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3rd January 2014
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27th February 2013
by unrezt Go to last post
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[BUG?] SteamRemoteStorage()->GetPublishedFileDetails failed (16) (no subscribed addons showing or loading)

SteamRemoteStorage()->GetPublishedFileDetails failed (16) is put in to console when trying to view any subscribed workshop item and they do not load when starting a game

26th February 2013
by Samg381 Go to last post
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Finding and uploading NPCs help

So I wanted to upload a specific NPC from a Half Life 2 mod, but I'm not sure where in the files it would typically be located or what I have to do to get in working in the workshopper. (I have the workshopper to upload stuff to the Steam Workshop) ...

23rd February 2013
by MartiansinUranu Go to last post
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Copycat uploaders on workshop ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

There seems to be a real problem on the GM13 workshop, with people uploading other peoples' content with no attribution and/or permission. There are hundreds of addons on the workshop like this, with uploaders being as flagrant as "I didn't make this" or...

23rd February 2013
by JVanover Go to last post
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How to spawn dupes from website subscriptions?

So I found a dupe I wanna use in game, and was on the workshop website, and lcicked subscribe. InGame, I cannot seem to find where to spawn it from. I know its a dupe, I know (or assume) you use the Dupe or AdvDupe tool.... but niether place has them...

23rd February 2013
by natedog67 Go to last post
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Workshop Download Crashes

It seems to be that when I download an addon that's over a certain size (SCars Basic + Extra, Silverlan's Skyrim and Fallout SNPCs and most big maps are some examples) my download reaches 100% and then my whole Steam crashes. When I boot up GMod again,...

21st February 2013
by Gazyi Go to last post
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21st February 2013
by Foxe Go to last post
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workshop.vdf This thread has images

Yeah i got this problem on my SRCDS dedicated server. i add workshop.vdf in my garry's mod folder. "addons" { "1" "105979856" "2" "105115318" "3" "109905241" "4" "104479034" "5" "110138917"

19th February 2013
by Samg381 Go to last post
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Workshop Map Help

Hey everyone, so recently I've been trying to add the rp_evocity_v2d map to my DarkRP server so I can once and for all put the server public. I found the map in the workshop, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104702792&searchtext=v2d...

18th February 2013
by MattJeanes Go to last post
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Workshop Problem This thread has images

The server.bat trys opening workshop.vdf to get addons. but it says "couldn't open file."

16th February 2013
by hafidzz Go to last post
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Mac extractor

Sorry to be brief but if anyone knows of a mac workshop extractor i would be very grateful :)

15th February 2013
by Foxe Go to last post
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[BUG] Server workshop issues

I'd like to first say that none of the addons I'm trying to install are over 64MB according to the steam workshop. http://screencloud.net/img/screenshots/533676a2d50ea74e027dfce534b37739.png My workshop.vdf file: "addons" { "1" ...

12th February 2013
by Samg381 Go to last post
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Question about Workshop & Legacy Addons

Suppose in a workshop addon (packed as a GMA and subscribed) and a legacy addon conflicting files. I mean they both have a file with the same name in the same path. Which one supersedes? I was just curious about this, really. Thanks

11th February 2013
by Chocolate1234 Go to last post
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Need G-Mod Coder This thread has images

Im looking for a coder experienced with garrys mod, im willing to pay for how much they can do and if they can do it, just a few simple things to intermediate reply here please, or message me, and if you have skype add me so we can talk My skype is...

10th February 2013
by LastExile Go to last post
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Instant update for my addon ? And instant download ? (30MB)

Hi, i tried to update my addon but the problem is that upload of the update (30Mb) is instant, no error. I already had this problem but it was because there was invalid file format. Here is my addon (folder) http://extrem-team.com/ws.rar ...

10th February 2013
by Alex_Lee Go to last post
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Stargate\CAP for gmod 13?

I would like to know if anybody could upload Carter's Addon Pack into Gmod 13 Workshop. It's a SVN, so the whoever can upload Wiremod can upload CAP. You obviously need the creators permission, so ask either AvoN, who created the Stargate SVN(which is...

8th February 2013
by PotcFdk Go to last post
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How to extract gma files?

Tried to extract .gma files to review the code, but it doesn't work (I tried GMad extractor by garry). It just flashes a cmd.exe box and then closes

7th February 2013
by tyguy Go to last post
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Workshopper 1.0 ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

Ok guys, this workshopper will let you upload addons to live version of Garry's Mod. Be aware that a few things may have changed since you last tested your addon on the GMod 13 beta - so it might be throwing errors. So after you upload be sure to test...

7th February 2013
by Foxe Go to last post
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Workshop is not working.

I just found out that the workshop doesn't display anything or show anything when you search something.. It won't display anything to any game.. :(

6th February 2013
by addemod Go to last post
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Someone stealing my work and many other peoples work. This thread has images

I spent 6 hours on both of these skins and they are the ones I put the most effort into and not only is he stealing my skins hes stealing almost everyones stuff that has been uploaded on garrysmod.org within the last week. Stolen skin #1 -...

