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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! *Updated November 6, 2012* This thread has images

Comprehensive Rules List as of 10/26/12: • If you're debating and state something as a fact - if challenged you need to produce proof. If you can't you get banned. • No personal attacks. Which you should not do when debating. • Start 'effort'...

25th March 2012
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Facepunch inflating their numbers..

not sure if this is the right section.. I figured if I put it in General it'd get blocked/banned. Anyways.. I've noticed on a few of their forums (General Discussion) and (Rust) it ALWAYS says 100+ people, and normally 100-110 of them are "guest",...

Dewm • 11 reading
1 Hour Ago
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Is Capitalism/Globalism really all that bad?

This comes from a former FP Marxist. The way I see it, capitalism has directly seen the creation of the world's most important tech. globalism has aided in the spread of culture and brought everybody closer together and made the world a smaller place....

1 Hour Ago
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Rationalizing telling someone to "Man the fuck up"?

Usually the phrase is used when a victim (doesn't have to be a victim of a crime, often just a victim of a fall) is letting their emotions get to them. You say the phrase to get that person to stop crying/wallowing in self-pity, and to snap out of it. ...

1 Hour Ago
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Do you believe in a higher being; God? ( 2 3 4 5 .. 76 77 78 79 Last ) This thread has images

Do you follow a religion? What higher being do you follow? Or do you follow the Christian God? Why? If you don't have a religion, or don't believe in religion, why? I'm interested in everyone's different views/opinions.

13 Hours Ago
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9/11 Conspiracy Theory ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last ) This thread has images

There seems to be many debates about the fact that the United States government instigated the attacks on 9/11. I personally don't think it's true, although I do find some of the stuff weird that comes up. There are a lot of things that have come up over...

16 Hours Ago
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Why does the Universe Exist? ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Pretty heavy question to be asking on a game developer's forum but I think it is a question worth asking. When you think about the existence of the universe, the first law of thermodynamics simply states that energy cannot be destroyed or created, only...

22 Hours Ago
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Is Military Service/National Service/Conscription a necessity in the defence of a Nation?

Well, I saw this thread: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1431893 And thought we could really use one here. Many people may see the need for a conscription army along with a regular one to defend a nation's interest. With a conscription service...

1 Day Ago
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Death Row/Death Sentence - For or Against?

This debate is about the Death Row/Death Sentence as a capital punishment in the United States. Please be factual, and trollposts will be reported and ignored. This is my opinion i wrote of a man named Esmonde who killed a guy named George. There...

1 Day Ago
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The word "Gay" This thread has images

So this has been a topic that i'm very interested in because its different for loads of people. And i thought it would be best if we had a discussion on here about it. Now the word "Gay" is defined as a "light-hearted and carefree." person but also...

1 Day Ago
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Iraq Crisis: How to Handle it? This thread has images

Recently with everything that has been going on in Iraq, people have put forth different ways and ideas on how to handle the situation there. A variety of ways to handle the situation have been brought out such as: No intervention Send only...

2 Days Ago
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Should people who have been abused, but are not aware of it, be told?

A hypothetical situation (though this has happened before; a patient goes to the dentist/doctors and is put under general anesthetic - while he/she is asleep the practitioner takes pictures/fondles or does some generally inappropriate stuff. The patient...

5 Days Ago
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Is standardized testing (ACT, SAT) an accurate measure of college aptitude and intelligence? This thread has images

I overheard an argument the other day between two of my classmates regarding this topic. The one girl said that the ACT or SAT is most definitely an accurate measure of intellect because it reflects everything we learned in school. The other girl was the...

6 Days Ago
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FEMA camps ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Now. I'm not one to be enticed into conspiracy theories. However I just find it a little weird how these Fema camps that keep emerging and more and more people that keep exposing them on social media. The most famous video would probably be the episode of...

6 Days Ago
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Is the next recession round the corner?

So recently we've seen China's property bubble being close to bursting. http://time.com/money/3394655/china-housing-bubble/ Consider it was the bubble in the US which caused the last recession, the EU and the US both rely on China for stability and...

1 Week Ago
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Who do you think is right? Israel or Hamas?

Say which one, I am just curious mostly. (User was banned for this post ("Read the rules. Add more content if you want to make a thread in the debate section." - Swebonny))

1 Week Ago
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Do You Believe in 'Life after Death'? ( 2 3 4 5 .. 14 15 16 17 Last ) This thread has images

I am here today to discuss the largely debated, discussed and acknowledged 'Life after Death' topic. Once upon a morrow, I was browsing a forum. I saw a thread about death and such, and a smart guy came around. Not me of course. He explains that once...

1 Week Ago
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Sex Change Debate? ( 2 3 Last )

So, I was talking to a friend over TeamSpeak earlier "Hakezu" and he asked me a mind boggling question that really stumped me. The question was: "If a guy went through the transgender process and became a girl would they be able to have their shirt off...

2 Weeks Ago
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Can movies change people?

Can art(movies, music, pictures etc.) totally change people's behaviour? Like from a very nice person, to a serial killer? (User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - Blazyd))

2 Weeks Ago
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Best age to have a baby? This thread has images

Today i want to talk about is the best age to have a baby, In my opinion, i think between teenage and adult is the best age to have a baby, First because the fertility and sterility, here the statistics image of health scores in 6 different countries....

2 Weeks Ago
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No death penalty if you plead guilty

Does anyone else have a serious issue with this? In some US states if you plead guilty to a capital offence (first degree murder for example) the judge can't sentence you to the death penalty, instead you'll get life in prison. The problem I see here...

