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This isn't the place for Help & Support threads or Server advertising threads. YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DO.

Help and Support forum is here: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/16 Server advertising is forbidden as well. Thanks :) :eng101:

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26th February 2012
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Shit that gets you mad in Gmod ( 2 3 4 5 .. 53 54 55 56 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is mainly to get off your chest what you find most annoying in garry's mod, no matter of gamemode. I'll begin: I hate the fact that in TTT, when i'm a Traitor, an innocent gets shot by another person and then i get accused for that. Now it's...

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12 Hours Ago
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ACF General Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 35 36 37 38 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is for posting of ACF beta content, and general ACF chat. Problems? Ideas? Gripes? Put 'em here. Kafouille's been gone, and he's the only one who can update the svn- so this thread will be used to post ACF releases that...

Kickasskyle 2 reading
2 Hours Ago
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Divran's E2 Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 19 20 21 22 Last ) This thread has images

Remake My old E2 thread called "I'll make E2s for you guys!" was removed (Due to some sort of bug. Wasn't a moderator), so I decided to make a new one. A minute for lost E2s Let's all take a minute for all the 8 pages full of awesome E2s that were...

Divran 2 reading
3 Weeks Ago
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Free Gameservers v2: 100% more free! ( 2 3 4 5 .. 16 17 18 19 Last ) This thread has images

MK1: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1178173 I'm offering game servers to people who are serious about starting a community or maintaining a community if they can no longer afford their own server at no cost. The "catch" is that you need to...

1 Week Ago
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Possible lua virus exploit found *cough* ( 2 3 4 5 .. 15 16 17 18 Last ) This thread has images

10 minutes a ago friend contacted me about his steam being spammed with messages like "fix it vinh" to all of his steam friends after joining a server. (here's the chatlog http://puu.sh/8ej4h.txt) When bringing it up to Dingusnin he told me that there...

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15 Hours Ago
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HL2RP Discussion ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last ) This thread has images

So yeah. post your thoughts, opinions, etc. I pretty much made this so people don't keep going off-topic in a certain thread.

2 Weeks Ago
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Most stupid reason you got banned from a Gmod server V2: Coughing at someone is RDM Edition ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

Seeing as the last thread got locked and nobody's made a new one yet, I figured I might as well reset the ball rolling. So what stupid reasons have you been banned from gmod servers? I was once banned from a server that was using flatgrass because I...

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17 Hours Ago
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The Fuck Hellzone Manifesto. ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

I used to be a big time fan of Hellzone gaming. Hellzone gaming is supposedly one of the oldest gaming communities in the world, according to their owner Mark Clark, Who is supposedly the owner the of a myspace advertising company, http://www.maxadds.com....

5 Days Ago
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RANT and BITCH about the GMod Community ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Got something you want to rant or bitch about regarding the GMod Community? Feel free to post. Note: If it's specific to one part of the community ie. Building Community, Roleplaying Community, or Social Community. Please put tags like , , . ...

1 Week Ago
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Scammed By Roqj ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Got scammed by the creator of rp_downtown_v4c. This is not a cry post, just do not trust him for future people. After I traded him he blocked me.

4 Days Ago
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Can i buy GMod 11> ( 2 Last )

Hay, i have Garry's Mod 13 but i want Garry's Mod 11. Where i can buy it (Steam or Allegro)?

2 Weeks Ago
by PizzaDoxy Go to last post
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Garry's Mod is Amazing This thread has images

Well, I'm sitting at my steam menu, thinking about Garry's Mod while I'm booting it up, and I just think to myself. "Garry's Mod is just f*cking amazing." It's not just the Source Engine, or having fun in multiplayer on the dozens upon dozens of...

4 Days Ago
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Need a good Garry's Mod server host

Hey guys, im looking for a good but CHEAP gmod host, I Used to be hosted by www.nitrous-networks.co.uk But they stopped hosting gmod yesterday. www.elpishost.com looks good, but the prices are no way as good as nitrousnetworks. I was looking...

3 Weeks Ago
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Server uses different class tables?????

My server has been kick people for: (Server uses different class tables) Note: Only stared after Gmod Update I am not in the Gmod Beta thing I have updated my server Thanks in advance for any help!

2 Weeks Ago
by SakuZon Go to last post
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!!! Marks infront of servers

Has anyone noticed the exclamation marks infront of server names lately? I have no clue what it's related to, anybody else have ideas?

2 Days Ago
by byyzero Go to last post
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DarkRP coder

Hello, I am looking to code for someones DarkRP server here is my price list: Full Setup = $50 Hour coding = $20 Job = $1 Shipment = 50 cents If shipments are wanted A-Z = $ 1 Doorgroup = 50 cents If doorgroup wanted A-Z = $1 Printers = $5

3 Days Ago
by Pie's Go to last post
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Singleplayer doesnt work.

I try to load up just about any map in SP and it loads, but when the loading bar becomes full, it just crashes GMod.

1 Week Ago
by RandomPerson15 Go to last post
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GMCHosting vs Nitrous Networks

Hello people! I want to switch host so I would like a bit of input. Some details to consider are that I live on the East Coast of the U.S. and I am looking to host TTT and am tied between these two hosts (I am switching from ElpisHost btw): GMC Hosting -...

2 Weeks Ago
by Gamz365 Go to last post
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Hackers on Gmod This thread has images

Hi, I have a server with a custom gamemode on it coded by my friend, since 2 days ago we have got people coming on and banning people (These people are not Admins) They don't appear to be on the server but are banning everyone including me! Please...

6 Days Ago
by BFG9000 Go to last post
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Server Hosting Discussion - Have your say This thread has images

Been around for a while, looking for a reputable company that doesn't have a "we'll take your money, and hope nothing goes wrong, because if it does, you're on your own" attitude. Does anyone actually know of a damned good reputable company that isn't...

