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Think about this DEVELOPERS

I think a good addition to this game would be to add in blood hounds to track people down with. It would flow with what you guys already have and draw more people. You could also add cover scent for people to use to throw the dogs off. also if your dogs...

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Command<inventory.give>can not add items with spaces

As <inventory.give "Animal Fat" "1"><inventory.give Animal Fat 1> I have a problem using the command format? English is not good I use GOOGL, there is an error please be magnanimous HELP

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Rust update today? now everything is fucked...again

So yeah, got home from work 30 minutes ago.. Rust says it has a update.. I go to update, and it says So I delete all local content, download the whole game...and I get the same message, so then I try and verify my game cache via steam, and it says...

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Blueprints on the steam store? A bad idea or the Baddest idea? ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last ) This thread has images

In today's devblog, the developer's intent to make blueprints in rust transferable over the Steam store was introduced. I think this is a very poor idea for several reasons. It was not clear from the post if blue prints were intended to be "Universal"...

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Server Admin question

Use to have what is now known as a legacy server and am contemplating restarting another one with experimental. Any suggestions on what host's to use for a modded exp. server? I use to use hfb but I am seeing that they are no longer around? Is Magma...

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Experimental Just doesnt feel right

To me experimental really doesn't feel like rust at all. It feels cartoony , your character floats about with the most awful animations. The worlds are boring , they feel like shadered up minecraft worlds. The building system is tiresome , building a base...

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Should walls only be vulnerable to C4 like in legacy? This thread has images

There seems to be a lot of discussion around how easy it is to smash down level 6 walls when you are in a group etc, etc. Would people rather that walls were only vulnerable to C4 or something similar like in legacy? i.e. Would people rather raiding...

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So when is the lock system being adjusted?

So I played Rust for the first time in about a month and the progress is wonderful. However, the key system is fucking retarded and there is no point bothering with the game for more then a few hours until the lock system is adjusted. Is there any word on...

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Can't login anymore

I've tried over and over. It gets to the loading entities and crashes to the desktop. Worked fine yesterday...

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Can you provide a way to block render.fov cheat ? This thread has images

hi all, I recently discovered that some players were playing rust modifying their FOV (render.fov command). I tried and I think that it is a big cheat, it is not acceptable. Doing this you can just see through walls ... it's also easier to aim and the...

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Should rust have maps? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Should rust have maps? I like rust, like more than a friend. Maybe it’s down to the gratification of seeing the gigantic fort iv just built. or possibly it’s because of the tension and fear the game makes me feel as a group of unknown bandits breaks...

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Red Militia Recruiting players

Red militia is recruiting people , we have a teamspeak that anyone can join feel free to invite mates and others , you are able to create your own private room with password too , ts.red-militia.com:10012 please share :)

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A condense of the new stuff for a old player?

I'm back because I just found out the new Rust. I played 30 minutes and noticed some problems with the footstep sound and also the history is not working but the game look so good and weird at first view and I think I'll give it a try. So I have made a...

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Friendly Suggestion: Allow Adjustment of Vertical Axis for Foundation Placement.

As a "Bill" or a "Builder" i find its often difficult to find a decent flat land to build on where that you can place a large foundation, size 32x32 for example, the reason for this is that the foundation conforms to the ground, so thats all the control...

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hello I rent a server. Regarding the "decay". The "decay" is much too fast and the players leave because they do not meet their construction after a few days. I found the following commands: I do not understand the difference between...

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F2 Controls

So are the F2 controls working for anyone? I wasn't sure if it was a Mac thing or if it was cross-platform.

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Experimental Dedicated Server - open to all ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last ) This thread has images

So I started writing a guide here. http://rustdev.facepunchstudios.com/dedicated-server Let me know if you want anything specific covered.

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Exploit is back to hit our servers?

Hi guys, I honestly think something is going on. My servers are getting random disconnects, players getting kicked from time to time. Error in console: (15:45:48) | Exception in Server.ReceivedMessage: 64365 -> 106 (15:45:48) |...

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Server population/stability.

So I'm sure most of you have noticed that experimental doesn't have quite the population that Legacy had/has.. One of the large reasons for that (imo) is that servers are not stable, and the other is servers are not full. I look at the official FP...

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Could not play experimental for a month by now...

