with anticheat, DDOS protection and all that. Server has a fairly large population of...

10th March 2015
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Butcher's AK/CAR mod achievement run

i am looking for a team to help me do the butcher ak/car achievements (i have done some)and i will happily help those who need some achievements i have. steam account : a lil donkey

8th March 2015
by Shotz Go to last post
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Braxnet RP ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Homepage with user control panel and misc: https://braxnet.org/rp/ Inspired from GMod Tower, here comes my take! On the RP part - The mayor writes the laws. RDM is allowed, but if it's illegal to kill people, the police have to take action. Play...

8th March 2015
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NoGaming-DarkRP Server

. (User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - OvB)) (User was permabanned for this post ("extended - joined just to advertise" - OvB))

5th March 2015
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Funquisition Daily Retro Zombie Survival (just like back in the old days.. almost!) This thread has images

Hey there, I've probably put off on posting anything relevant to my community for some time, though I've tried my best to figure a way to not only sell it to any who might have been interested in the old zombie survival type, but to also help bring...

4th March 2015
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Looking for 2d Pixel artist to join

Hi, my name is Rutenis, im 16 from Lithuania. Im addicted to making games, i started in 2010 when i found Unity 3d. Since then i've learned a lot, but at this point i want to create something more. So im looking for a 2D pixel artist. We could make this...

2nd March 2015
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[Alpha] Garry's Mod Fortwars Recreation (Australian Server) This thread has images

Hey everyone, Recently I've been recreating the popular fortwars gamemode which was run by darklands years ago until it shut down (and was private so no one else could set a server up with it). There was also a fretta version under the name FortwarsX...

25th February 2015
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Refraction RP | BETA | Custom Jobs | Fun guaranteed | CUSTOM | 24/7 This thread has images

Hello today i present to you my new garry's mod DarkRP 24/7 server. On our server the fun is guaranteed! We are opening our server so that we can have your guys's opinion on our server. You start as a civilian and you can become anything you want,...

25th February 2015
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pc games

Minecraft- SLEAZYCRAFT- FTB Unleashed Server-15 slots- White-listed

Pretty simple- a small friendly FTB Unleashed server with 15 slots. If you're interested in playing, explain why below and I'll shoot you a PM with the IP address. Rules are simple- Don't destroy/grief/steal other people's stuff. PVP is cool if...

25th February 2015
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Minecraft - xP// Build Multiworld (Ventlegille-style Creative, Towny, Plot Creative, Arenas) This thread has images

What is xP// Gaming? xP// Gaming is a community that's been around for almost half a decade. In our lifetime we've had many servers including Unreal Tournament GOTY, Garry's Mod, Starbound, TF2, Terraria, Counter-Strike: GO, GTA San Andreas Multiplayer...

24th February 2015
by Lord Xenoyia Go to last post
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Almost Vanilla TTT (Actually custom) This thread has images

Ay dur. I recently gave up on DarkRP because every server is a coderhire addon filled laggy shithole, but everyone plays on those servers instead of the actually custom ones. Anyways, I thought I'd start up a TTT server again. The server is as close...

23rd February 2015
by ProTweaker Go to last post
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Free minecraft server (2 months, 16 slot )

2 months on a free minecraft server, all access. 4 GB ram, just say what your gonna do with it on this thread and when I get back I'll choose the best one.

21st February 2015
by ProTweaker Go to last post
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Lua scripting

Custom Gamemode - Video - Team Death Match

Hello everyone, I decided to start to learn Glua. It's my first coding language i have ever learned. I'm about 2 weeks new to it and have been developing this small basic Gamemode for around 2 days now. I have 2 addons that are required to make the...

19th February 2015
by Austin1346 Go to last post
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Tim's Sandbox Server This thread has images

Hi all, I had this 25-slot server that wasn't going anywhere and so I decided to turn it into a sandbox. Main features: - Godmode - Non-distracting UI - SProps, Wiremod, PAC3 - Lots of added SWEPs like the Fin tool and Adv Dupe 2

18th February 2015
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17th February 2015
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Realm of Madness - Non Serious RP This thread has images

I think we everyone should at least experience a good roleplay session once, roleplay can be tons of fun if you can get a bit in your roll and other people play along with it, thats awesome! Sadly we live in a Gmod era filled with DarkRP servers which are...

