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READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST: the Rust server subforum rules sticky. Make only ONE thread for your server, in English. This thread has images

HEY DON'T FORGET TO READ THE MAIN RUST FORUM RULES HERE IN ADDITION TO THESE SERVER SECTION RULES: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1323628 Hi! Since the concept of being patient and not spamming tons of threads to get attention for your server...

15th January 2014
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New Rust Server by Joepicklebob

Started up a dedicated Rust server that will stay up long past this rust game and into the new one.i Any of the setting can change for the server depending on the players for airdrops or how people feel about a setting which i can work with people to find...

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3 Hours Ago
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Great server, lot's of fun, Very Helpful Admins. JoinNow! The Rust experience is worth experiencing! Press F1 in the game and copy + paste the line below to connect. net.connect

3 Hours Ago
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WORLD WAR III PVP -NEW- 25X Resources! Super Build! Mega Loot! Kits! InstaCraft! MORE!!!

WORLD WAR III - New Server!! net.connect IP You asked for it here you go! We start you off but you have to farm to get the goods to build! We give you access to 25x the resources rust offers and the blue prints to build you base...

5 Hours Ago
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*WIPED 08/17* US West | PvP/SLP | Vanilla | 50% Dura | Airdrops

08/17 US West | PvP/SLP | Vanilla | 50% Dura | Airdrops IP: net.connect ***************** * WIPED AUGUST 17 * ***************** Forums http://suckapunch.boards.net/

5 Hours Ago
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SOTSERVER | ULTIMATE GAMEPLAY | HARDCORE PLAYERS ONLY | Click to Read More ! ( 2 3 4 5 .. 13 14 15 16 Last ) This thread has images


7 Hours Ago
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Great server, lot's of fun, Very Helpful Admins. JoinNow! The Rust experience is worth experiencing! Press F1 in the game and copy + paste the line below to connect. net.connect If you read the post please leave a comment....

8 Hours Ago
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Road to Nowhere Rust Server! A server BY the players FOR the players!

Recently wiped as of 8/16/14 Features: Fun loot drops. (Ie. Slight increase in weapon drops like revolvers and pipe shotties.) Slight difficulty curve. (P250, M4, MP5, and research kits are NOT craftable but have a slightly higher drop rate) 1/2...

11 Hours Ago
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Multiplay :: Adderland 2.0 INSTA TP AD AA Rmve Home NoFa

Adderland 2.0! PvP Features: Active admins, levels & skills, airdrops, remove, no durability, teleport, insta-craft, door share, and economy! Connect now! Visit us at serveradderland.wordpress.com

12 Hours Ago
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8/20 No-Hackers-ActiveAdmins-Sleepers-PVP-Wipes

Hey guys Godliike here, after coming back to rust from a break me and my friend wanted to start another server up this server is one of the few you will see active admins and no hackers what-so-ever. So at the moment we are trying to build a community....

12 Hours Ago
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Civil Realms Rust | PvP & Raiding | Noob Friendly |No Craft C4 | No Sleepers | No Wipe | Starter Kit | Remove

Civil Realms is a brand new rust server that offers great gameplay customization to improve the overall gameplay. Ranging from plugins that allow you to teleport to your friends to plugins that make raiding better by not allowing c4 crafting. Some of...

13 Hours Ago
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Server Owners ( 2 3 4 5 .. 15 16 17 18 Last ) This thread has images

Hey Server Owners. This thread is for you. https://docs.google.com/a/facepunchstudios.com/document/d/12WG0Tmws0T_00w9bakjfy39mr3ASxOQRtATt2KWFSi8/edit# Please keep any requests or problems in this thread, and we'll try to work with you to make...

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Mid-West Server PVP|TP|InstaCraft| Kits (C4/M4) l Econ |Sleepers l PVP l Raiding l Airdrop 3+

Welcome to US-Midwest PVP Server. We are the original US-Midwest server! we have active admins that play the game with strict rules. You can visit the clan website to see the rules for players and the rules for admins. We CATCH and ban all hackers...

16 Hours Ago
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Rusty Panties PVP|TP|InstaCraft| Kits (M4) l Econ |Sleepers l PVP l Raiding l Airdrop 3+

We are Rusty Panties! we have active admins that play the game with strict rules We have some of the best mods in the rust gaming community! Come check our panties!!! No Dura, No fall Damage, no Decay, Airdrops, TP, Warps, POS, Remove tool, Bouncing...