2 Weeks Ago
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Revisiting Sandy Hook ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Personally, I haven't done enough research to form a full opinion, though since the incident a lot of new information has surfaced. The original arguments for it being a conspiracy in 2012 when it happened were quickly debunked, but it didn't take long...

2 Weeks Ago
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How should the US political system be changed? ( 2 Last )

Plenty of people in the US and outside seem to agree that the US political system is totally fucked. The United States has more corporate influence, more deadlock, and a stronger two-party system than pretty much any other Western democracy. Democrats,...

2 Weeks Ago
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How should, if at all, the US react to Russia regarding Ukraine?

Ukraine, Ukrainian rebels, Russia, Sanctions and Nukes have been a hot topic in Sensationalist headlines for a while now. As you know the US has lead a campaign of sanctions against Russia, which are arguably damaging parts of the European economy. ...

2 Weeks Ago
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Let's have an evolution debate

No not that one, the other one. Now that you are here though... Generally there are two schools of thought with regards to evolution gradual vs Punctuated, the implications are slightly different so it has some significance. Gradual is where...

2 Weeks Ago
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Is cheating on your homework or in school ok? ( 2 3 Last )

I've raised this topic before but sometimes I feel like some of my homework is a bunch of bs, so I use something like schoolsolver.com or chegg.com to get answers for my homework. Do you think that's something wrong or can there be circumstances in which...

3 Weeks Ago
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The big question: Should homework be banned? ( 2 Last )

Well here it is, the debate that has been going on for years. My views: Homework should be banned. Why? Well, it's proven to give NO academic improvement, and not to mention the mental disorders that come with it. When a teacher says "I'm setting you...

3 Weeks Ago
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Serial Killers: Inherently evil, or an unexplained variable? ( 2 Last )

So I've been watching a bunch of serial killer documentaries/interviews lately, and a lot of these people seem to have something eerily in common. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Charles Cullens, as a few examples, make these claims in the interviews I've...

4 Weeks Ago
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"Social Network Policy" - Corporate privacy vs. Freedom of speech

Hoping this is worthy of a debate. As part of my retail job application, I had to acknowledge the "social network policy" of my employer which states that I'm not allowed to discuss the store essentially in a negative way. (I'm pretty sure making this...

4 Weeks Ago
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Are females inferior to males?

In my opinion, I believe so. In prehistoric times, during the Neolithic Era, males used to go hunting and that required a lot of physical strength and stamina, so males evolved to handle more physical strength, and even now, there are more males than...

4 Weeks Ago
by Francis II Go to last post
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College education VS Trade School.

As of right now, I'm in a community college. There are many points in time where I ask myself if I'm going to remember what I know (Trigonometry for example). I'm really in no position to hold any other opinion than "What I'm doing is good for me because...

4 Weeks Ago
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The Troubles - But in Scotland?

As it gets ever closer to the Independence Referendum more and more people are becoming deeply rooted into their political and emotional spectrum's on the debate. The populace of Scotland according to most of the recent polls is almost equally split...

18th September 2014
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The Annihilation of Mosquitoes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Malaria, a primarily mosquito-born disease, was responsible for 660,000 deaths in 2010. 220 million infections were reported in that same year. Malaria is just one of several diseases that are...

17th September 2014
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Future of technology, Morality discussion. ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Hi there, I wanted to start a small debate about how we see the future of technology For instance, it is possible that in the near future ( 40 years +) computers might be more powerful than all the human race combined. Which mean that from there, It...

12th September 2014
by Sableye Go to last post
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Is humanity's shared ideal of world peace an impossibility?

My personal viewpoint is that it is impossible, if not a goal that we lack the capability to reach due to the way that we are wired. My reasoning goes that because we each all have our own experiences and opinions of the world, there will always be a...

8th September 2014
by Megadave Go to last post
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What exactly is a soul? ( 2 Last )

(I should start with a disclaimer: I do not personally believe in anything supernatural, nor am I Religious. However, this thread was made out of genuine curiosity and I do not wish it to turn into any sort of argument.) To those with some sort of...

8th September 2014
by Itolkweed Go to last post
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"Not racist, but #1 with racists" fallacy? This thread has images

First off, sorry that this isn't the traditional 'Mass Debate' topic that probably belongs here. Let me know if this is in the wrong place. So I stumbled on this image yesterday, found it pretty funny and a good jab at fox news. But recently, I've...

6th September 2014
by draugur Go to last post
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The escalating ukranian conflict, "The Tom Clancy" conspiracy

Starting off from the point of the current escalating conflict in ukrania, aswell as the running conspiracies regarding the Russian involvement, aswell as infiltration of its eastern neighbours have always seemed as a very scary scenario of coming war....

5th September 2014
by Emperor Scorpious II Go to last post
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Is human technology and industry really "unnatural"? This thread has images

It's often said that our impact upon the Earth, especially our buildings and industries, is "unnatural". But consider this. Mankind is an animal species. More intelligent than other animals, but still animals. Anything we do and create is a direct...

3rd September 2014
by Carman Go to last post
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What is the Meaning of Life? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Do you believe there even is a meaning to life? What meaning do you believe in (if you believe there is meaning)? Why? I'm interested in everyone's different views/opinions. (Personally I don't see a meaning to life, so just have fun with it).

30th August 2014
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kids who read

First off, im not sure if this belongs on mass debate but it has to do with how alot of kids today (that i know of) are raised, which is certainly controversial. Well, some kids just seem illiterate so to speak, i think every parent should read to their...

30th August 2014
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