17th February 2015
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Custom Gamemode Rust Legacy (Old Version) Airdrop Survival

Airdrop Survival Rust Legacy Custom Gamemode Hey Folks, Made a new plugin for Rust Legacy that I could use some testing and feedback on :). Here are the details on how it operates; All Resource Nodes (Wood Piles, Ore, Animals) are disabled. All...

9th February 2015
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Work In Progress

Visuality Gaming: Fallout Serious Roleplay This thread has images

Visuality Gaming or VG. Originally a small project and idea that started about two and a half years ago turned out into something big with our main gamemode being Garry's mod Fallout RP. The community exists of mature and professional roleplayers with a...

4th February 2015
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EarthCraft Server?

-Snip- Creating a new thread.

2nd February 2015
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pc games

Obsidian Conflict Harvest Event - Facepunch can farm! ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

If any of you have ever played the Source mod Obsidian Conflict, I'm sure you've played the map Harvest at least once or twice, if not then long story short, it was amazing. I haven't played this game/map in a long while, and recently picked it up...

1st February 2015
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pc games

CSGO Scrims

Lets set a little like, ladder kind of thing up. We make our teams and shit, name them, then have scrim matches with qualifiers and shit to make it into the next level. WITH ABSOLUTELY NO REWARDS EXCEPT BRAGGING RIGHTS sounds amazing right?

31st January 2015
by LSK Go to last post
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The Ongoing Facepunch Super Smash Brothers League

What is this? A fun way to stay competitive that has relaxed time commitments, is ongoing, and keeps tracks of the competitive stats of FP smash players! How does it work? In the start, someone can simply declare themselves the title holder (max 1...

23rd January 2015
by Abaddabadon Go to last post
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Vidya Thread v.6 The game has changed, 3bwii is ossum This thread has images

AIRSOFT 393 WILL FOREVER BE IN OUR HEARTS AND ON OUR BEADS Hullo, We collectively play all sorts of games under the IFAP or Krundle banner! Such as; ARMA 2/3 Battlefield 4 Chivalry Medieval Warfare

18th January 2015
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Cereal Box Cinema (+18 HIGHLY SUGGESTED) This thread has images

CLICK TO CONNECT If you're interested in becoming part of our Dev Team please add me on steam (@Videowarrior) and be prepared to show examples of your work. (This isn't a paid position, but we need coders and modelers who are passionate about...

14th January 2015
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#!/BASH/SRP [Developmental] This thread has images

#!/BASH/SRP is a gamemode created for the sake of serious RP in the STALKER universe. It aims to implement all the features that are necessary for RP while also intertwining them with script mechanics that reflect those found in the actual STALKER game...

12th January 2015
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Battlefield 4 anyone? Mic recommended

Anyone wanna play Battlefield 4? Add me on Battlelog, BobCottonSwab. I got a TS server, so we can conversate better in here.

9th January 2015
by Daemon White Go to last post
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[Custom lore] Medieval RP server [NUTSCRIPT] This thread has images

Setting: The Solus Empire: The Solus Empire, or just called the Empire, is the largest living civilization known to date in the world. The Empires existence dates back to decades ago to the year 317. The Empire is a very religious nation,...

5th January 2015
by Tolee Go to last post
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The North American Super Smash Bros 4 TOURNAMENT! WiiU Smashpunch #1 edition. IN PROGRESS! ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

FOLLOW THE PROGRESS HERE: http://challonge.com/SmashpunchWiiu1 http://challonge.com/SmashpunchWiiu1B (loser's loser's bracket is here, winner challenges winner of loser's bracket) HELLO! Welcome to the FIRST...

2nd January 2015
by Pvt Anderson Go to last post
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[Original Lore Space RP] Foundation Roleplay (NutScript) This thread has images

Our forums at: http://foundationroleplay.boards.net/ Content: Workshop Link Map: rp_station13 (Made by FirePaw and Jackson) Server IP:

31st December 2014
by Monkah Go to last post
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{FOG} Winter Survival 2 - Go back in time! This thread has images

Winter Survival has been around for awhile now, but I have not seen one server online with the gamemode and I remembered how fun it was back then..so I did alittle searching and managed to find a working copy. Summary: You are stranded in the middle...

26th December 2014
by Killerghost Go to last post
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Dok's Disco - A Freelancer server ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Dok's Disco is a Discovery Freelancer server, hence Disco in the name. Discovery takes about 100 years after Freelancer, now there is French people in space, basically. Capital ships, Carriers, etc, all flyable, you can make player run starbases...

