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This isn't the place for Help & Support threads or Server advertising threads. YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DO.

Help and Support forum is here: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/16 Server advertising is forbidden as well. Thanks :) :eng101:

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6 Days Ago
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Shit that gets you mad in Gmod ( 2 3 4 5 .. 79 80 81 82 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is mainly to get off your chest what you find most annoying in garry's mod, no matter of gamemode. I'll begin: I hate the fact that in TTT, when i'm a Traitor, an innocent gets shot by another person and then i get accused for that. Now it's...

DatGman • 2 reading
19 Minutes Ago
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M9K Weapon Issue [LUA Error when fired]

I have added M9K Weapons to my DarkRP server. I have ensured all files are on but when I shoot the weapons I get this error: ERROR] addons/m9k assault rifles/lua/weapons/bobs_gun_base/shared.lua:206: attempt to call method 'CanPrimaryAttack' (a nil...

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1 Hour Ago
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TTT remove slaynext round

Hey, I have slayed a friend as a joke for 3000 rounds and i dont know how can i remove it? Please help... :'(

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JBMod. This is hilarious. This thread has images

I know this is extremely old and stuff, but... I just needed to make an new thread. I just found this thing today. "JBMod" claims Garry's Mod to stole the original idea. Heh, of course, if so, Garry traveled to the future because first Gmod release was in...

RogueEsp • 1 reading
3 Hours Ago
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Money saving and trustworthy Dedicated Server hosting? This thread has images

I am posting this on behalf of a friend. Hey guys, So my friend wants to start a fun server to mess around on and play with some IRL mates. He wants a dedicated server, which provides access to a windows desktop. This is so that he can do some...

3 Hours Ago
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Gmod Nostalgia

Post up your fondest memories of Gmod, Met an amazing player base that had ups and downs, funniest memory is Mass Car DM when I had my Lambo yelling, ''MONSTER CAR GOES OMNOMNOM,'' down the strip of Evocity.

Right Meow! • 1 reading
4 Hours Ago
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Gmod Server Lag

Could of sworn I was in the area http://www.facepunch.com/forums/16 . PLEASE DONT BAN ME <3 Alright, So I have been attempting to make a gmod linux server for deathrun and when switching to certain maps ruberbanding and lag makes it almost impossible...

itzaname • 1 reading
4 Hours Ago
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GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Love! This thread has images

Since there is a 'GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Hate!' thread, I thought we may as well have one for servers that you like a lot. Would be cool if you explained some concrete reasons for why you like the server you post. It would also be nice if you...

5 Hours Ago
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painting cars

is there a way to pain t gmod cars or a tutorial because i need one !!

16 Hours Ago
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Roleplay Themed Police Vehicles

I've been working on police car skins for my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas themed roleplay map. I think they're coming around nicely. I believe only having one police force is too overwhelming, by balancing different duties among the different...

17 Hours Ago
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GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Hate! This thread has images

This thread is for you to post what server(s)/server community(s) you hate and why! Also just feel free to post bad experiences with other servers. Rules: 1. Do not argue as these are peoples opinions based on past experiences that you did NOT...

19 Hours Ago
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Pointshop and playermodels

I added a point shop to my sandbox server but say i want to add the Wildcat player model to the shop but i dont want players to just change their model to it when they spawn. how do i make that model accessible only in point shop?

19 Hours Ago
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question about adding mods to server

Well im using xenon servers atm and im trying to install addons to it. steam wont let me make a collections for some reason so they lead me to filezilla. how do i add my addons to filezilla and show up on my server? sorry if newbish question, first time...

1 Day Ago
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Does anyone know a good vehicle mod that has passenger seats?

What the title says. Passenger mod only works on sandbox, scars have no engine sounds when another player drives one to you from another point in the map and I can't find anything else:(

1 Day Ago
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What is a gamemode you would want to see on garrysmod that isn't already there? This thread has images

I've seen gamemodes come and go. I know the likely-hood of anything sticking like TTT or DarkRP is slim-to-none, but i want to know because i'm about to have some free time and am looking to develop something that people would generally enjoy playing. ...

1 Day Ago
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ACF General Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 45 46 47 48 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is for posting of ACF beta content, and general ACF chat. Problems? Ideas? Gripes? Put 'em here. Kafouille's been gone, and he's the only one who can update the svn- so this thread will be used to post ACF releases that...

Kickasskyle • 1 reading
1 Day Ago
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fire trucks This thread has images

i was wondering if someone would convert something from gta iv to garrysmod this file:///C:/Users/rac1/Desktop/GTAIV%202013-05-03%2009-19-18-02.jpg and this file:///C:/Users/rac1/Desktop/GTAIV%202011-03-18%2015-46-06-27.png if...

2 Days Ago
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TTT Laggs every 10 Seconds This thread has images

Hi guys, I changed my server Gamemode from SandBox to TTT and now, it starts lagging every 10 secs, for about a half second. Screenshot: These are tha addons: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi…s/?id=212155901 + ULIB + ULX And this is the...

