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Shit you need to know because you are gay as fuark ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Last ) This thread has images

Since we seem to have an influx of people with terrible programs and generally bad information (somehow despite the relatively good information we already have floating around here) I'm going to list some shit you need 2 know to survive in da ghetto 1....

4th October 2013
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When we gonna take over the rest of facepunch?

We really need to get these fat smelly nerds ripped before they strangle their self on their headset cable I'm thinking set them a challenge ie: on week 1 record how many pushups they can do then by week 10 hopefully they'll have increased it ten-fold...

5 Hours Ago
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Post your STATISTICS and MUSSELS v2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 35 36 37 38 Last ) This thread has images

From the last thread, continue gents.

12 Hours Ago
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13 Hours Ago
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Height ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

I am less than 5'9" and I absolutely hate it, I don't even feel like an adult because of it (20 years old) is there anything I can do about it?

2 Days Ago
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Steroids thread v2: haha im so jacke- oh god there is milk leaking out of my nipple help ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

Ok so the last steroids thread was really sporadic in actual information and was to be honest, a piece of shit. With this thread I'm going to attempt to cover a wide range of information, while hopefully still striking a balance between useful/interesting...

3 Days Ago
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Need some help losing weight ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

been thinking a lot about my weight since the end of 2012 and most of 2013. my weight has been a concern to me for as long as I remember, most likely because I was bullied for it for a few years in elementary school and middle school. been struggling...

4 Days Ago
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Facepunch Cyclists V2 - How did this even get this far cycling is gay lol ( 2 3 4 5 .. 12 13 14 15 Last ) This thread has images

Basically, we talk about bicycles here. From buying to riding and fixing to shining. There are 2 main types of bicycles in which are broken down to different categories. The Road Bike As the name says, the road bike is meant to be used with...

6 Days Ago
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Weight Loss Support Thread v.1 - Supersized Edition. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 7 8 9 10 Last ) This thread has images

I've floated around Witness The Fitness periodically over my time here, and noticed a lot of 'weight loss tips' threads, and personal threads about losing weight asking for assistance.. One thing I didn't see was a support thread for those that are...

6 Days Ago
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What music do you cocksuckers prefer while lifting?

Deathmetal, blackmetal, metalmetal?

1 Week Ago
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Fatty to Meathead (PICS) This thread has images

I used to be fat. Here are my pics. As you can see, I used to be fat nearly my entire life. I'm 5'10. My fattest was 230lbs (15 years old). Now (still 5'10) at 175lbs (24 years old). The "fat selfie" was in Aug'13. The "buff instagram" is...

1 Week Ago
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The Runner's thread; discuss Track and Cross Country, Distance and Sprinting, or just going for a light jog once in a while! ( 2 3 4 5 .. 11 12 13 14 Last ) This thread has images

I personally, am a distance runner, I've got long legs, and whip off a mile in 7 minutes, how about you?

1 Week Ago
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"How carbs get used?"

I've been told many times by different sources "media, online, magazines, etc." that carbs get turned to fat when you don't use them. What would happen if I ate 300 calories worth of carbs and then did nothing for about 3 hours? Would they get...

4 Weeks Ago
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Need help for more muscle gain This thread has images

So I've been pumping iron and getting some good workouts in over the summer - Arms- Free weight curls training Chest- Simple pushup training (but very effective for patient training) Abs- Planking, situps Legs- Hard biking(Im a competitive biker),...

4 Weeks Ago
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Help pick a workout program for me based on my pathetic excuse for gym equipment. This thread has images

There's this gym that I have next door. This is what it has and I don't think it's enough to follow any program. Could anyone here prove me wrong?

4 Weeks Ago
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Rock Climbing/Mountaineering/Backpacking Thread This thread has images

So far I haven't seen any of these amazing topics mentioned here on Facepunch yet. Well it might just be me, I'm not too involved around here. You may be asking, why is this thread in this section of the forums? All of these hobbies are great ways to test...

4 Weeks Ago
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When cutting, would I need more protein for maintaining muscle mass when exercising?

How many grams necessary for maintenance? I tried Googling "does exercise consume protein" with no clear solution in sight.

4 Weeks Ago
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What are some good stretches for the achilles tendon?

I have a short achilles tendon, but I practice martial arts as well. One issue that I've always had was the inability to stand with the hips forward and knees bent while simultaneously keeping my feet flat on the ground, which is done quite a bit....

18th September 2014
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Can't get rid of gut.

Hi, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, I run and weight lift, but I can't get rid of my gut. If you didn't see my gut, you couldn't tell that I had a gut. What can I do about my gut, change eating habits? Or do some specific kind of workout routine?

12th September 2014
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Advice on losing belly fat

So, I've done a few swimming sessions along the past 2 years, here and there, some walking and I lost a lot of weight like that, I think I'm happy with my face and body, I don't see myself in the mirror and think 'god, I need to lose weight, I'm fat.' -...

