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READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST: the Rust server subforum rules sticky. Make only ONE thread for your server, in English. This thread has images

HEY DON'T FORGET TO READ THE MAIN RUST FORUM RULES HERE IN ADDITION TO THESE SERVER SECTION RULES: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1323628 Hi! Since the concept of being patient and not spamming tons of threads to get attention for your server...

15th January 2014
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US Central NEW Server Admins DDOSSING Other populated Servers. ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Hi All, Just here to expose a current server that is going around Ddossing other populated servers, to keep their servers at full pop. Server: US Central NEW 7/25 6PM Vanilla|ActiveAdmins|Sleepers|NoDura|An.... IP: net.connect

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Rusty Sausage Boys fresh server, no bullsh*t This thread has images

-Active adult admins -2 players for airdrops, so bring a friend! -Friendly, but PvP is allowed -low ping, hosted on east coast -Fall damage now enabled -instacraft -no dura -featuring Oxide more to come, as this is a brand new server. Just...

2 Hours Ago
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[EU] Welcome Home | PvP, Custom drops, Commands, 10+ hour VIPs, IP blacklist, Chocolate enhanced ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Welcome home! This server created by bloodisgood.org, a gaming community with over a decade of hosting experience, is unlike any others. If you are interested in a unique interpretation of Vanilla Rust we'd like to invite you to join our server. No mods...

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[US West] Dedicated\PVP\Sleepers\Newb Friendly\No-Grief\Active Admins ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

WIPED 7/19 net.connect Hey Everyone! We're running a 75 slot server on the west coast and we have a good amount of fun :) -Only thing modded is reduced durability -Good balance of nice folks and assholes -About 30-40 people...

4 Hours Ago
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FFG Rust | Active Admins | Location | No Dura/Decay | No Sleepers | No C4 Loot | Kits | And More |

Please check our forums at http://ffg-game-servers.proboards.com for full information on this, and other servers offered by the FFG Community! Server Name(In Master List) : FFG Rust ACTIVE ADMINS WIPED 7/19 OXIDE AND MORE Server I.P. :...

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Server Owners ( 2 3 4 5 .. 15 16 17 18 Last ) This thread has images

Hey Server Owners. This thread is for you. https://docs.google.com/a/facepunchstudios.com/document/d/12WG0Tmws0T_00w9bakjfy39mr3ASxOQRtATt2KWFSi8/edit# Please keep any requests or problems in this thread, and we'll try to work with you to make...

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Hello all Rust players, I have great pleasure to invite you on the European new server. We starting today at 19:00 (GMT+2). Press F1 to open console, and type: net.connect This server is designed for people who respect the...

8 Hours Ago
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US pvp, home,tpa,groups,econ,no decay/dura/fall, remove,kits,sleepers,voter,share This thread has images

New server, fresh map. Join today and get a jump start! net.connect Join Our steam group for updates! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Tylersrustserver Rules: - No hackers (No cheating, glitching, exploiting) - Respect admins -...

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HC Surv / LES / Econ / New Friendly

One of my favorite servers previously was a hardcore survival one, so I have done what I can to reproduce it. Currently Running Mods: ● HC Surv (Custom) - You start with only being able to craft 2 things, you must kill things to get a low chance at...

15 Hours Ago
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BreakingBad PVP/PVE Wipe7/27 AntiCheat/Econ/0Craft/0Dura/Remove

net.connect MAP OF OUR SERVER http://rustbreakingbad.com/WIPE7-27.jpg Hello and welcome to Rust Breaking Bad Server. Are you tired of the lack of a well maintained griefing server full of chat spam. Get ready for a unique and...

16 Hours Ago
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Astro's Rusty Island

This is a post in reply to the following threads that I am unable to post to: http://lab.facepunch.com/thread/1413098/post/45525771/ Related threads: http://lab.facepunch.com/thread/1412918/post/45519593/...

17 Hours Ago
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Wiped 7/21 NoobFriendly PvP/Sleepers/Airdrops/Admins/Vanilla

Population: Prime time 8pm est. Anywhere from 10-25 players. Looking to have a constant 15+ on server Pvp Air drops are moderate depending on admins being online No admin abuse Server has little clutter Trying to build the population so there are...

18 Hours Ago
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Mid-West Server PVP|TP|InstaCraft| Kits (C4/M4) l Econ |Sleepers l PVP l Raiding l Airdrop 3+

Come play if you good enough! CLAIM YOU GROUND! We will have events when we get enough players and winners will get starbucks $10.00 gift cards! IP ADDED item recover for first 3 deaths! Added Clansite to explain all mods...

