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Getting Started / FAQ ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Hey guys, some people are having getting started in the game and we don't have an official guide yet so I'll just leave this here as a placeholder in the meantime. Upon logging into rust for the first time, you will quickly learn it is very difficult...

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Section rules. READ OR GET BANNED. Want to advertise/discuss a server or ask why/if one's down? Want people to play with? use the CHAT THREAD. This thread has images

Hello! Welcome to the rust forum, where all the greatest posters on the internet are brought together to talk about the upcoming video game RUST! Please read these rules and FAQ before you post here. If you're curious why a thread was locked or someone...

12th January 2014
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Hello everyone, I'm having a problem with my microphone. And now i know it is only Rust that messes up my microphone. Whenever I don't play Rust, my microphone works just fine. I've done some tests to see what was causing this microphone problem. It was...

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What are you interested in a server?

Good day people! I was wondering what are you guys interested in a server? What kind of function would attract you and other people? Please share some thoughts, I want to make my server likeable by many, but it's not easy to get a good community on a...

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Guns 4 Rust This thread has images

Because Rust is based on some sort of apocalypse i think it would be really cool to switch out the traditional M4 and MP5 with some different guns, because honestly, how would you even be able to craft them without proper tools and knowledge. Underneath...

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Steam overlay problem in Rust.

Hi everyone. I have 1920x1080 monitor, but i'm playing in 1024x768 resolution, cause of better fps and wide heads. I'm also recording my gameplay with bandicam. After latest updates of Rust or Steam, overlay is now equal to my desktop resolution. Now...

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The Key System This thread has images

How do you like the key system? It's going to be interesting. Not actually from a game perspective, but from a modding perspective. If you don't know, Rust keeps an ownerid on each item you place in game (well, most of them). It seems the new Rust...

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Getting Banned For No Reason ( 2 Last )

I'm not even sure why I'm on the forums but I mean, I hate being banned from a server just because I have 1 VAC ban on another game... Whenever I Start to have fun they ban me for no reason... Was I cheating? No. I think this is Admin Abuse honestly. And...

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http://twitter.com/rustupdates/status/502087124796342273 Sounds really interesting!

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Gamma issue ( 2 Last )

So when I was launching rust I clicked on windowed mode and ever since than whenever I try to adjust my gamma in catalyst control center it doesn't work in rust. I tried on other games and the gamma works normal but in Rust I can't adjust the gamma at all...

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Tired of official servers?

Hi, I've been spending most of my time on UK1 official server and I'm happy I made it through, but after about 6 months it has been wiped, so in the last few weeks I've decided to look for community servers... well I had very bad experiences. First of...

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majour RUST BUG exposed

I used to be able to switch from Risty to RUST no problems at all, but since the Aug 13th update now everyb 3 times i switch rust stop responding and I have to restart, Now I run a server "AUS/NZ|INST|10X|UBERLOOT|VIP|WIPE 15/08|Base TP" and it reguraly...

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Decay system This thread has images

Can someone please explain to me exactly how the decay system works? As far as I can work out every structure I am connected with as long as I use my door it will reset the decay is this correct? Thanks jake.

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Server lag getting worse? I found a way to clear some serious mem & cpu on mine.

Lag! Damn that shit right? I'm the owner of HELLHAWKS.COM with 1400 hours of Rust gameplay and I've seen ton's of it! My server is on Multiplay. Over time it seems that the lag spikes get increasingly worse. Its especially common with Oxide. Typically...

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Post Your RUST ART Here

Hello fellow rust addicts! I just want to say that I seen a lot of people that are doing concept art for this game and I would love to see your guy's art here. So if anyone has any art they would like to post please do I really love art, especially the...

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"Procedurally Generated" - True?

Hi all! I find this today while reading the Rust blog: http://playrust.com/friday-devblog-21/ in one part of the entry, it reads" When te map it's procedurally generated (bla bla bla)" it's true or it's Garry playing with us as usual???

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Rust Extreme FPS drop after recent updates???

Okay so recently Rust has updated a few times and along with that I have updated my intel graphics drivers. My specs are: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/S8qNjSbOcJvXuVpA4OW3PFk Before these updates I was able to run Rust on my GT 745m 2gb on max...

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Oh look, it's Pretermit's Youtube Thread

Sup Facepunchers, I've been on and off of facepunch under a variety of aliases now, but I think I will be permanently sticking to the name Pretermit. I find it quite suiting and descriptive of myself. That aside, I present to you my first youtube...

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Rust Experimental - Cinematics

please like if you liked subscribe if you would like to see more video of mine :)

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Help!Show me some good examples of Rust on Youtube? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Hello! I'm Craig, a dude doing some things for Facepunch for a bit. My username should probably be a different colour or sparkling or something, but it ain't at the moment. I'm updating a few of the site's pages and I really want the community's...

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No server list?