21st December 2014
by Snoberry Tea Go to last post
83 1,342

The Hacker Experience This thread has images

https://hackerexperience.com/ This is a really fun (and legal) game, which gives you the "experience" of being a "hacker". Check it out~!

21st December 2014
by Conspirator Go to last post
25 1,570

What's that? OutlastRP is back! This thread has images

Welcome to the new and improved NutScript Schema of Outlast! PlatinumGaming Outlast - SeriousRP What is Outlast? Outlast is a first-person survival horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels, a company founded by programmers...

14th December 2014
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Funny x 24

Dead Island 2D ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Hello guys I have been so excited to announce that I am finally making use of my spare time my computers been upgraded and is much faster now well the title says it all really 'Dead Island 2D' The game - Well as you may know making a story line to...

7th December 2014
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Garry's Mod - Protocol Gaming (PGRP) Role-Play This thread has images

Hello, thank you for checking this post out, today I'd like to show off a work-in-progress roleplay server/gamemode for Garry's Mod 13. PGRP is a custom gamemode created by RedMist. The gamemode has been around for around 2 years (starting with PERP...

1st December 2014
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LapisRP|Halo Roleplay

-snip- (I won't advertise my servers anymore, I'll let them be found rather than me spam facepunch)

22nd November 2014
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Winner x 46

Black Mesa Gmod Roleplay ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Hello all, We have been working on a new type of roleplay for some time now and I think it's time to try and get some more players. Black Mesa roleplay is based before the resonance cascade and before it starts having problems. You can be a...

22nd November 2014
by MistyPanda Go to last post
133 19,683

Free CS:GO Server - Featured Sponsorship

Hello. I'm giving away a free Counter-Strike:GO server, 12war/18pub slot (i might increase the slots over time). Sponsorship duration: Unlimited. Hardware and internet testing for atleast 3-6 mounths. Restarts may occure. Currently there are 2 other game...

20th November 2014
by Rmk82 Go to last post
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Warcraft 3:FT Custom maps This thread has images

Hello fellow Facepunchers! We are currently a very small group that gets together to play some Warcraft 3 custom maps! What do we play: (we have massive map packs with a lot of maps that might or might not be shit) : -TD's -Hero adventure maps...

19th November 2014
by NOD Engineer Go to last post
19 521

[ExosRP] Dead Zone Roleplay (NutScript) This thread has images

SNIPPED Snipped, old advert for a server that doesn't exist. rip

8th November 2014
by circuitbawx Go to last post
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The CombineControl Community is the new level of RolePlay This thread has images

Combine Control is an Half-Life 2 based game mode. After over a year in development, CombineControl is the most advanced yet lightweight Half-Life 2 Roleplay Animation system. Businesses that can be run for a variety of services. Custom chat system...

4th November 2014
by Kemerd Go to last post
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Of Orks and Men (and its sequel Styx i guess)

I just picked up Of Orks and Men off the Steam Halloween sale and found it to be much more than i expected, the combo system is really fun with a lot of variety depending on what weaopns and gear you stack your titular Ork with along with his stealthy...

3rd November 2014
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Smashing Limes TTT >Vanilla<

After going through the server browser a few weeks ago, I was continually infuriated by the fact that there aren't that many vanilla servers left; most are bloated by M9K or otherwise, and it's a challenge to find servers that make good use of addons but...

1st November 2014
by Bat-shit Go to last post
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KingsNJenssons TTT server (pointshop, custiom weapons, jihad and more) This thread has images

hello every one i'm jenssons from KingsNJenssons i have made a TTT server for all of you player slots: 31 people can join maps: ttt_bb_teenroom_b2 ttt_camel_v1 ttt_dolls ttt_giant_daycare_V2 ttt_mc_SkyIslands

1st November 2014
by Bat-shit Go to last post
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Looking for people who like to play board games - Vassal/Tabletop Simulator

Hello, like the title says. I'm looking for people to play board games with. I love all types of board games and I know how to play the following: Battlestar Galactica + all expansions Betrayal at House on the Hill Dead of Winter Arkham Horror...