4th September 2014
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Retro Fitness or Planet Fitness

I want to start a gym membership for the first time. I've already narrowed it down to these two gyms based on budget and location. Though, I've heard awful things about PF. But for the same price per month as RF, I can have the "Black Card" membership...

31st August 2014
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What to do with limited equipment

Hello all, first time posting but I lurk around here a lot. Basically, I've been trying to get a routine going with my limited equipment - I haven't had and will not have access to a gym for a while. As of now I have an adjustable bench rack along...

24th August 2014
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Taking caffeine tablets?

Any opinions on taking 100 mg caffeine tablets before working out?

20th August 2014
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Tips for losing weight. I'm 240 lbs

Hello everyone, So I've met this girl and she's simply incredible. That was 5 years ago. We're good friends now and... I'm starting to get feelings for her. We both want to become a teacher, and have alot in common. I'd like to ask her if she wants a...

28th July 2014
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21st July 2014
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Willing to giveaway 5lbs of protein powder This thread has images

Only requirement is that he needs to live in Uruguay, so I can send it to his physical address there. First to respond will get it.

4th July 2014
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how to bulk (for real u cunts) This thread has images

ok so i see a lot of posts about bulking and gaining and im gonna give u guys the scoop the real scoop the how to get big guide by perfumly this guide outlines how I went from skinny nerd to perfect 10/10 adonis this is dank weed, it will give u...

4th July 2014
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Exercising muscle groups on a calorie deficit to lose weight; what happens?

I would like to know what happens if I'm on any kind of calorie deficit and decide to work on different muscle groups for exercise (since I really don't want to be running every day but need cardio). It would also be nice if there was some sort of...

29th June 2014
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Ephedrine in Europe

Hello, Where do you guys get your ephedrine from? I've tried shopslim.co.uk but the pills i have recieved seems to be fake, i have not had any effects at all. I'd love to know where you guys get it from in Europe.

20th June 2014
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Programs for Male Stripper/Most Attractive to Women Physique?

Hi, so I'm a fairly handsome guy who just finished P90X and I have a very faint six pack, decent obliques, decent back muscles and I'm somewhat toned everywhere else. The only downside to my appearance at the moment is that my arms and legs are skinnier...

11th June 2014
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The Greatest Pre Workout Bar None

Alright, if your anything like me and the average seasoned lifter you've slammed back every preworkout under the sun and over time become resistant to its effects, leading to increased dosages or stronger pre workouts and thus the negative side effects...

28th May 2014
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Kettlebells. Will just any kettlebell do?

Or hows about this? I'm pretty much stuck doing 6 week summer courses for college and have become a complete and total shut-in for about 6 weeks. Which kettlebell should I get? Should I even be lifting at all right now? Those are my questions.

27th May 2014
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Question about, dieting fast food, and losing weight

Hey everyone, I'm on a diet that's operating off of the knowledge provided by my father and brother. The kind-of-vague rules of the diet are pretty much as follows: - Meals should be less than 666 calories for a total of ~2,000 calories. - Stay away...

9th May 2014
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Need help gaining muscle.

So basically, I've never been to the gym before (since my last thread, disappointing I know) but now I've got a lot of spare time, and I'd like to spend it at the gym. I'm currently 17 years old, 6ft 1, and weighing at around 88kg (13st 9). I don't...

29th April 2014
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Patrick's diary of lifting shit: I suck cocks and can't properly lift. ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

So decided to start a small diary here, it's nothing much, I'm too lazy to give a shit about tracking what I eat so I won't share any of it here. I just try to hit my protein macros and hit my calories and that's about it. I will be tracking what I lift...

23rd April 2014
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I have some really dumb questions about getting a girly figure This thread has images

Some background info to start off. I'm 5'6", weigh between 130-140 pounds. My current eating habits are anything that tastes good and my exercise is non-existent. My ideal body type is something very feminine. I could provide a picture if need be, but...

22nd April 2014
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I'm Too Damn Fat, Help Me

Sorry for any issues, I'm doing this on mobile. Okay, I really need some help and advice with losing weight and staying motivated. I am 17 years old, 6'2, and 235 pounds. I'm a big guy so I don't look too fat, just a little, however and I very...

21st April 2014
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Attachable Table/Tray for an exercise bike?

Hello! I'm not really sure where I should post this topic, or even if it should be it's own thread. But I am deciding to post it here as I assume that people that are regulars in this section will have some expertise and experience over the people that...

18th April 2014
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Am I losing weight?

I have a Mesomorph body (male) but atm a litle on the fat side from years of sitting on my ass. I just started working out I didn't really measure my weight at the start but I think I was over 200 lbs easy, now im down to 191 lbs, I hardly see any...

17th April 2014
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16th April 2014
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How to get a bit of muscle/power as quick as possible?

So I recently applied for the Royal Air Force as a Weapons Systems Operator. (Firing off the side of Chinooks, analysing radars for threats in submarines when specialised etc.) I'm 6'3, average build but after going to the formal presentation and...

14th April 2014
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