6th February 2013
by nick_9_8 Go to last post
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adding workshop files wont work

i added in someworkshop file to a garrysmod server and they wont show up i did the workshop.vtf or what ever its called but it dosent work nothing shows.

31st January 2013
by funnygame Go to last post
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[Bug?] Workshop Crash while uploading. This thread has images

So, i've downloaded the 1.0 workshop about a week ago, and I never successfully uploaded, and since I didn't found nothing on internet, I'll ask here hopping for either Garry or someone from Facepuch to help me. So, I tried to upload multiples...

31st January 2013
by bob0711 Go to last post
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"Linking" Workshop Content to Dedicated Server?

I've noticed that servers like NoxiousNet's ZS and others seem to be able to "link" their servers to their workshop content files on the new server list that lets them download the files from workshop. Unless I did something wrong it doesn't seem like...

31st January 2013
by garry Go to last post
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Uninstalling Addons

I have been downloading lots of addons from the workshop, trying them out to see if I like them, and unsubscribing from the ones I don't like. I recently noticed that my free hard drive space had taken an unexplained drop, so I investigated and found...

31st January 2013
by wing0black Go to last post
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Workshopper refuses to upload new addons for past week

I didn't want to start a new thread, but I think I've tried being patient long enough. I have been trying to upload some addons since Friday last week, and have had no success. I was able to upload one addon that weighs in at 12 megs, but trying to...

30th January 2013
by nickster50 Go to last post
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Workshop keeps redownloading and spawnlist is not working

Every time i play gmod or try to that is, it shows its redownloading 92 things but they never show up in spawn list and all my spawnlists are gone and the icons for the workshop addons are not displayed. If anyone can help that would be great.

29th January 2013
by itsAm Go to last post
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Someone uploading my work. Any way to get it taken down?

I recently found out that two people uploaded the weeping angel entities i made a while ago. (And never got around to uploading on my own) After I found out, I decided to finally get around to fixing the angels up for the workshop, and did. I've...

28th January 2013
by Pirate Jesus Go to last post
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[REQ] Deadpool Ragdolls?

Hi, I'm Shemp, and I'm not familiar with the new(-ish) Facepunch layout (i.e. the last two years or so) so if this isn't the right place to post this let me know. You don't even have to be nice. Anyway, I'm just humbly requesting somebody...

27th January 2013
by Shemp Go to last post
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gm_Floatingworlds_3 banned from Workshop after update ( 2 Last )

When I updated the map a week ago, I apparently forgot to put in the .ain-file, causing the map to freeze for a few seconds on the first startup. This caused the addon to throw errors and being banned from the workshop. At least, I imagine that it went...

27th January 2013
by VinLAURiA Go to last post
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Hello i am currently trying to extract the .gma files so i can make them legacy addons. Although i found the program on the forums, the website is down and i cant download it. does anyone have the program on their hard drive still? If so can you upload it...

23rd January 2013
by nickster50 Go to last post
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Workshop is Empty This thread has images

I look into workshop and find my upload banned then find everything else gone

20th January 2013
by TastyCrunch Go to last post
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my server only load 1 addon help please

"addons" { "1" "108424005" "2" "104815552" "3" "113214164" "4" "" "5" "" "6" "" "7" "" "8" ""

16th January 2013
by nickster50 Go to last post
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Workshop Solution for UNIX?

So, as we all know, legacy addons are broken for no reason on UNIX OSes. I've basically been living under a rock for the entire beta development cycle, so it would really help me if someone could explain why the addition of Workshop somehow broke regular...

15th January 2013
by BFG9000 Go to last post
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I can't update my addon.

Hi, I have create a addon, I upload the workshop, and it seems that be bugged, so I corrected it, and I can not update my addon loading the upload is very short but nothing happens, it n is outdated.

14th January 2013
by MattJeanes Go to last post
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[REQ] Allow HTML Content

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Allowing html, css, js, png, and other content to the /html/ folder would be useful.

12th January 2013
by Wizard of Ass Go to last post
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FastDL with Workshop? This thread has images

I've configured the workshop.vdf to download the maps I want from the workshop, do I need to get these files onto my FastDL Server? If so, how do I go about automating that? (If possible at all)

10th January 2013
by brickyross Go to last post
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[IDEA/REQ] Scroll Bar for addon list in workshopper. This thread has images

I have multiple addons that I have uploaded to the workshop and notice that there is no way to scroll through all of them in the workshopper. Is there plans to add in a scroll bar to be able to see all of the addons?

10th January 2013
by alatnet Go to last post
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Any way to acess files from a workshop addon?

I ask this because I'd like to attempt to modify a workshop addon I have that adds more textures to the material browser from Source games (because for some reason Gmod 13 has only like twenty textures in it). It oddly though does not work in multiplayer....

7th January 2013
by TwoYearLurker Go to last post
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downloading dupe files from steam client; not showing up in game

Yeah, I can't use workshop duplications I've gotten from the steam client in-game. Any fixes?

7th January 2013
by Strudol Go to last post
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