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Subforum guidelines & required reading (updated March 3rd, 2013)

Let's keep this a relaxed subforum, but we do need some organization. It would be wise to follow these rules: All normal Facepunch rules apply. Read them if you have not done so. This is a subforum centered around Source Filmmaker content. The...

3rd March 2013
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SFM Posters Megathread v2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 107 108 109 110 Last ) This thread has images

Threads around Facepunch will now auto-lock after 1,000 posts. So here's a new edition of the SFM posters megathread! General guidelines: Please use the *image url here* tags in order to not page-stretch to incredible extents. Avoid posting...

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Source Filmmaker FAQ & Tech Support V2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 37 38 39 40 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is an eternal WIP, I'll try to keep it regularly updated. Shout at my face if it isn't! INCREDIBLY USEFUL TUTORIALS The Official Valve Tutorials (WATCH THESE if you're new!) Jimer Lins' Tips Of The Day Zachariah Scott's Tutorials ...

7 Hours Ago
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SFM Rendering problem This thread has images

When i render i put all the settings on highest and everything and everything just comes out shitty and pixelated. I've used the old SFM before it was even released and it NEVER happend to me with the old SFM. I've tried converting it to TGA instead of...

16 Hours Ago
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SFM Resources Megathread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 51 52 53 54 Last ) This thread has images

(Banner by Corey_Faure) This thread is meant for sharing your custom maps, models, animations, scripts and other useful stuff. Keep it SFM related, not any map/model of yours is supposed to be in here. I think we should use the pretty template from the...

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1 Day Ago
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Source Filmmaker map crash

When i load a certain map in SFM it crashes with this error "failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer" any idea what this means ?

1 Day Ago
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SFM Videos Megathread v2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 29 30 31 32 Last ) This thread has images

Threads around Facepunch will now auto-lock after 1,000 posts. So here's a new edition of the SFM videos megathread! You can still make an individual thread for your movies (as long as they're not incredibly short, like 10 seconds) but if you'd...

1 Day Ago
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28/08/14 Update - + Left 4 Dead Content

As with the Portal 2 pack, maps are not included. I've yet to see if the recompiled models render the retail maps working nicely.

1 Day Ago
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Dota2 Vertexlitgeneric for the sfm ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

Read the whole op before downloading anything. If you read the previous op please re-read this one. Okay. So. Lot has changed. This is a project I've been working on for a full year now. The basis of this act being on converting the dota2 heroes...

2 Days Ago
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My Custom Models have Invisible or Solid Purple Textures

I'm trying to compile my first model, but it's not showing up with any textures at all. The object itself is there, but the textures are invisible (not missing, but invisible). I got this object by exporting .obj from a .nif, then importing that in to 3DS...

3 Days Ago
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Issues with: map props and models

Hello again, who ever may have read my previous threads. I'm having issues with the following things and I cannot find a solution to them,even after reading all the threads available here at facepunch, if you would be so kind to help me out I would...

3 Days Ago
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Voice Acting for your SFM videos This thread has images

Hey folks- I've seen various threads pop up for VO and such, and I thought it might be useful to have a thread where people can post their capabilities and policies with regard to producing vocal tracks, and others can post their need for vocal talent....

4 Days Ago
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Dota 2 SFM Model Errors (only with some heroes)

Hello FacePunch! Recently (for absolute reasons unknown) I have found errors among some of my Dota 2 models in SFM, these models started out as shiny gold and black models, and they are now invisible with some of their assets being gold and black....

Pureballin 1 reading
5 Days Ago
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Michael Jackson Dance [0:25]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G94X1Qcmt8Q&feature=youtu.be any critique? this is like my second animation in sfm

1 Week Ago
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Dota 2 models converting to rig_biped_simple doesn't work?

Is there a way to make it possible so that the models can be converted to biped, cause animating them like this is very hard when it comes down to doing walk cycles.

1 Week Ago
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19 August Update - + Black Mesa Content Pack This thread has images

It's nice to see more Source developers reformat their stuff for us nerds to make dick jokes with.

1 Week Ago
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Expect The Unexpected I

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA7-93MjIKQ&feature=youtu.be Enjoy! More to come!

1 Week Ago
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My cousin's First SFM Video This thread has images

EDIT: Here's a few more

1 Week Ago
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Portals in the SFM

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions how I could "fake" portals in the Source Filmmaker without placing them in with an external video editing program? The physics part is easy since the motion blur would probably make the object going through the...

2 Weeks Ago
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3 Weeks Ago
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SFM Dota 2 map load crash

Ok, in short, here's what happens: When I load a (ANY) downloaded dota2 map, SFM crashes after the little "No map loaded" line. I can turn off "Draw world brush models", which allows me to see the map without crashing, but when I turn it on again it...

3 Weeks Ago
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How do I get good at lighting/rendering?

Whenever I render something it looks really bad compared to other works. This is because of the lighting right? Please teach me how to set up lighting.

4 Weeks Ago
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Natural motions

Hi all, I recently made a video, and I realise it highlights how bad I am at making natural, non-robotic motions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAwqtSJW7Fg&index=1&list=UUlO-g5PJD8o70zw7UTYoE-g Are there any tips anyone can provide on making the...

4 Weeks Ago
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Garrys Mod gamemodes in SFM.

Hi FacePunch. How to use filmmaker with gmod? I like use gmod sandbox or another gamemodes, because I would create trailer about my gamemode. I didn't found theme about it.

4 Weeks Ago
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