I am the last person to rage for not having 30+ fps but it takes me 10 minutes to connect, 5 more to wake up, 2 to disable almost all the f2 settings and then get kicked of the server after under 10 minutes... I just want to see the new features is...

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Map System - Map + Compass. This thread has images

Hi all, I posted this on Dev Log 19, but I think it fits better here :D I also did a few images to show better the idea: The Idea I suggest would be something like: For example: M button for map. 0.-When you got nothing (fresh spawn) If you...

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RustAdmin rcon tool + anticheat (Rusty like but better :p ) This thread has images

Hi all. I released some weeks ago (and updated many times after) a new rcon software for rust admins (rusty like). Sorry for the bad translation, I'm not english ... Features : - You can see the activitie of your server in real time. You can...

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Woke up to hard drive thrashing sounds, turns out Rust is stuck in infinite "validating" cycle on Steam?

Rust decided sometime last night to run a validation on it's files, and every time it completes, it just starts back up again, resulting in non-stop thrashing on my mechanical hard drive. I've had to "pause" the validation in Steam to get this to stop,...

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Rust exp trees

is it me or r trees just not respawning ?? i dont know if this post needs to be here.. if not please remove / replace this post also coudnt find anything about this

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Rustin' In Real Life (warning possible mild Walking Dead Spoiler if not caught up) This thread has images

In response to the Community Updates section "Rustin' in Real-Life and the end of last weeks episode of the Walking dead I made the following:

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Someone opened my locked door and they didn't have a copy of the key. how?

I built my house with a locked door and somehow, someone opened my door and unlocked it. How? I know there is a chance they broke through my level 6 wall and built it back, but how else?

18 Hours Ago
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Frame rate affects hitting speeds [Confirmed]

I made this video due to this post: http://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comments/2jvd1r/can_you_confirm_fps_may_affect_attack_speed/ *Both footage was taken on the same server in the same time, one after one. *Both hits are synced, it goes out of sync...

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What happened to the linux dedicated server

Hello When I download it with or without -beta experimental it only downloads a file called empty.txt with the text "empty" (with the ") What happened ?

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skin tone

I don't know if it's ever been talked about or not, but will there be varying skin tones? Probably people who hang out in the desert alot would become tanner and those in the snow pale.

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All leave

Every 5-10 minutes, all players come leave from the server.Complain that they are kicked from the server. help plz)

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Amsterdam server wipes every 5minutes?

Any info on that,why? 22nd October 2014 Bump 22nd October 2014 bump

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Leave game. Die.

Made a nice house. Left the game. Dead. Every time I log out Im dead when I join. So not only will I have a hell of a time finding my home, there are no longer keys for it. So is this just how the game is now? Because its pointless to play if your...

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Only building rock bases until building is fixed-- too easy to greif and exploit current bases. This thread has images

Building a good base is half the fun in rust, and is currently a huge waste of time as anyone can come up and build a lv6 wall or railing and just block you from your base. Because of this I will only be building bases in rocks that other players cannot...

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i think its kinda dumb how we can die from dehydration, but dont have any sources of clean water... i also found out that you cant cook meat anymore.. it just sits in the fire staying raw until it spoils

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rust Experimental server does not save user data This thread has images

Restart the server role data will not be saved This is my .bat starter This is my server file structure Thank you for help

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Cant start Rust EAC Error

Hey Guys when i try 2 open the Game there comes the Error from EAC. "Rust launcher error: LoadingError - Debugger has been detected. Please unload it and try again" What is that? I reboot my Pc, Disabeld my Antivir and other stuff. How can i fix...

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Game Crash when i try to connect to a Server.

I can finde something in the internet about that problem. Pls Help me :) My PC isnt the problem. Is there any possibility to fix this?

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Question to Garry/FP on short term direction of Rust

I am expecting that Rust will be eventually a great game. I have no complaints, and see the weekly progress being made. However, I also see the current state of Rust 2.0, and so have a question for Garry and/or Facepunch staff: How much of a...

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Unsure of what is happening here...

http://youtu.be/Lb9lGQA9Mew You lot can be the judge of that... I was casually upgrading my walls/doors when this happened...

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Anyone have a breakdown up chopping times for different grade walls?

So like if I have a level 5 wall with a stone hatchet...how long will it take to break? or a level 5 with a metal hatchet.. Anyways..thanks!

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