30th October 2014
by Knoxed Go to last post
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SmashPunch 3DS Tournament I - Sunday Oct 5th at 18:00 GMT. READ the OP for instructions to contact your opponent. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 9 10 11 12 Last ) This thread has images

SmashPunch! I Tournament BRACKET UP http://challonge.com/SP3DS1 NOTES ON SCORING: a 0-3 means the loser never shown up a 2-1 or a 2-0 means it was a normal match best out of 3 a 0-0 means neither showed up, one is randomly selected to go forward...

20th October 2014
by Segab Go to last post
451 9,422

Counter-strike 1.6 NIPPER MAPS

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi_yRRCCPmo lets try and get this server populated, launch your CS1.6 back up and join. Hosted by the NEW GMAN ARMY http://steamcommunity.com/groups/newgmanarmy Join us on TEAMSPEAK 3.0 IP:...

18th October 2014
by KoD Go to last post
7 1,210

Void Game Servers, Nutscript: Half Life 2 Roleplaying Server This thread has images

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWe0w7hAYHY What is Void? Void is one of those Half Life 2 Roleplaying servers, however there's a difference. What's the difference? We don't force text adventure (aka super serious roleplay where you gotta /me /roll...

16th October 2014
by Ultimate7MK Go to last post
12 797

RatchetGaming, Trying to bring back the good old days

HOME PAGE: ratchetgaming.co.uk I remember when GMOD was first released, how the communities ran back then a tight knit group of people and everyone just had fun. Well enough of trying to get your attention. This is a work in Progress community...

13th October 2014
by adamg Go to last post
1 585

BGRP new DarkRp server with FastDL FA:S 2.0 weapons and a map that isnt downtown.

BGRP is a new roleplay server that has a few defining features about it. 1. The server uses a map created in 2009 called amsterville. We are using the construction edition of this map. 2. It is almost impossible to metagame. I will be on as long as...

13th October 2014
by BobCottonSwab Go to last post
6 820

Server for Facepunch Users! This thread has images

Platinum Gaming Garry's Mod! Platinum Gaming is a server that isn't up. This is because it's a Facepunch server. We want your ideas for the gamemode for Platinum Gaming to run, it can be any gamemode, and it'll be the most voted gamemode. The voting...

12th October 2014
by Tinbe Go to last post
5 640

Planning to play Space Engineers... Anyone want to join me? [UK]

Hey everyone, i've had this game sitting in my library for far to long now..... Does anyone want to join me in playing it? Prefurably in the uk, but if you have a decent connection, anywhere is fine. Looking to have a game of 3-4 people, myself...

11th October 2014
by nuttyboffin Go to last post
6 440

RektThemAll Gaming (children friendly) TTT | Jihad | Pointshop This thread has images

Hey guys, my name is Joe, or as you can see my facepunch name, I'm owner on a TTT server so people can have fun on and we can play together like tell jokes, hate on each other and PLAY our server is meant for people who are wanting a small group of...

9th October 2014
by TechnoS Go to last post
12 953
pc games

Let's play 7 days to die together

Game's dull without any friends, and my only friend who activly plays the game doesnt wanna play. If you can port forward or rent a server that's great because I cant do either of those

5th October 2014
by FrankPetrov Go to last post
1 520

24/7 Counter-Strike 1.6 Nippermaps server This thread has images

Hi all, you might know my Youtube shit under "JsXanatos" I got bored and remembered how much I played on these servers in the original CS. Some of you may remember them, some of you may have played his maps on CS:S or TF2. I just wanted to start by...

5th October 2014
by Cypher_09 Go to last post
28 4,859

Fallout New Vegas Roleplay Lineage to Spire! This thread has images

We use NutScript on the server, What is NutScript? What is NutScript? NutScript is a framework. If you are not familiar to what a framework is, for role-play it pretty much defines core functions to role-play. For example: inventory, characters,...

5th October 2014
by Pastor_Necro Go to last post
3 719

[NRG]Deathrun Server|PointShop|FastDL|BetaV1

Hey guys i just started up my Deathrun server and i am here to share with you guys server is still in beta i need peeps to help me for a test run. therefore i am here to request for helper :) Anyone can be my volunteer. Just need to fix everything...

1st October 2014
by xxiaodidi Go to last post
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The Iron Order - Minecraft Faction RP Server This thread has images

After playing various of faction servers in Minecraft I was amazed by the effort put behind some of the factions and work of people. However, most of these servers died of quietly or went down sooner or later. Me and a friend decided to host our own...

30th September 2014
by Blazyd Go to last post
37 2,841