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Blueprints on the steam store? A bad idea or the Baddest idea? ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Last ) This thread has images

In today's devblog, the developer's intent to make blueprints in rust transferable over the Steam store was introduced. I think this is a very poor idea for several reasons. It was not clear from the post if blue prints were intended to be "Universal"...

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Why do i get stuck on snapshots: entities

As question asks Why do i get stuck on snapshots: entities the problem is that if i go on a new server i have no problem but as soon as i log off then back on again to the same server i get to this and no further, it just sticks there ...

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Rust exp trees

is it me or r trees just not respawning ?? i dont know if this post needs to be here.. if not please remove / replace this post also coudnt find anything about this

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RUST Video Tutorials - (How to play) This thread has images

This series is aimed at providing all players with the information they need to survive in the game of RUST. From beginner to advanced players. I've begun adding Rust 2.0 / Experimental tutorials to the guide! If you have any suggestions or questions...

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Rusty - Server RCON tool ( 2 3 4 5 .. 23 24 25 26 Last ) This thread has images

Rusty - Admin tool I have not had much time to fill this stuff out but hopefully as you can see Rusty is progressing and I reply to as many posts here as I can :) The tool is for server admins to use RCON (The same as admin command inside of the game)...

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Friendly Suggestion: Allow Adjustment of Vertical Axis for Foundation Placement.

As a "Bill" or a "Builder" i find its often difficult to find a decent flat land to build on where that you can place a large foundation, size 32x32 for example, the reason for this is that the foundation conforms to the ground, so thats all the control...

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Idea: Broken

While we all Played Legacy there was that Debuff that could an annoy, Kill us or make us laugh. The Injured Debuff :eng101: I would like to see it coming back but a little bit more improved An Idea that when you shot someone with an High Caliber...

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Cant start Rust EAC Error

Hey Guys when i try 2 open the Game there comes the Error from EAC. "Rust launcher error: LoadingError - Debugger has been detected. Please unload it and try again" What is that? I reboot my Pc, Disabeld my Antivir and other stuff. How can i fix...

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Hammer has slowed down.

I apologise if this is old news but the Hammer has definitely slowed. I couldn't find any other info on it. This makes level 6 an awful lot harder to achieve but it appears just as easy to break down.

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Help!Show me some good examples of Rust on Youtube? ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Hello! I'm Craig, a dude doing some things for Facepunch for a bit. My username should probably be a different colour or sparkling or something, but it ain't at the moment. I'm updating a few of the site's pages and I really want the community's...

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F2 Controls

So are the F2 controls working for anyone? I wasn't sure if it was a Mac thing or if it was cross-platform.

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Exploit is back to hit our servers?

Hi guys, I honestly think something is going on. My servers are getting random disconnects, players getting kicked from time to time. Error in console: (15:45:48) | Exception in Server.ReceivedMessage: 64365 -> 106 (15:45:48) |...

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hackers crashing my server

i had this problem since yesterday server crashes, so reported it to my host and they replied hackers are crashing the servers.

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Command<inventory.give>can not add items with spaces

As <inventory.give "Animal Fat" "1"><inventory.give Animal Fat 1> I have a problem using the command format? English is not good I use GOOGL, there is an error please be magnanimous HELP

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RustAdmin rcon tool + anticheat (Rusty like but better :p ) This thread has images

Hi all. I released some weeks ago (and updated many times after) a new rcon software for rust admins (rusty like). Sorry for the bad translation, I'm not english ... Features : - You can see the activitie of your server in real time. You can...

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Server Admin question

Use to have what is now known as a legacy server and am contemplating restarting another one with experimental. Any suggestions on what host's to use for a modded exp. server? I use to use hfb but I am seeing that they are no longer around? Is Magma...

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Should walls only be vulnerable to C4 like in legacy? This thread has images

There seems to be a lot of discussion around how easy it is to smash down level 6 walls when you are in a group etc, etc. Would people rather that walls were only vulnerable to C4 or something similar like in legacy? i.e. Would people rather raiding...

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I know optimisation is the last thing done...any timeframe?

Because until it is done, the game is unplayable for me. I can get 60 FPS on legacy, and I'm lucky if it goes above THREE FPS on reboot. Yes yes, it's alpha. All I want to know is when I can help test it. Because at the minute, it is impossible.

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Experimental Just doesnt feel right

To me experimental really doesn't feel like rust at all. It feels cartoony , your character floats about with the most awful animations. The worlds are boring , they feel like shadered up minecraft worlds. The building system is tiresome , building a base...