16 Hours Ago
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DE/AUT|Jägermeister| wipe comes on 23.08. 18 o'clock | Experienced and active admins (over 900h Rust)| Everyday Events | MYRUST.DE This thread has images

Hey Rust Community! We Introduce ourselves and our Server Jägermeister DE/AUT here, I hope we can comply with your expectations. We organize many events Are you interested? Then go to our official Thread on Myrust for more Informations The...

16 Hours Ago
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Tits Ass and Guns ~InstaCraft/Essentials/MatureAdmins/PVP/Kits/AndMore

Fresh 8/19/2014 net.connect Welcome Everyone, Come check out US East it is a server I have been playing on for a while now and I have not seen it posted here so I thought I would, Active Admins Door Sharing

17 Hours Ago
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19 Hours Ago
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New ip server is back up net.connect ALLSTARS.EU Admins HO-LEE-CHITT 1088 hours PlaY1DaY 711 hours

1 Day Ago
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EPIC US PVP SERVER :: AdultAdmin/PVP/AD@15/Remove/FPS/Raffle/NoAdminAbuse/Arena

Tired off servers hosted by inexperienced admin that don't do their job? So were we, so we started another server. Owner, Admins, and Mods are all previous server owners that are dedicated to making sure the server runs as smoothly and hacker free as...

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1 Day Ago
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AU/NZ RUSTED GAMING Rust Server!!!|Active Admins and a recent wipe :)|Server Teamspeak!!! This thread has images

Hey guys im looking for players to join my server :) The server has 4 great admins and we have zero tolerance for hackers. As Admins we like to get to know our players and see how we can further improve the server so we are VERY welcoming toward...

1 Day Ago
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Valhalla Rust /Insta/Resources+/Essentials/TPA/Rewards Fresh Wipe [8/20]

Devious Gamez IP: net.connect playrust.deviousgamez.com:28036 Website: http://rust.deviousgamez.com/ Plugins - Chat Vote, Auto Door Closer, Essentials, Flags, LES Level Exp System, Loot Spawn Lists, Resource Manager, Voting Rewards, Show Damage,...

1 Day Ago
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8-8|VANILLA ICE US|AIR@20|TOP100|NoHack|NoGrf|ActiveAdmns

Currently Rank 69 on game tracker. Help get us to top 10! Battle Field US ( top 10 battle field server) has went vanilla. We were tired of all the battlefield servers that exist now. We are semi low population, and need some people to come play for a...

1 Day Ago
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[KG]Killateral Gaming|home|remove|tp|xp|kits|Active admins| This thread has images

Hello, we are called Killateral Gaming and we now have a server up and running! We are a friendly/relaxed community who has a 0 tolerance for hackers and exploiters! Admins have a set amount of tools to catch and ban hackers and exploiters who fail to...

1 Day Ago
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WIPED 8/17 US-Midwest PVE/PVP- PVE(weekdays)-PVP(Weekends) | NoDura|NoDecay|Sleepers|InsCraft|NoFall Dam|DoorShare|StartKits(m4/Supply Signal)|Airdrops 2+|Remove|Active Admins

Welcome to US-Midwest PVE Server. net.connect NOW PVE on Weekdays(Mon-Fri) and by popular demand PVP on Weekends (Sat-Sun). NO Decay! No durability! Kits with awesome stuff! We are the original US-Midwest server! we have...

1 Day Ago
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pc games

Newly opened European server, looking for survivalist!

Just opened a Rust server! If you guys are interested it's a Vanilla server with some Oxide plugins to make it better. There are active admins, friendly and english speaking ones. There will be no admin abuse, everyone gets the same treatment. ...

1 Day Ago
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[EU] Welcome Home | PvP, Custom drops, Commands, 10+ hour VIPs, IP blacklist, Chocolate enhanced ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Welcome home! This server created by bloodisgood.org, a gaming community with over a decade of hosting experience, is unlike any others. If you are interested in a unique interpretation of Vanilla Rust we'd like to invite you to join our server. No mods...

1 Day Ago
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Wiped 8/18 Rusty Rocket | No Lag | Noob Friendly | Teleport Request | /Remove | No Dura | Airdrops 15+

http://playrustyrocket.weebly.com/ Helpful Community Dedicated Chicago based server runs 24 hours a day Website and mumble, No starter kits /Remove and /tpa are enabled for beginners No durability and Half Nights Server admins only regulate the...

