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  1. Problem with image Rust
  2. Character reset after logging off?
  3. Nuevo servidor ESPAŅOL
  4. I cant give items to players on my server
  5. OSX - Hangs at server connection - various errors, still haven't been able to play
  6. Rust Server - Rv-Online.co.uk
  7. How do I submit Bugs?
  8. North america 1 crash?
  9. North America 2 down!
  10. ability to reverse engineer items
  11. Can I run this game?
  13. [OSX - RUST] Reset configs
  14. Why arn't the North America Servers working?
  15. Repairing Walls, Doors, etc
  16. Can't place wooden doorways
  17. Pink Sky!!??
  18. Anybody rent a game server from fpsplayers.com??????
  19. [Christ Punchers] Brand New US Server.No Sleepers/InstaCraft/PvP. No Admin Abuse.
  20. An idea for replacing the zombies
  21. Can't connect to a specific server
  22. Hacker on UK2 as we speak
  23. NEW SERVER! [EU]Builders Paradise[PVP] LOKING FOR STAFF!
  24. Bought alpha 6 months ago
  25. Is there any way to check your stats of your rust account?
  26. Public Dedicated Servers Confirmed?
  27. [Suggestion] Door key, Personal Safe, Password guarded door
  28. Help me build a full-proof structure
  29. Prop Protection/Build Protection
  30. Weapon Camos?
  31. new server us east coast
  32. North America 1 DOWN???
  33. Can I play in more than one server?
  34. ***US WEST*** PVP/Sleepers 12/20 new server, join up!
  35. Alter day/night cycle
  36. Force Feature launch not working
  37. how tall can i make a wooden tower?
  38. NEW SERVER- Just Wiped
  39. Network codes should be improved under high leatency
  40. The Joy of Another's House: After Action
  41. New 256 slot server. Sleeper/PvP/ and crafting is set to 1/5th of the normal time. Hosted in Texas
  42. New Fresh US Central Rust Server (100 Slot, active admins, no sleepers, Friendly, PVP) Looking To Boost Player Base
  43. Did you like the movie, "The Purge"? ==Official Purge Server==
  44. Sconce's for torches on walls.
  45. NEW SERVER - [QC] Quebec Rust (Including forums)
  46. Accidental Post :(
  47. [Suggestion] Warn Enemies
  48. Please give us SA servers
  49. Personal Servers?
  50. Joining a server problem
  51. Reporting Hacks on" US Central 4 (Stress Test)" for Rust
  52. Rust server was taken down by a DDoS attack.
  53. 137 Floors and Jumping!!!
  54. New Community Server
  55. Immersion suggestions!
  56. Hell bound soldiers,Command ranks,server,teamspeak 3
  57. Potential good idea for Rust servers
  58. My Simple Ideas
  59. An idea for the inventory
  60. Syclonee - Live now on Twitch.TV - Giveaway soon - Australian
  61. Rust - Custom Server Fun
  62. What can be done of the aimbot that was released yesterday?
  63. Old Rust Music Link or Download?
  64. sleeping bags, how do they work?
  65. How do I admin my server its a multiplay server thanks
  66. Bolt Action Rifle
  67. Break wooden walls
  68. Spike Walls
  69. How To Play Rust (Rust Tutorial)
  70. Annoying problem
  71. Mouse cursor in screen - Linux
  73. Serious Admin Abuse
  74. Compiled decay/repair/maintenance thread
  75. [New] Server from White Citadel Gaming
  76. Rust In A Nutshell v2
  77. Community server problems
  78. Australian sever snapshot wolf #1
  79. New NYC/North America server (why you should play with us)
  80. Cant connect
  81. Hacker
  82. Tell me if i'm wrong here, but...
  83. gameplay suggestion
  84. can't join comunity servers
  85. Rust offline?
  86. [Rust] Stuck in the rocks
  87. Map is too small
  88. really good Rust Beginners Guide
  89. Looking for a group/team - no noobs
  90. Game won't load servers list
  91. How would a foundation disappear?
  92. grass.on false not working on Mac
  93. Someone please help me
  94. Any news on the North America servers?
  95. *clicks on server* doesnt connect NEED HELP PLZ
  96. Are they working on a group system?
  97. 10-15 Fps while trying to run Rust? Any suggestions?
  98. *Critical Issue* . Need access logs and player list with steamid
  99. new server looking for a community
  100. Update I'd like to see regarding sleeping bags
  101. [Bug][Linux] Mouse is heading to sky.
