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Getting Started / FAQ ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Hey guys, some people are having getting started in the game and we don't have an official guide yet so I'll just leave this here as a placeholder in the meantime. Upon logging into rust for the first time, you will quickly learn it is very difficult...

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Section rules. READ OR GET BANNED. Want to advertise/discuss a server or ask why/if one's down? Use the RUST SERVERS SUBFORUM. This thread has images

Hello! Welcome to the rust forum, where all the greatest posters on the internet are brought together to talk about the upcoming video game RUST! Please read these rules and FAQ before you post here. If you're curious why a thread was locked or someone...

12th January 2014
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Hate roof campers :-)))

Got banned after coz im "destroying" server,and ppl who roof camps and kill every naked are good lol.(i was so pissed and decided to kill them all.) EU Rust4Life abuse admins as hell.

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Buy rust -> Play 8 hours -> Make a refund. This thread has images

Pretty much what title says... The hack issues on this server are horrible. I've never seen so many hackers in any game. So I want to share my experience within 8 hours. First - you have all the hacks on earth. Second - nobody seems to give a shit...

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US EAST COAST 2 NO PVP Offical is DOWN - NO non-PVP Offical left!

Just like the title says. the server jsut went down without a whiff of lag or any issue, jsut gone. There are now no official facepunch non-pvp servers operationsl.

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Fat Men Can't Run, lay off the canned foods This thread has images

Hey Brothers, wouldn't it be funny, depending on what foods you eat, if you could gain weight or lose it. So you log in the game, the first thing you see is a large fat naked dude...hehe. You know right off the bat he has been eating nothing but canned...

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Hello Face Punch Studios I sugest you should implement Single player. I want this because I am not a big fan of pvp!

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Intrepid - Twitch Stream

I seen a few posted there stream so i figured i would. I stream Rust the most and have over 500 hours on it.. i know pathetic. But its a good game with potential to be great.. I may also stream some COD Ghosts, but Rust is my main game right now and...

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Black Character Model

Yo Happy Wormy here, from Detroit. So i understand this post might not get much attention since it's my first, tho i felt necessary to post about it. As a black man or nigga to ma niggas i was listening to tupac's album "Until the End of Time". Now what...

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Idea for Admins of Servers - (Need Opinions) (Jail - Probation - For Life)

* Idea for admins of "new spawn" friendly servers, or servers based off the PvE format - (Need Opinions) (Jail - Probation - For Life) I understand that these type of threads really annoy the hell out of players that love to KOS, love to war, and feel...

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Idea to cut back on the Naked Man Massacre ( 2 Last )

Backpacks. If backpacks were implemented, and you were not given one at spawn, people would then mostly kill people with backpacks, as naked people should only have the slots on your item bar(6 slots) so people would be less likely to waste their now hard...

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Rust - Episode 2 - Taking over the House!

Today we raise our kill count to seven and take over some Jimmy's house. Find the Episode here:

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Feeling rather optimistic.

We have all felt rather disappointed about this game at one point or another- big or small. At first, the game was rather unplayable for me. I bought a Mac (jokes now ensue, blah blah) about a year ago for my music studio, and since my PC was lacking in...

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[HoT] is recruiting.

Hey guys, my Name is Schizophrenc in game. Hour of Turmoil is recruiting again. Understandably, people get a little burnt out and take breaks, which is fine. But there is still a core group that plays a lot and we need to replenish the ranks. HoT is...

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how to stop barricade pillar raid?

Can someone help me this type of raid (barricade and pillar buildup)

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Hacker says you don't get vac ban if you don't abuse hacks.. LOL Pretty funny also see more hackers caught on the page i have linked..

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[HoT] Hour of Turmoil recruiting 3-5 more Rust players

Hello Everyone! I'm Immortality and I've decided to expand my Rust clan. Originally, I wanted 7-10 players to play Rust as a group with. Upon making a thread, I received over 40 friend requests. After sorting through dedicated members, we are currently...

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Instead of green pants maybe a loin cloth? Google it yourself. I don't feel like being banned

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Clan Wars pt. 4 - Base defense, Raiding, and confronting the enemy clan.

Base Defense, Base raiding, and confronting the enemy. Tension's building. If you love this shiz let me know. If you hate this shiz let me know. If you want more: If you want me to stop:

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SxG is recruiting two skilled shots for our group.