2 Days Ago
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Wiped 8/20 12:00 pm NoDura/ActiveAdmins/NoHackersTolerated

Join this freshly wiped server and bring your friends! Hacker are not tolerated at ALL. All cases will be looked into immediately. Durability is turned off. No airdrops for first 24 hours! Net.connect Join us in team speak! -...

2 Days Ago
by Ivan M. Go to last post
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Wonderful World of Rust | No Dura | PvP | Airdrops | NO LAG ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

To join press F1 in-game and type: net.connect survival.wwofr.com:28035 Website http://wwofr.com Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wwofr

2 Days Ago
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New| Half craft | starter kits | no dura | drops | remover | Active admins |

Hi and welcome, this is a new server created 8/19, so lots of opportunity for you all to join and start gathering and having fun with some friends. As title says most of it, half craft, starter kits, no dura, drops, remover and a few more. Also open...

2 Days Ago
by kzcriminal Go to last post
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OTG:Chicago/Magma/Active Admins/AntiHack/StarterKit/AirDrop/NoDura/Clans

Hello I would like to announce that OTG is a new rust server set up 8/12/2014. If you are looking for a friendly server with admins that do not abuse this is the place! Are you tired of hackers and glitchers ruining the game? Well we have custom coded a...

2 Days Ago
by Keal Go to last post
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NEW!!!! 8/19 | Half-Craft | Kit | NoDura | Airdrops | Remover | DoorShare | Admins | ArrowRecov | Sleep | PVP

Press F1 to open console and copy paste this IP address. net.connect 8/19 Vanilla | NoDura | Admins | Airdrops | Sleepers | PVP A new server with admins who have experience with catching and banning all hackers and...

2 Days Ago
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(EU) | Wiped 19/08 | Vanilla | No Durability | Active Admins | Events | Airdrops |

Hello all, this server is based in UK, London. It has very good ping and always active admins, the admins are currently working on adding events such as wars or base wars to make this server unique! So join now!!!!!!!!!! (This server is brand new and...

2 Days Ago
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FREE WEED! Fresh Wipe 8/17 - Active Admins/Kits/Airdrops/No Dura/No grief/No abuse

POTHEAD'S RUST SERVER Great server, lot's of fun, Very Helpful Admins. Press F1 in the game and copy + paste the line below to connect. net.connect Or look for us under the name:

2 Days Ago
by WeAreSOLST1CE Go to last post
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Rustland.eu - Active admins, no hackers, sleepers, airdrop, pvp, vanilla, started 19.8.14

Hello guys, Want to invitie you to our new Rust server, which started just today! More info here http://rustland.eu/ Hope to see you online soon!

2 Days Ago
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[NL][ENG] Dutch Republic >Sleepers<>Airdrops +5<>PVP<>ActiveAdmins>Instacraft< This thread has images

Hello and welcome by DutchRepublic IP: net.connect copy and paste this in your console by pressing f1 ATTENTION The first 5 players wil get the follow things! 1.A full metal house. 2.Hatchet. 3.A shotgun with 20 shotgunshells

2 Days Ago
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16.08 New MVP | Most Valuable Players | No Durability-TP-Remove-Kit-Group

Özellikleri – Türkçe; ☢ MVP Rust Server ☢ IP : net.connect –Özellikler– C4 verdiği hasar bir süreliğine kapalı

2 Days Ago
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Brand new server, just started up 2 days ago looking for people to come join the fun, we have 4 very experienced and active admins to help with all your needs! To come play with us Press F1 type this in the console Net.connect ...

2 Days Ago
by TMHreaper Go to last post
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Rustafied - Experimental - Friendly Rust Gaming

Hey All, We recently launched our first experimental server for people to come and play around in. I’m in there to help answer any questions and will update the server code as quick as possible when updates come out. The server is hosted out of...

3 Days Ago
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EU T-Rust Wipe 16/8 Group.Airdrop.Tp.Kit.InstaCraft.NoDura.Rem

T-Rust Server Press F1 ingame and type in : net.connect Then press enter VOTE HERE : http://toprustservers.com/server/14278 Reward : 50 of each ores, 50 planks + a Revolver and ammo! Wiped 16/8 TODAY - Join up and...

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3 Days Ago
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New Server! - AnarKy US (Heavily Modded, Oxide, PvP, TP, 1/2 Craft, Much More) This thread has images

net.connect Full PvP action! Easy to get guns, ammo and armor. Custom loot. Increased resource gathering (wood, ore, etc.). Active admins. Unique Justice System. Tons of mods: Oxide, TP, Set Home 1|2, Remove, Groups, Base...

3 Days Ago
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