2 Days Ago
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Why is GMODS potential being limited? ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

I have always sorta pondered about this. Gmod is like one of the few games where you literally can let your own imagination take the form of a game. Anything you basically want at the tips of your fingers yet we stick with the same stuff everyday. I sorta...

2 Days Ago
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The End of CoderHire ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Well, as many of you may already know; CoderHire is closing down. (http://coderhire.com/forums/thread/1399/coderhire-closing-down/1) So, I thought I'd make a page so we can discuss how much we love/hated it. Personally, I think it was an amazing...

2 Days Ago
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Some more servers to give away.

Some time ago I gave away free Gmod server, now I will do it again only thing you have to do is answer some questions about the servers. how they work etc. (I do not have access to garry's mod anymore)

2 Days Ago
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Want to partner up servers?

I'm getting tired of hosting and managing a sever by myself and it being a 20 person server with a main website and a forum ready I want to expand my reach by "partnering" up with someone. To be eligible you have to have your own server that is equipped...

2 Days Ago
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Creating gmod Player Models This thread has images

I have been trying to make a player model for garrys mod and have gotten to a point where i need some help understanding where to go next. I have created the model and exported it form blender with the bones and stuff in a smd file. I have compiled the...

bran92don • 1 reading
2 Days Ago
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Looking for free great Huds/F4 menus This thread has images

I have started a server up and I still have the basic HUD/F4 menu,was wondering if there are any great HUDs/F4 menus out there. I would love if there was one that showed you your Ammo in your gun. Thanks for reading 😰🔫 Yours sincerely Derek Peanuts

3 Days Ago
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3 Days Ago
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How do you get to the admin sit zone in RP_downtown DarkRP

I was playing DarkRP and I was trying to get to that part of rp downtown where admins talk to people and warn people and I was trying to find a way over there but I couldnt. Im convinced theres a way over there cuz I started throwing props over there and...

3 Days Ago
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Divran's E2 Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 19 20 21 22 Last ) This thread has images

Remake My old E2 thread called "I'll make E2s for you guys!" was removed (Due to some sort of bug. Wasn't a moderator), so I decided to make a new one. A minute for lost E2s Let's all take a minute for all the 8 pages full of awesome E2s that were...

Divran • 1 reading
4 Days Ago
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Best Quality Garry's Mod Server Host

I am going to run clockwork HL2RP and I want to know what the up to date popular server host is.

4 Days Ago
by Gurrazor Go to last post
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a compaint to whoever made this addon/banning system and next genreation roleplay

Hello members of facepunch. I am an avid player of garrys mod. I play almost every day and enjoy it so. I was recently showing my 12 year old sister the game and she was having fun watching me on it. Today was no different and then she decided to go...

serverwatch • 1 reading
4 Days Ago
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C:S Huge Maps This thread has images

Is there a map that is bigger than rp_evocity_v33x And that uses C:S:S And looks a bit like this If you where wondering the map is Arma 2 Yours sincerely Derek Peanuts

5 Days Ago
by Derek Peanuts Go to last post
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Do you think it is a good idea to make gold a major factor in gaining money in rp?

I am nearing the end of my economy system for my rp server but I wasn't for sure if I was taking this to far or not. I was thinking about making players mine for gold and then turn it into the government for paper money in return. This way money...

5 Days Ago
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Vortex RP Wars?

I don't know about you guys but I actually like it. People get pissy that it's an rdm gamemode fit into Dark RP but hell it's hilarious and pretty badass at points. Last night... I was actually building a trench line in the streets and two teams used them...

6 Days Ago
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What do I need to know when buying a Server

1st things 1st, I don't mean like buying a game server from a provider! I want to host my own servers on my own separate tower! I can get one for free... But I need to know what specs I need to run a Garry's mod 40 slot server. The gamemode is...

6 Days Ago
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6 Days Ago
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How to do PAC3 on vehicles (Changing rims, tires, adding props, etc)

If you were wondering how to do PAC3 on cars, your kind of late, but not too late. People are still doing it, and the community is getting bigger. More people are learning how to do it. Now its your turn, you want to get involved, but don't know where to...

6 Days Ago
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Content packs.

Anyone have a download link for a portal content pack (1)

6 Days Ago
by thelurker1234 Go to last post
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Auto Server 1.2 ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Auto Server 1.2 What is Auto Server 1.2? -Auto Server 1.2 is a software designed for the use of server management and installation. Basically its a tool for people who are noobs at creating gameservers. It has been finished but is still being...

1 Week Ago
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How to have maxplayers 10 on listen server?

Well? I don't see any option for custom ones.

1 Week Ago
by vexx21322 Go to last post
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Script: Jail Break 7 by Excl

http://coderhire.com/browse/script/1281/jail-break we bought the Jail Break 7 script from him and it dosent have a map vote in the jail break game so we asked him asked for a map vote he said he would give it for 10 dollars then when we gave him...

1 Week Ago
by kevhod Go to last post
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Coderhire getting shutdown - Now where do we download DarkRP content? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Codehire is getting shutdown soon, and I may be getting a darkrp server. So where else could I get DARKRP content?? I checked the workshop, couldnt find much :(

1 Week Ago
by Kman43759 Go to last post
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