19 Hours Ago
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[US] Rustafied - 7/21 Fresh Wipe, PvE/PvP, Low C4/Mili, Friendly, Instacraft, Airdrops

net.connect Server Rules: - PvP Pants - If you are wearing pants, PvP. No pants players are PvE. - Rad Zones are PvP - regardless of pants, if theres rads clicking, it is PvP. - No abusing pants rule. This includes: putting...

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[7/28/14] [UK/EU/US] Frags Not Lags - Fresh Server Opened @ 22:00 GMT

Server IP: Server features - Airdrops when 25+ players are connected (May lower or increase depending on the player count but no airdrops for the first 24 hrs to keep the playing field fair) - No durability - Sleepers - No Lag...

22 Hours Ago
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Wonderful World of Rust | No Dura | PvP | Airdrops | NO LAG ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

To join press F1 in-game and type: net.connect survival.wwofr.com:28035 Website http://wwofr.com Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wwofr

1 Day Ago
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BLTGaming.com NEW | Insta | Starter | TP | HomeSet | Shop This thread has images

Hello all and welcome. The server is called: BLT Wiped 28/7 5xGather/Insta/P250/Starter/TP/Shop/NoDur/NoDec Press F1 to open the console and enter net.connect to join! Website http://www.bltgaming.com TeamSpeak 3

1 Day Ago
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Gamer's Modern Dynasty Rust Server This thread has images

server name: Gamer's Modern Dynasty | Rust | No Wipes | PVP | Sleepers To connect to the server, press F1 to bring up your console and type net.connect ustx70.playrust.eu:28020 Our server host is PlayRust.EU Features: Wipes: No/Never

1 Day Ago
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Fresh Server 7/26 | Airdrops@10 | No Dura | Hackers Banned Quick | Active Admins | Arena | Vanilla | Clans Welcome!

net.connect Hey everyone! We have just opened this new Rust server today and of course we have some growing to do! The idea of the server is to be a major PVP server and raiding server. Clans are always encouraged because I...

1 Day Ago
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7-22 BRAND NEW/PVP/No Dura/Vanilla/Airdrops/NO WIPES

net.connect No admin abuse Noob friendly PVP/Sleepers No Durability Vanilla Airdrops @ 10 players No wipes EVER We're a very new server looking for new and old (laidback) players to join us. We've had a few people on but...

1 Day Ago
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pc games

Gunslingers 7/24-1pmWipe/PvP/0dura/0crft/XtraLoot/Air/Rmv

net.connect Adult Admins PvP Airdrops Starter Kits No Durability Remove Tool Door Share Zero craft time

monsai • 1 reading
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Server: net.connect located in central USA Plugins: remove sethome share groups tpa stats(keeps track of players with top kills)

1 Day Ago
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PVE Servers??? This thread has images

Any PVE servers out there i can join??

1 Day Ago
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7/26 Land Of Rust |Fresh Wipe|PVP|No Dura|Sleepers|INSTACRAFT|AD@20

7/26 Land Of Rust |Fresh Wipe|PVP|No Dura|Sleepers|INSTACRAFT| Airdrops at 20 What this Server Offers: Active Admins, Cool Mods! PVP Enabled Sleepers Enabled Anti-Cheat Remove Tool! Clans Homes

2 Days Ago
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US EAST|Oxide|Age 18+ Server|PVP|NoDura|No Grief|No Abuse|ActiveAdmins|AntiCheat|Airdrops at 30+ Players This thread has images

Info + Summary: - IP: - Location: Richmond Virginia USA. - 18+ Year old player base - 21+ Year old Admins/Moderators - Mostly Vanilla - NO Durability - Slow Decay - PVP

2 Days Ago
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16.07 UK (Sleepers,Admins,Airdrop,PVP) Have Fun [WIPED NOW]

Start building your base within the community today! net.connect Rules: - No hackers (No cheating, glitching, exploiting) - Obey admin commands - Respect everyone

2 Days Ago
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EU RustLeague|Limited C4|PVP|Remove|0Dur|Start 26/07/14

New fresh server with mature and helpful admins! Located in Sweden. Server started 26/07-2014. net.connect Welcome to EU RustLeague! We strive to have a friendly server that both skilled and new players will enjoy and have fun on!...

