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This isn't the place for Help & Support threads or Server advertising threads. YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DO.

Help and Support forum is here: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/16 Server advertising is forbidden as well. Thanks :) :eng101:

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Shit that gets you mad in Gmod ( 2 3 4 5 .. 79 80 81 82 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is mainly to get off your chest what you find most annoying in garry's mod, no matter of gamemode. I'll begin: I hate the fact that in TTT, when i'm a Traitor, an innocent gets shot by another person and then i get accused for that. Now it's...

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Divran's E2 Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 19 20 21 22 Last ) This thread has images

Remake My old E2 thread called "I'll make E2s for you guys!" was removed (Due to some sort of bug. Wasn't a moderator), so I decided to make a new one. A minute for lost E2s Let's all take a minute for all the 8 pages full of awesome E2s that were...

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ACF General Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 45 46 47 48 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is for posting of ACF beta content, and general ACF chat. Problems? Ideas? Gripes? Put 'em here. Kafouille's been gone, and he's the only one who can update the svn- so this thread will be used to post ACF releases that...

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Creating gmod Player Models This thread has images

I have been trying to make a player model for garrys mod and have gotten to a point where i need some help understanding where to go next. I have created the model and exported it form blender with the bones and stuff in a smd file. I have compiled the...

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Why is GMODS potential being limited? ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

I have always sorta pondered about this. Gmod is like one of the few games where you literally can let your own imagination take the form of a game. Anything you basically want at the tips of your fingers yet we stick with the same stuff everyday. I sorta...

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Garry's Mod Known Bugs and Glitches Thread ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Garry's Mod Known Bugs and Glitches Thread This is about all the information of Garry's Mod's known bugs, glitches, and broken mods and maps cause by updates or something else. Post some bugs that you think others might have. :siren: :siren: THIS IS...

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Making scripts for people for any gamemode ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

I just got through a bunch of stupid school shit, and life is dumb so I am going to be coding some shit to get my mind of things, also, I wouldn't mind filling my workshop with some shit (I'll also release Direct DL links) So, anyone got any requests? No...

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The End of CoderHire ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Well, as many of you may already know; CoderHire is closing down. (http://coderhire.com/forums/thread/1399/coderhire-closing-down/1) So, I thought I'd make a page so we can discuss how much we love/hated it. Personally, I think it was an amazing...

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Lua scripting
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Free Darkrp Coder

Hello, I was looking for a DarkRp server that would need some help getting there server up and running. I am a coder for coder hire too, but I also love to code on my free time. What I can provide: Jobs Death Message Car Dealer F4 Menu Custom...

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Gmod 13 takes up too much ******* processing power. ( 2 Last )

No, I'm not asking for help, I'm simply stating something, so don't ban me. Seriously, what is even up with Gmod 13's CPU usage? I've complained before about how "the loading times are too long" but I can just alt-tab and do other stuff to pass the time...

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Make gmod tool/stool?

How do i make gmod stools or tools?

2 Weeks Ago
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Source 2 GMod? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

To keep this short and simple, could Garry port, or remake, GMod for Source 2, when the time comes upon its full release? Even if I had to rebuy it, I would in a heartbeat. 8+ years of playing Gmod and I haven't slowed down, I would definitely buy it...

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Post your ~funny workshop comment stories (many imgs) ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

So the shit that gets you mad thread got spammed with these and making a new thread for it was brought up. Here are some from my cs scripts

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GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Hate! This thread has images

This thread is for you to post what server(s)/server community(s) you hate and why! Also just feel free to post bad experiences with other servers. Rules: 1. Do not argue as these are peoples opinions based on past experiences that you did NOT...

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JBMod. This is hilarious. This thread has images

I know this is extremely old and stuff, but... I just needed to make an new thread. I just found this thing today. "JBMod" claims Garry's Mod to stole the original idea. Heh, of course, if so, Garry traveled to the future because first Gmod release was in...

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Best Administration Mod? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

I see all of the Admin mods are outdated by a long time. What's the current best one/most popular one/most updated? (For GMod 14.)

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Vortex RP Wars?

I don't know about you guys but I actually like it. People get pissy that it's an rdm gamemode fit into Dark RP but hell it's hilarious and pretty badass at points. Last night... I was actually building a trench line in the streets and two teams used them...

5 Days Ago
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Why do so many servers use M9K weapons? ( 2 Last )

Okay, so I understand it has some "cool" features like penetration and ricochet (ricochet isn't even networked properly.) but it's known to cause issues when your ping is above 100, and since a lot of European servers use these weapons and I am an...

