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This isn't the place for Help & Support threads or Server advertising threads. YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DO.

Help and Support forum is here: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/16 Server advertising is forbidden as well. Thanks :) :eng101:

18th June 2014
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Stolen code

I'm sean the creator of http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=236239138&tscn=1408201621 And some guy named Roach literally took lua files from my addon, slapped on a model and uploaded it to the workshop claiming its his....

9 Minutes Ago
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Selling my servers (8 servers)

I started a community around 5 months ago and it has grown just not like I had hopped and now I do not have the time nor the money to fend for them anymore, There are 8 servers that are all in one package, They are hosted with OVH on a dedicated 64GB ram...

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3 Hours Ago
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Oculus Rift support?

Hi I recieved my development kit the other day and I would LOVE to try Garry's Mod with the Oculus Rift, does Garry know about the Oculus Rift and will he add support for it?

7 Hours Ago
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Shit that gets you mad in Gmod ( 2 3 4 5 .. 77 78 79 80 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is mainly to get off your chest what you find most annoying in garry's mod, no matter of gamemode. I'll begin: I hate the fact that in TTT, when i'm a Traitor, an innocent gets shot by another person and then i get accused for that. Now it's...

7 Hours Ago
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DarkRP Job Suggestions?

I know about....well..87% of you Facepunchers are DarkRP haters, and honestly, I don't care. This is a question about what jobs you thought were creative/cool and/or suggestions for cool jobs. I had to start fresh with my DarkRP Server (Virus on my...

9 Hours Ago
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[REQUEST] Gas Mask and Sleeping/Tear Gas

Hello Everyone, First off, I do not know if this is the right place to post this, so if it isn't, admins/mods feel free to move it. Now for what I am requesting: I want a Gas Mask with/and/or Sleeping/Tear gas mod/addon for my server. (Not naming...

9 Hours Ago
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10 Hours Ago
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Make constraint between prop and non-physics object (door)

Hello everyone. Can someone suggest how to save door with prop in dupe using Adv.Duplicator (first, not second). I tried to override util.IsValidPhysicsObject function which used in weld for validation, but still not work. any ideas? P.S. Sorry...

12 Hours Ago
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HL2 themed DarkRP Server

Weren't it cool if somebody could make such a server, because i never saw an english one?

20 Hours Ago
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I need help getting back into Garrysmod

A few years back when Gmod 13 launched, none of my computers could play it, so I just torrented an old version and played it. I eventually bought a new computer and upgraded the utter shit out of it. I haven't found any servers on hamachi for quite a...

23 Hours Ago
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Stuck at "Retrieving Server Info" HELP!!!!

I have been searching for solutions for this problem, and I have had no success. Some more information: I have about 61 addons on the server (its a fool-around sandbox server for me and a few friends.) Could this be the problem? I am running it off...

1 Day Ago
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My Stargate Atlantis Map "GM_SGC_to_Atlantis This thread has images

GM_SGC_To_Atlantis Work in Progress Hi and welcome to my last Stargate Atlantis map for Source Engine Games. You can find the Stargate Centre, The Midway Station, Atlantis, and the Genii Homeworld on this Map. The map is not released so watch often...

1 Day Ago
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Q Menu Sizing Bug - GMod This thread has images

Recently my Q Menu has shifted over and the props list is squished over to the side as you can see from the need of an arrow to view the right-hand tabs above the props, and the contextmenu area is enlarged. (check screenshots) Anyone know how to fix...

1 Day Ago
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Making scripts for people for any gamemode ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

I just got through a bunch of stupid school shit, and life is dumb so I am going to be coding some shit to get my mind of things, also, I wouldn't mind filling my workshop with some shit (I'll also release Direct DL links) So, anyone got any requests? No...

1 Day Ago
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Couldn't load module library [MysqlOO] This thread has images

wrong forum, to be deleted

1 Day Ago
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1 Day Ago
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Weapon models

Hello everyone! In this post I want to speak about weapon models for gmod. All the time all sweaps used models from gamebanana.com or source games(hl2, css and etc) But after "Update 162" SWEP use the viewmodel hands If they support it. Default...

Mr Mactavish 1 reading
1 Day Ago
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Wave of Teamviewer hackers mostly in this forum.

Stupid idiots are using VPN's and Proxy browsing with separate accounts and creating threads like "HALP, NNEDS ADMIN, JOIN MY TEAMVIEWR!!!" These threads are the ones that needs to be removed and get the user banned for. Team view (if you didn't know)...

1 Day Ago
by Cyberuben Go to last post
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Source 2 GMod? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

To keep this short and simple, could Garry port, or remake, GMod for Source 2, when the time comes upon its full release? Even if I had to rebuy it, I would in a heartbeat. 8+ years of playing Gmod and I haven't slowed down, I would definitely buy it...