2 Days Ago
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[EU/NL]RustLegends Wiped 24-7|Insta|VoteReward|Airdrop@10|Events|AAdmins|NoDur a This thread has images

Welcome to our unique Rust Server named Legends! News!: Server wiped! 24/7/14 The server is located in The Netherlands and is almost 24/7 modded by our Dutch and mature admins: - MobsterNL (Owner) - More to come. Our admins are friendly and...

2 Days Ago
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Wiped 7/23 new server/NoGrief/NoDura

net.connect All players welcome, experienced and new. Active admins with no abuse. No cheating/hacking tolerated. Currently a low pop with much potential. Airdrops upon request with enough participation. Feel free to join us and...

2 Days Ago
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Unique [UK] Friendly/x10Gather/Essentials/MuchMore/HCLoot (26.07)

How to connect : Press F1 when you are in the startscreen of rust, Type net.connect Hello, I'd like to share my freshly started server, where I plan to add even more stuff. When I started this server I though, Why would I...

2 Days Ago
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Wiped 27/07/14 |Active Admins|Remove|Kit|Vote|

| Help | Players | Starter | vote | voted | Crush | Crush Max | Arrow Retrieve | Active admins | This is a new server with No admin abuse Freshly wiped on the 27/07/2014 we do not tolerate cheaters, glitches, and abuse this may include admin and...

2 Days Ago
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pc games

wiped 25/07|PVP|Kevlar|M4|P250|Bolt Action|Bu|ilding KIT|Insta Craft

wiped 25/07|PVP|Kevlar|M4|P250|Bolt Action|Bu|ilding KIT|Insta Craft You spawn with 556 Ammo:750 9mm Ammo:250 Holo sight:3 Silencer:3 Laser Sight:3

2 Days Ago
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OhHarrow.com - Australian Rust Servers

We’re a brand new Australian Rust community, we currently operate two Rust servers. Our aim is to run our servers as close to the default configuration as possible, as to not ruin the game. Server #1 is completely stock with no modifications. Server #2...

2 Days Ago
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Stay Up Late? Tired of Awful Admins? We're booting up TONIGHT! :::: [WIPED 7/18] - West/Vanilla/NoGrief/NoDecay/NoAbuse ( 2 Last )

FRESH WIPE TODAY! 7/26 @ 2:30pm 7/26 WIPED West/Vanilla/NoGrief/NoDura/NoAbuse net.connect Server Info: ============================ -Admins: Rambo (Owner), RayRock (Administrator). SavageAsFuck (Admin), Landers (Admin)...

2 Days Ago
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Rustless | NoLag P250 MassLoot 2xGather TP Home

Rustless | NoLag P250 MassLoot 2xGather TP Home net.connect Hello Facepunchers, this is a new server looking to grow it's player base. Tired of spending a whole lot of time on vanilla, just to get hacked and have your day...

.phase • 1 reading
2 Days Ago
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UK RustySpoon PVP-AutoKit-NoDur-InstaCraft-Airdrops+more

Hey all, this is a new server with some great mods. *PVP *AutoKit (pipe shotty etc every time you die so you can always start with a fighting chance) *InstaCraft (who wants to wait) *NoDurability *Airdrops (set to 5 atm but may change in the...

3 Days Ago
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New Server-Looking For Night Hawks!

My Server is Brand new. Here's A few things about it! net.connect The Ballad of Rust: Operated by Wise Bloke (That's my Steam name as well). Join me for the following new Packages; -250 Wood -1 Hatchet -1 Pick Axe

3 Days Ago
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Looking for a fun new vanilla server? US CENTRAL

net.connect |VANILLA|7-22|DRPS@15|NoGrf|NoCheat|24-7Admns|0Dura Battle Field US ( top 10 battle field server) has went vanilla. We were tired of all the battlefield servers that exist now. We are semi low population, and...

3 Days Ago
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Pls Come on my Server press f1 and typ in net.connect TheSkittles/5xGather/Kits(P250/Home)/InstarCraft/shop/remove/Crazy Loot

Join my Server it hase lots of mods like remove shop CrazyLoot Gatherx5 and mutch more no admin abuse and cool players.

3 Days Ago
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[Cascadia]USWest|Remove|Oxide|Kits|Cheaters permBAN|ActiveAdmin This thread has images

net.connect ****This is an adult owned and operated server.**** Located in Beautiful Seattle, WA USA

3 Days Ago
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