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Zen and the Art of Rust: Gryms Tree House, part II The Golden Bridge This thread has images

So after the last tree house i built, i decided i wanted to try and link up two tree houses in a "Ewok" sort of design. There are no rope bridges so i had to resort to typical Rust type bridges. I didnt have to build a bridge i could have built a...

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A condense of the new stuff for a old player?

I'm back because I just found out the new Rust. I played 30 minutes and noticed some problems with the footstep sound and also the history is not working but the game look so good and weird at first view and I think I'll give it a try. So I have made a...

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So when is the lock system being adjusted?

So I played Rust for the first time in about a month and the progress is wonderful. However, the key system is fucking retarded and there is no point bothering with the game for more then a few hours until the lock system is adjusted. Is there any word on...

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Building destruction algorithm proposition.(Tell me what you think)

Buildings So lets start with building hp. Say a level 1 wall has 100 health, level 2 has 200 health and so on. Once a wall reaches half health a jagged hole appears in it that can not be passed through, but can be shot/looted through. Players will...

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Solution/Consistency to the bug where doors do not unlock/lock

Video Demonstration of Solution/Work Around: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W80cfZrKYv4 I am posting this thread here for visibility. I have already gone over to the official bug reporting website to post this in the appropriate thread concerning this...

jediaelthewis • 1 reading
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Maps are too many trees and seed production, reducing the number of frames

Frame rate is too low. Use the map seed risk. Create a good map, above the wolf statue there are too many trees, and more frightening, less than 200M near this area will affect the number of frames, wood frames around 3fps / s

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Friendly Suggestion: Change Color of Object Placement

I like the placement colors and theme for the Camp Fire and Furnace(Glowy Green and Red), i think this should also be implemented with all building objects the reason being is that the current one being white and red, red is ok and is easily seen, yet the...

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Head bob

I stopped playing the game months ago because the head bobing would give me migraines have they made a way to remove it ?

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What rust. Animations Were

Why does this video strangely remind me of old rust. animations? I tried to put the video in the post but It just put up the link for some reason.

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Changes to Rust Mechanics

Hello all, I just want to start off my suggestion post by saying I know Rust is in alpha, and I know my suggestions are not the priorities of the developers. I am just posting these ideas for when these problems do become priorities. Locks and Keys...

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Can you provide a way to block render.fov cheat ? This thread has images

hi all, I recently discovered that some players were playing rust modifying their FOV (render.fov command). I tried and I think that it is a big cheat, it is not acceptable. Doing this you can just see through walls ... it's also easier to aim and the...

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Map System - Map + Compass. This thread has images

Hi all, I posted this on Dev Log 19, but I think it fits better here :D I also did a few images to show better the idea: The Idea I suggest would be something like: For example: M button for map. 0.-When you got nothing (fresh spawn) If you...

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New server map/seed

We always seem to get the same server seed/map everytime we wipe... .Used to change all the time... I tried changing the server seed in the command line, but when we go into the server, we spawn in the lake and the Trees and Resources are floating in the...

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Pluton for Experimental RustDedicated, from the Fougerite community ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

The Fougerite community has made public its Github repository for Pluton, a new mod for experimental branch RustDedicated server, or as I like to call it, the active development branch. The Pluton project can be cloned from Notulp/Pluton on Github. We...

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Rust update today? now everything is fucked...again

So yeah, got home from work 30 minutes ago.. Rust says it has a update.. I go to update, and it says So I delete all local content, download the whole game...and I get the same message, so then I try and verify my game cache via steam, and it says...

Dewm • 2 reading
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Can't login anymore

I've tried over and over. It gets to the loading entities and crashes to the desktop. Worked fine yesterday...

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Should rust have maps? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Should rust have maps? I like rust, like more than a friend. Maybe it’s down to the gratification of seeing the gigantic fort iv just built. or possibly it’s because of the tension and fear the game makes me feel as a group of unknown bandits breaks...

grizzlyhuggs • 3 reading
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Red Militia Recruiting players

Red militia is recruiting people , we have a teamspeak that anyone can join feel free to invite mates and others , you are able to create your own private room with password too , ts.red-militia.com:10012 please share :)

1 Day Ago
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hello I rent a server. Regarding the "decay". The "decay" is much too fast and the players leave because they do not meet their construction after a few days. I found the following commands: I do not understand the difference between...

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Experimental Dedicated Server - open to all ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last ) This thread has images

So I started writing a guide here. http://rustdev.facepunchstudios.com/dedicated-server Let me know if you want anything specific covered.

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Server population/stability.

So I'm sure most of you have noticed that experimental doesn't have quite the population that Legacy had/has.. One of the large reasons for that (imo) is that servers are not stable, and the other is servers are not full. I look at the official FP...

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