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What's your top 5 favorite gamemodes? ( 2 Last )

What is your top 5 favorite garrys mod gamemodes? Ill start 1. The Purge 2. Darkrp 3.F2S: Stronghold 4. Zombie Survival 5.Sandbox (Specifically DM Sandbox servers)

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Coderhire getting shutdown - Now where do we download DarkRP content? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Codehire is getting shutdown soon, and I may be getting a darkrp server. So where else could I get DARKRP content?? I checked the workshop, couldnt find much :(

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Auto Server 1.2 ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Auto Server 1.2 What is Auto Server 1.2? -Auto Server 1.2 is a software designed for the use of server management and installation. Basically its a tool for people who are noobs at creating gameservers. It has been finished but is still being...

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Oculus Rift support?

Hi I recieved my development kit the other day and I would LOVE to try Garry's Mod with the Oculus Rift, does Garry know about the Oculus Rift and will he add support for it?

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Soccer This thread has images

Soccer - Development (You can still play it but I'm working on to add ball effects and that to it) Soccer - Gamemode Back in Counter-strike 1.6 there was an soccer gamemode so I thought to make one for gmod that everyone could enjoy with the same power...

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Stolen code

Solved, robotboy took it down

2 Weeks Ago
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Hi i need help these people aka admins are ya know abusing admin abilities help!

hi im on a server and also note requesting back on adding garry as a friend on steam but not the point theres this server were im getting admin abused even though I only rdmed a couple times so please help garry in proving them wrong and teach them a...

3 Weeks Ago
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How to prevent Hackers? Best Security?

So pretty much. In the last month that I have had an NFO vds, I have been DoS'd 4 times, RCON Hacked 2 times, and Banned by hackers once. The security is absolute shit. Im pretty sick of it. I am using NFO, everytime I get attacked I usually: Copy The...

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Money saving and trustworthy Dedicated Server hosting? This thread has images

I am posting this on behalf of a friend. Hey guys, So my friend wants to start a fun server to mess around on and play with some IRL mates. He wants a dedicated server, which provides access to a windows desktop. This is so that he can do some...

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anyone who has a server, want to help me with a darkRP project

We can both be owners, i was looking to reboot stargateRP ive got some shipments and addons being made leave comment if you can host or be kind and give a server. Oh yea thanks in advance this would help alot.

1 Week Ago
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Wave of Teamviewer hackers mostly in this forum.

Stupid idiots are using VPN's and Proxy browsing with separate accounts and creating threads like "HALP, NNEDS ADMIN, JOIN MY TEAMVIEWR!!!" These threads are the ones that needs to be removed and get the user banned for. Team view (if you didn't know)...

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GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Love! This thread has images

Since there is a 'GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Hate!' thread, I thought we may as well have one for servers that you like a lot. Would be cool if you explained some concrete reasons for why you like the server you post. It would also be nice if you...

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I need help getting back into Garrysmod

A few years back when Gmod 13 launched, none of my computers could play it, so I just torrented an old version and played it. I eventually bought a new computer and upgraded the utter shit out of it. I haven't found any servers on hamachi for quite a...

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What is a gamemode you would want to see on garrysmod that isn't already there? This thread has images

I've seen gamemodes come and go. I know the likely-hood of anything sticking like TTT or DarkRP is slim-to-none, but i want to know because i'm about to have some free time and am looking to develop something that people would generally enjoy playing. ...

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Alternative to Donator/VIP

I was eating some apple pie when I thought about that. I think everyone is aware of the need for many servers to run a donor / donation rewarding system so that the owner can pay for the server when in most cases they don't have the paychecks to do so....

4 Weeks Ago
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How to do PAC3 on vehicles (Changing rims, tires, adding props, etc)

If you were wondering how to do PAC3 on cars, your kind of late, but not too late. People are still doing it, and the community is getting bigger. More people are learning how to do it. Now its your turn, you want to get involved, but don't know where to...

6 Days Ago
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co owning a server!

i want to make a server with some one, i have the server and the datea, but i don't have good intrnet soo, i want some one to host a gmod server, i can do all the rest but i ask that you have teamviewer so i can get the server on your computer, and i ask...

3 Weeks Ago
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The fail coder (A must watch video)

So I tried to code something huge for my server, huge meaning a big project with lots of code. and well this happened...

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fire trucks This thread has images

i was wondering if someone would convert something from gta iv to garrysmod this file:///C:/Users/rac1/Desktop/GTAIV%202013-05-03%2009-19-18-02.jpg and this file:///C:/Users/rac1/Desktop/GTAIV%202011-03-18%2015-46-06-27.png if...

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HL2 themed DarkRP Server

Weren't it cool if somebody could make such a server, because i never saw an english one?

2 Weeks Ago
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Facepunch Did This! This thread has images

So the gloriously awesome people of Facepunch acknowledged my recent Garry's Mod pose from two weeks ago, which you might have caught in the Screenshots, Movies, Saves and Dupes section and decided to print out several hard copies, hang a canvas in their...

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Want to partner up servers?

I'm getting tired of hosting and managing a sever by myself and it being a 20 person server with a main website and a forum ready I want to expand my reach by "partnering" up with someone. To be eligible you have to have your own server that is equipped...

2 Days Ago
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