SxG is recruiting, we're looking for veteran players for our team. Add my steam if you are interested and have atleast 1000+ hours in Rust.

4 Hours Ago
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Every NPC and player movements are not fluid (inching) and then I get kicked

Please help: NPC and players do not move fluidly, but inch forward in a stuttering/jittering motion. I stay in the server for a maximum of 1 minute and get kicked due to violation. Everything else is fluid, my character included, gathering...

4 Hours Ago
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Rust Observational Study Here we have a brief look at the behavior one might find in the land of Rust.

4 Hours Ago
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Admin Abusing

-We've been playing on this server for over 4-5 days. We had progressed as much as a Rust player can. Tonight after a big shootout a player asked back for his stuff ( which then I didn't realize it was the admin as a regular player which I might add was...

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Rust - Episode 3 - Guns and Death

Today we acquire weapons and die in the process. Video can be found here:

4 Hours Ago
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Facepunch_kick_rcon ???

hey, i tried to connect to my favourite server but everytime i will kicked at the loadingscreen.. the console says facepunch_kick_rcon. i tried it at the morning and at the evening... can anyone help me? i already deinstalled my game and restarted my...

4 Hours Ago
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WTF are the Violation Codes??

OK, I'll be the idiot for everyone else on Google: WTF are the codes for in the "kicked for violation" disconnects? I've heard various things from various threads, but no definitive list of codes and their attributed errors. Now, I understand that...

4 Hours Ago
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A lot of Popular Streamers Cheating? ( 2 Last )

I have noticed a trend of people posting many videos of their "talents" on youtube and of rust. However if you notice a pattern they all seem to have the same "skill" with their gun, if you watch their videos closely you can notice that all their guns...

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Dear Garry, Add This/Change Stuff With Pictures This thread has images

Handmade Revolving Shotgun - Not a pipe shotgun Handmade P250 Handmade 9mm Pistol Handmade SMG

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What ever happened to these? Are these never going to be added?

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If you were king, what would the weapons and combat system be like?

Lets get some different viewpoints in one place without it turning into an bitch fight please. What do you think is the key issue, if any, with the weapons and combat? What changes to the game should there be to replace or change the current...

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2 v 2 Arena

Random battle arena on a Server.

5 Hours Ago
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official server german 2 unplayble

hallo this Server is unplayble cause some People build an whole wall around small rad and now all other spawn Points will be walled no Chance to get any loot...

6 Hours Ago
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Experienced Players recruiting to Fill Some Holes

Have played Rust for quite a while. I have well over 1000 hours, and another buddy has well over 500. Most of our group moved on to ESO, but we just aren't digging it and were drawn back to Rust. Laid back, easy going guys, that really enjoy all aspects...

6 Hours Ago
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conditions for the popularity of the game

I represent the Russian community that are most and play this igru.V not imagine that it is only 2% and 98 % play on pirate serverah. fakt.hochu draw on that understanding of what determines the popularity quite proekta.eto not from the inner content of...

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I know it would be kind of impractical, but why not add for say a sundial for an aesthetic

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Looking for some people to play with

Hey guys, Since all my friends stopped playing Rust cause they want to wait for a big update i want to find new people to start on a new server together!!! add me on steam Insomnia (white dog picture) Cheers (User was banned for this post...

7 Hours Ago
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looking for people to play with

looking for people to play with 15th April 2014 Also forgot to mention that my steam name is FAKERSenpai and i have a mic and skype. (User was banned for this post ("Read the rules sticky before you post. Use the chat thread to find people to...

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What should replace zombies? ( 2 3 4 5 .. 23 24 25 26 Last ) This thread has images


7 Hours Ago
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Extremely hardcore server idea. ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

This is an idea for a server a friend and I have been working on. We've played on various slow play, realistic servers, and kind of put our own ideas together within what's possible right now. Our setup: No crafting at all when you first spawn...

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Rust long range weapons

I think rust should have something like long range weapons like:Crossbows,modern bows or even a really expensive sniper rifle or something. What do you think?

7 Hours Ago
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Help guys low framerate!

HELP SUPER LOW FRAMERATE GAHHHH!!!! Hey guys, I love Rust and have been playing it non-stop, I even bought almost an entire new rig to run it efficiently, no dice. I run Titanfall on high graphics with great frames! It just sucks I have to play a game...

8 Hours Ago
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