5 Hours Ago
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The new update sucks.

Really? Removing Father Grigori from the animal list? Fuck you.

2 Weeks Ago
by DarkShadow6 Go to last post
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DarkRP Server Suggestions

Hi,I just created a facepunch account so i can get help on what i should add on my dark rp server,Any suggestions is accepted. I have a Jobs _______ 2 Faction Gangs,(Deadly Red,Iron Fist)(Try to give me a better name than deadly red) Batman For...

2 Weeks Ago
by JoeSkylynx Go to last post
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SRCDS multi-core / thread support

Hey, I just have been googling a bit and I'm still wondering if it's possible to boost your Garry's Mod server's performance in any way. I used to own quite a lot of servers, running 1 server per core on a 8-core CPU, though, some servers need more...

3 Weeks Ago
by Pantho Go to last post
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TTT auto give HP , weapon , armory for admins , vip etc

I need a plugin in which for vip , admin etc issued Weapon , ser more hp and give armory

11 Hours Ago
by meharryp Go to last post
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Dark RP client crash

Hello, I have been experiencing a very odd issue on my server lately. To begin, the server will be full, no issues, playing just fine. All of a sudden it is down to 6 players and checking the console 10-15 players left at once. Very weird, asking them...

2 Weeks Ago
by [LOA] SonofBrim Go to last post
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DarkRp Server Shit

Hello Facepunch. You may remember me making posts in the past looking for DarkRp servers. I am here once more with a different goal in mind. I desire a community. I need friends I can have fun with and just roleplay with. The last person who contacted me...

4 Days Ago
by YourStalker Go to last post
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What is the TF2 Ghost NPC?

Recently, I was playing Garry's Mod, but I found a tab named TF2. Out of curiosity, I clicked it and spawned the NPC from it. It's just Mossman, sitting down and standing up, until you kill it. Strange. Has anyone else seen it?

1 Week Ago
by Gmodplayer11 Go to last post
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What the fuck, I just lost all of my GMod addons

This happened after I downloaded Steam and logged in on a different computer, not sure if it's related but it probably is. So I had to re-download ALL of my Steam games onto this computer (the orignial one, different one to the above mentioned), which...

3 Weeks Ago
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Third Circuit Community - Looking for a server manager

NOTE: This is not a paid position. I will not hiring anyone to do this, it's more of a voluntary thing. I am looking for someone who is capable of creating a DarkRP server and be able to maintain and modify it to my desire. This is not a paid...

3 Weeks Ago
by .dos Go to last post
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After a Lot of Hard work, comes the question...

So, I've put a lot of work into building a server for DarkRP that is a bit different then most, I've been to. I'm going to say I've done everything I can to make it unique, and full of new ideas and the right spunk, but that of course has yet to be...

1 Week Ago
by Darkhatter Go to last post
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Server addons don't load?

I can't post console logs right now, but basically my server won't load any of the addons in the addons directory. I've looked at the addon.txt and the Lua, and it all looks fine. IIRC, my server does post in the logs that it has loaded the addons, but...

2 Days Ago
by Steeze Go to last post
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Post Update - Now when I compile maps, they compile with Dysfunctional Lighting!!

All of my maps, even previously compiled ones, are now compiling with the lighting messed up. Everything is fullbright, despite how much I change mat_fullbright 0/1. I can load previous maps fine, any map that was compiled pre-patch works perfectly....

8 Hours Ago
by ZeroPAiN Go to last post
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DarkRP Bank Robbery Lua Error This thread has images

Hey so i recently got the addon DarkRP Bank Robbery from coderhire and every time I use it by clicking E it gives me this lua error addons/darkrp bank robbery system/lua/bank_server.lua:113: attempt to call method 'Notify' (a nil value) 1....

1 Week Ago
by PizzaDoxy Go to last post
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Ghosting and what you do about it? TTT

So recently the most annoying thing i encountered on a server is that people ghost in numbers of 2 to 5 players. Anyways what they do is tell their friends who the traitors are and my question is how you deal with it? I usually just ban the guys for 2...

6 Days Ago
by Jtom2k Go to last post
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Good plugins to have on a TTT server?

I was wondering what are some good/recommended plugins to use on a TTT gmod server.

3 Weeks Ago
by Aeternal Go to last post
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Old Dogfight, did anyone get around to port it? This thread has images

Well if there is ANY gamemode that deserve to be portet it should be this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t3RR4I1eZk I will see if i can find the files for it and then i will upload it here if anyone is intrested in having a look at it.

4 Weeks Ago
by kila58 Go to last post
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European and US server list completely screwed

I made a thread about this before but it was in H&S so it was buried pretty quickly. There is a big problem affecting many servers right now. I'm not sure what triggers it. Basically, there is a 90% chance that if you host in the US/Canada then Euro...

1 Week Ago
by Teddi Orange Go to last post
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Xenon Servers or Elpis Host? This thread has images

I currently have a 50 slot server with Xenon Servers and have been looking into other server providers. Xenon Servers is great and all but i have had a few problems with lag and high pings with them. I have heard so many great things about Elpis Host and...

59 Minutes Ago
by nettsam Go to last post
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anyone generous ?

would anyone be generous enough to give me a copy of Garry's Mod? i know its only $9.99 which is cheap for such a good game. but i just cant afford it, been trying to gain money on steam for a while now to be able to buy the game but haven't had much...

2 Weeks Ago
by YourStalker Go to last post
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How to get your addons back

Hello viewers! I decided that we all had issues with addons, so I made a 2 part video collection that will help you get your addons back! Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUHfVmDIlbA Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-yI90HgAYY ...

3 Weeks Ago
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