Hey Yall! havent played rust all summer! (been out of the country) I come back to find no server list. Is this a flaw of the newest update (I play on mac, sometimes we get more bugs with updates) or is there a DDoS attack occurring, Just trying to figure...

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Zombies spawning under foundation floors.

Not sure if this would be the place to post bugs or if this has been said before but... Zombies can currently spawn below your foundation, and will beat the crap out of you from out of sight tell you die or run outside to make them come out.

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Great Idea For Rust

Here is a good idea to make Rust more fun then it already is: Add Wild Horses to the game with the possibility to tame them takes some time... and the possibilty to steal a tame horse from someone. Then some needs for the horse: Stable where you can...

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Anywhere as good as or better than resource hole to build?

Unfortunately mutant animals are spawning underneath by base and they are driving me crazy. Admin has killed them a few times and replaced foundation but this has not helped, there is a thread about it in the bug section. I would like to rebuild in...

1 Day Ago
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Rusty - Server RCON tool ( 2 3 4 5 .. 20 21 22 23 Last ) This thread has images

Rusty - Admin tool I have not had much time to fill this stuff out but hopefully as you can see Rusty is progressing and I reply to as many posts here as I can :) The tool is for server admins to use RCON (The same as admin command inside of the game)...

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Anyone else having problems with Rust on Mac, since last update? This thread has images

Hello, I was starting the game today like I do everyday, but then this: https://flic.kr/p/oqWaX7 Can't seem to fix it restarted everything, i hear the game just running fine in the background but as you can see the screen is f*cked up. Or in some...

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Volume will not work on rust at all....

I am having an issue with my volume. My volume will work on everything else but not rust please any help will be nice. Anything will be nice thank you everyone for your help!

1 Day Ago
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like +1, comnet, and forget to subscribe, pece! enjy vide! (dnt forgt to share<3) AIRDROP RIDE WITH MUSIC :D

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Sick of Rentable Servers

You are sick of only Rentable Rustserver. Pls show it and sign this petition http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Facepunch_Studios_Publish_the_Rust_Serverfiles_to_the_public You can hate me on this thread if you are not on the same opinion I dont...

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Now about the iMac problem... This thread has images

Many users of mac on rust have been suffering for the past week, since the last update to rust legacy. Most users have been having difficulty in full screen. What would happen is that after launching the game, the screen will go gray(without the face...

2 Days Ago
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No Pop-Up Window when I start up Rust?

I've posted about this and no one seems to know the answer, someone please help me. When i open rust I no longer get the Pop-Up Window at the start where i choose Resolution and everything. It just starts the game right up, I want to know why this doesnt...

2 Days Ago
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Help with Try Experimental

So I tried it out because I wanted to know exactly what the hell it was. I was fairly impressed with the improved graphics, and some of the few things I figured out how to do felt pretty good. But I can't figure a lot out. 1) Where in the hell can I...

2 Days Ago
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Experimental Server files public?

Hello guys, as i read in a dev blog, we are able now to download experimental rust server, how can i download it. What i did and i couldn't(i mean steamcmd didn't recognize the ids): Used SteamCMD and i used the ids: 258550, 258551 and some other that i...

2 Days Ago
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Rust XP shuts down PC.

When I start Rust experimental it just shuts my pc off. Only program that does it. I have latest vid drivers. No Blue screen or other errors. Rust XP USED to just close itself unless I restarted my PC and then launched it. Now when I launch the game the...

2 Days Ago
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Can't connect to server?

I recently bought this game 30 mins ago, downloaded it now gone into game and no servers are showing up? Can someone help?

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infusednz's rust videos ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )

Thread got merged (YAY) Latest

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What happened to Pat and Helk?

Last time I heard garry said they went on vacation or something like that. Where have they been? Do they work on the game anymore?

2 Days Ago
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Rust General Chat II - USE THIS THREAD TO FIND TEAMMATES/CLANS ( 2 3 4 5 .. 30 31 32 33 Last ) This thread has images

http://playrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/RustLogo-Normal-Transparent.png Rust General Chat II What is Rust? Rust is an open world MMO zombie survival game designed by Facepunch Studios. It takes inspiration from games like DayZ, Minecraft,...

2 Days Ago
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Stick with the current Engine!

I think we should stick with the current engine for regular Rust, but people should still be able to play Experimental if they can. Some people cannot run experimental though, and I would find it a wise decision to not ruin this game for people who truly...

3 Days Ago
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Ticket Expired + Facepunch_Connector_Missing FeatureImplementation ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last ) This thread has images

Would like a fix to this bug. It D/C's me from the game with an error message of - "Ticket Expired," then once I try to join it gives me this error message - Facepunch_Connector_Missing FeatureImplementation HELP

iVoltage55 1 reading
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Storys from Rust?

Once, I went out to get some materials, as you do, then I heard faint like, tribal music or something, and then had 5-6 freshspawns ambush me from everywhere, and one had a hatchet. They were little kids, around 12 years old screaming there heads off. I...

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