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FP WebDev - A Simple Guide This thread has images

Facepunch Web DevelopmentA Simple Guide Welcome to FP WebDev - where your idea for the next facebook becomes a reality! Basic Guidelines & Tips □ Search before you ask. If you have a question, there's a good chance we've already answered it in the...

3rd March 2014
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MySQL query (Posts history) Yii This thread has images

Hello everyone. I need help with a question: We have posts table (my own forum on Yii), structure: post_id = 0 means it's root post, else post_id is id of parent (root) post I need to make a history of posts that will keep to my posts and and...

Koji6ac9H 3 reading
1 Hour Ago
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Web Development - WAYWO - #8 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 116 117 118 119 Last ) This thread has images

As always please try and attempt to follow the rules - Keep your hands inside the thread at all times. - Don't be a jerk. - Don't try to claim someone else's work as your own, we'll find out. - Don't be a jerk. - Try to stay on topic, but also keep...

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3 Hours Ago
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Work In Progress

Need SQL Injection Tests This thread has images

So, my friend asked me to test his login/register system, well I don't know to SQL Inject so just try and out and see if you guys can get inside. https://vladstudio.biz/panel/ (There's nothing in there, just the login system. Really.)

4 Hours Ago
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Matrix falling code project - I need some help!

Hey, I recently started getting into c++ and have an idea for an eventual project. The idea is a program that emulates the iconic Matrix falling code but instead of random letters and symbols, displays actual information from system info, to news...

5 Hours Ago
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Questions That Don't Need Their Own Thread v4 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 97 98 99 100 Last ) This thread has images

Welcome to the Web Development's section very own QTDNTOT thread. To keep things running smoothly (until our inevitable demise), please try to abide by these very simple rules: ▬ Don't be a jerk. ▬ Keep your hands inside the thread at all times. ▬...

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HTML/jQuery play/pause music button not working This thread has images

So i've decided to automatically load some music when my webpage loads and whatnot, but problem: when I click on the button to make it pause, it doesn't pause or do anything. Here's the code I used <a id="mtoogle" style="cursor:pointer;"> <img...

14 Hours Ago
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Table size to content? This thread has images

I'm wondering how to get the Logged in box to size and expand to the left depending on how long the username is, and I can't seem to do it. Help would be appreciated - relevant code if it helps below. <form method="post" action="./" id="form1"...

16 Hours Ago
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Quick Reminder to all Loading Screen Developers

I was recently going around with a few HTML tags in my steam name and realised that a lot of servers didn't have any XSS protection. I'm making this post to simply remind everyone to add the function to their code. I haven't done this yet but, someone...

2 Days Ago
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XenForo Sign Up Issues

-snip apparently removing any info from the sign up field allows it to go through-

3 Days Ago
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Simple PHP Hitcounter

So the other day i wanted a simple way to track users on certain pages on my website. This also had to not count the same user refreshing the page millions of times either. So with that i coded up a simple one. Usage is on the Github page. Do with as you...

4 Days Ago
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Denormalize SQL Tables?

Hallo, I hope you can help me with some SQL. My problem: I've got 4 Tables. 1. Articles 2. Article_Attributes (a.k.a: "What Options does ist have?") 3. Possible_Options 4. Possible_Option_Values

6 Days Ago
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Need help configuring nginx/mysql/php

OS: Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 Current Folder structure: C:\nginx C:\nginx\mysql C:\nginx\php nginx version 1.7.3 Mysql version 5.6.19 (Just downloaded the zip archive (deleted mysql-test and sql-bench folders) PHP version 5.5 (5.5.14)...

1 Week Ago
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Need help with slideshow (JQuery or Javascript? I don't know...)

Hey guys, been a while since I've visited the Web Development section, and Facepunch in general. I'm afraid I need some more help, this time with something I have no experience or no knowledge in what so ever. Javascript/JQuery. I've been recoding...

1 Week Ago
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What's the best way to parse this contentEditable input? This thread has images

Hi, I'm doing something like this: The section underneath the horizontal rule is a contentEditable <div>. I need to take the input from that and separate it into individual categories and individual entries. What's the best way to do this? I...

1 Week Ago
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Paypal buttons wont work on site

Im trying to put Buy Now Paypal buttons on my site http://cuttingedgegaming.info/. I have had this working before, but now it wont work. For some reason, the buttons arent willing to go where the css is. I have a large white <p> for the buttons to go on,...

1 Week Ago
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Famo.us library

Hello, did anyone ever worked in this library? Is it worth learning it? I like it because it is 'pure' JS. Anyone got any experiences? Tips? ..Link.. http://famo.us//

1 Week Ago
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Need Some Help

I'm trying my hardest to build a community. Already got the In-Game part done. Now all I need is work to be done on the website. Not sure if this is allowed or not on the rules for posting a thread or not but bear with me I just made a FacePunch account....

1 Week Ago
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Developed some foundation knowledge of PHP, where to go from there?

I've recently been working with php to create more interactive webpages. I've been learning bits and pieces about hashing, password storage, databases, uploading/downloading files, image manipulation, and bbcode parsing. But where should I go from now?...

1 Week Ago
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Workshop collection to "resource.AddWorkshop" (For all your gmod server needs)

So i'll keep this short and clear because i don't know how to write a so called "Thread" but i just wanted to share this piece of tool. I will explain this to you in 13 easy short steps. 1. Get your collection ID...

1 Week Ago
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Learning, need help.

I recently finished the Codecademy course for HTML & CSS. I'm sure most of you guys are familiar with Codecademy, if not check it out here. I forgot a handful of HTML & CSS and now I am doing the "Build a Professional Website" course. Anyways, the...

2 Weeks Ago
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Any good responsive menus for wordpress?

My site im working on doesn't have many categories so having some nice graphics would be cool. Problem is I'm mostly seeing icons and such, and many menus are not very good with android. Does anyone know of a good Wordpress menu system in HTML5?...

2 Weeks Ago
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Changed forums MYBB [help]

I need a steam login script my current code but it doesn't work <?php /** * Steam Login * ---------------------------------- * Provided with no warranties by Ryan Stewart (www.calculator.tf) * This has been tested on MyBB 1.6

2 Weeks Ago
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Nooby question.

Alright guys so I'm working on an incredibly basic site, and I ran into a small issue. I'm no novice at programming, I have years of experience with languages such as c++/java, but webdev doesn't come secondhand to me like other languages. So I have a...

2 Weeks Ago
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Position PHP

Hello, Currently I'm making a loadingscreen for my gmod server. I'm trying to get it where I can position the php echos in a certain place on the loading screen. LoadingScreen URL: http://forums.apexdarkrp.com/loadingscreen.php?steamid=%s&mapname=%m...

2 Weeks Ago
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What books recommend to learn Node.js?

I have a perception that there are few

3 Weeks Ago
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Moodle Development

Hey guys, At work I've been asked to give the new moodle website website a face-lift. However i can seem to find the CSS for the navigation bar. #moodle-navbar is the only thing i can seem to find, however when i directly edit this it seems to...

3 Weeks Ago
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