2 Days Ago
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What's your top 5 favorite gamemodes? ( 2 Last )

What is your top 5 favorite garrys mod gamemodes? Ill start 1. The Purge 2. Darkrp 3.F2S: Stronghold 4. Zombie Survival 5.Sandbox (Specifically DM Sandbox servers)

2 Days Ago
by AtlasAvenger Go to last post
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DarpRP Bank Robbery Error

I am getting this error: http://gyazo.com/35aa82a7ca63dcbb03175e5d3168413d This is our config: http://pastebin.com/zjcy3viq Please help. :D

2 Days Ago
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ACF General Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 44 45 46 47 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is for posting of ACF beta content, and general ACF chat. Problems? Ideas? Gripes? Put 'em here. Kafouille's been gone, and he's the only one who can update the svn- so this thread will be used to post ACF releases that...

Kickasskyle 5 reading
2 Days Ago
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DarkRP prop ban

Anyone care to tell me how I ban props in darkrp? I am new to darkrp so please no hate. (User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - Craptasket))

2 Days Ago
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Post your ~funny workshop comment stories (many imgs) ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

So the shit that gets you mad thread got spammed with these and making a new thread for it was brought up. Here are some from my cs scripts

2 Days Ago
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Hi i need help these people aka admins are ya know abusing admin abilities help!

hi im on a server and also note requesting back on adding garry as a friend on steam but not the point theres this server were im getting admin abused even though I only rdmed a couple times so please help garry in proving them wrong and teach them a...

2 Days Ago
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(Tool Related) Hide object to click through it?

Hello everyone, I'm a new member here but not a new GMod player. I've become quite a skilled builder but there is one thing I have always been curious about. Instead of deleting an object or moving it to get to the object behind it (say if I'm welding,...

2 Days Ago
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Workshop comments This thread has images

Pretty much only one step above youtube comments http://i.imgur.com/R7vk8PS.jpg On this workshop item: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=271466900 19th August 2014 I would love to re-size that but i only have my phone

2 Days Ago
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I've seen a "badges" addon and I'm curious where I could get it

Their is this badges addon that adds a new row in the tab menu, called "badges" it holds things such as ranks, time played, etc. I've seen it on multiple servers so I'm guessing its not a purely custom made addon for a single server. EDIT: I believe...

3 Days Ago
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Any good vanilla Sandbox build challenges? This thread has images

I was looking to play some vanilla Sandbox, and I thought it'd be fun to have some challenges from you guys that I could try and accomplish. I.E. you could say, "Build a trebuchet," or "Make a picture using the shadows of items." Anything along those...

3 Days Ago
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DarkRP prop ban

Anyone care to tell me how I ban props in darkrp? I am new to darkrp so please no hate.

3 Days Ago
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Can someone make me HUD and a player model? This thread has images

I turned to you, the scripters and the modders because I am very dumb when it comes to both. I would be very appreciative of whoever could do this things for me! I ask of you people to make me a HUD from the game, "Halo 3: ODST" (This is an...

3 Days Ago
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Lua scripting

How to make a SWEP pack?

I have been playing around with the development of SWEPS for gmod for a bit now and would like to release some weapons. The problem is, i don't know how to put multiple SWEPS in one pack. If anybody knows how to create SWEP packs please post some advice....

3 Days Ago
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Best Administration Mod? This thread has images

I see all of the Admin mods are outdated by a long time. What's the current best one/most popular one/most updated? (For GMod 14.)

3 Days Ago
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Lua scripting
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Free Darkrp Coder

Hello, I was looking for a DarkRp server that would need some help getting there server up and running. I am a coder for coder hire too, but I also love to code on my free time. What I can provide: Jobs Death Message Car Dealer F4 Menu Custom...

3 Days Ago
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Hey Guys! I have a server called ZapGaming and i need someone out there to give me a free donating system. ive been looking on the internet and all that but i cant find one :( . please give me one or code me one i will love you for ever!! <3 Thanks! ...

3 Days Ago
by code_gs Go to last post
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Making NPC's shoot rockets

Hey community, i know, it's the usual thing. NPC's can't fire Rocket Launchers if it's not scripted. Is there any way to make them shoot rockets? I already tried an addon called AI-RPG, but that didn't work.

3 Days Ago
by Jawesome99 Go to last post
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Best Garry's Mod Server Hosters in Europe

Greetings! I'm looking to get a Server, and I'm looking for a server hoster with good quality in Europe. Does some of you people have any experience with GMOD server hosting in Europe? I thought about ElpisHost, but i dont want to have 200+ms. I also...

3 Days Ago
by Zackyo Go to last post
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What's some good admin mods nowadays?

It's been several years since I last managed a GMod server. Which are some good admin mods nowadays? Back then, I used AssMod. There was also Evolve, ULX, and some others I can't remember but seems to have disappears (except ULX?).

3 Days Ago
by Stickly Man! Go to last post
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Help me identify this F4 menu?

Ive seen it and want to know where/who to buy it from. Can anybody link me to whose it is? http://prntscr.com/4cdv8k Much appreciated.

4 Days Ago
by Tolee Go to last post
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4 Days Ago
by Declivity Go to last post
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