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  1. Alice3173
    Oh dear, lol.
  2. Lord_Schrotty
    oh great new title
    I guess I'll do whatever you want me to do babe ;)
    [sub][sub][sub]I like it[/sub][/sub][/sub]
  3. Alice3173
    That's a large (and slightly :ohdear:) title.
  4. Alice3173
    I never ended up finishing it. Not because it was bad or anything. Just that after Persona 3, other games, even one that was based on the same premise, didn't seem interesting. And they had changed things just enough to feel a little off to me too.
  5. Lord_Schrotty
    its the first persona I played
    maybe going to play p3 after that
  6. Alice3173
    Ah, I knew she looked familiar. I only played P4 a bit but I have played it. Just nowhere near as much as P3. (Persona 3 is quite likely my favorite rpg of all time.)
  7. Lord_Schrotty
    [URL="http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Rise_Kujikawa"]It's Rise Kijukawa from persona 4[/URL]
  8. Alice3173
    What is your avatar? She's adorable.
  9. Alice3173
    Good point. I'm sure she has some function to survive in space.
  10. Lord_Schrotty
    Miku never dies.