  103. My Simple Ideas #2
  105. Rust problem
  106. No servers on server list
  107. Thinking about getting the game, but worried about performance! [RUST]
  108. Sever Browser Filter
  110. Game is broken after "ChkDsk"
  111. How To: See in the Dark [Gamma Fix]
  112. Rust On mac
  113. Macbook Console Command Problems!
  114. Can't Join Community or Modded Server - Help!
  115. The KOS has to stop....
  116. Server - loading screen then back error
  117. Holding me back from playing
  118. Grass and tree leaves with white outline
  119. seeking group on any server to join and assist
  120. Infamy
  121. instantly headshot
  122. Any help for a noob?
  123. Anyone want to team up on Germany 1 (dev)
  124. Oh look, another Key help thread!
  125. @rustcrew, fix aimbot.
  126. Big city
  127. Can't open things
  128. How do I obtain Metal Pillars?
  129. Supply Signal???
  130. Cannot click on ANY SERVER or Option
  131. [EU]PVP-ARENA EVENTs 25.12
  132. Built a wall and boxed myself in on accident
  133. Found a nice Server
  134. do i have to re-buy rust on steam?
  135. Tips to prevent raids?
  136. Brand New Server
  137. Server queue
  138. Can I play Rust?
  139. An idea on how to help with the KOS
  140. [Suggestion] Character Emotes
  141. How To Reset Controls
  142. Bow vs. 9MM Pistol
  143. some ideas for rust
  144. Sudden FPS Drop..
  145. My gripe, input and feedback on game
  146. Groups
  147. monitor turns off when I swing rock (still have sound)
  149. Small Stash destroyable?
  150. New Server - Multiplay :::TexasRust::: PVP/Sleeper
  151. Arrows
  152. Game feedback. o.0
  153. What is missing in Rust
  154. Free Teamspeak Provider [Signup Page]
  155. Crates and work bench gone.
  156. Cannot join Community or Modded servers?
  157. How do I tell if something has decayed?
  158. Caves and map.
  159. Merry Christmas Rust community!
  160. Wood gates and protecting your house?
  161. New EU Server with admin events :)
  162. community question carebears vs. griefers
  163. hackers BAN please Cannot leave house
  164. Weird Fps Problem
  165. Hackers.
  166. Respawn timers, should they be considered?
  167. can I run rust on lowest windowed?
  168. Rust lagging
  169. New Rust Youtube Channel
  170. [Linux] rust is searching libsteam.so from wrong location
  171. New server pvp,sleepers and mumble for everybody :)
  172. Server Browser is lagging
  173. No build zone "spawns"
  174. Graphical Glitch / Bug report
  175. How To Fix: Internal error: Too many pairs created
  176. Why should I buy Rust; On the fence.
  177. Just bought rust. (Graphic card question)
  178. New Server Looking for Players to Join
  179. How to make friends in Rust
  180. Couldn't believe this happened.
  181. fix this annyoing noise.
  182. More explosives please
  183. Ideas for Rush
  184. Rust Spanish Community - Comunidad Rust Espaņola (Any Spanish speaker is welcome)
  185. extreme lag at selecting a server
  186. Ports for rust.
  187. Caught a cheater on Rust.
  188. How To: Stream Rust in the Dark [OBS]
  189. Vehicles
  190. Head Bobbing
  191. New Server [BR]Pelotão Mata Defundo
  192. Too much private servers!!!
  193. New ideas to improve Rust gameplay.
  194. Major Rust Laggs !
  195. smaller pub servers might be advisable
  196. Is the login bug back?
  197. Wipe on my Servers
  198. Need help i dont see any server on the list/And dont how to join a server?
  199. Weapons Showcase / Guide!
  200. Cant get out of car
  201. Spawn Zombies/Bears?
  202. Hello, brand new player but having some issues
  203. Crashes after I start Rust
  204. How to fix Rust Crash: Solution!!
  205. Unplayable
  206. problem with the resolution
  207. will my laptop run rust ?
  208. Rust BSOD
  209. Day 1 of The Rise and Fall of an Empire
  210. Rust Game Menu Lag
  211. Dedicated Server Software
  212. Steam server overloaded!
  213. servers dont show up
  214. TeamSpeak3 for RUST players
  215. Cant join servers?
  216. Got rust before steam
  217. Game unplayable due to daily server lag
  218. Horses ingame?
  219. Problem with the light from flashlight and other players carring torches.
  220. Stuck At Loading Screen
  221. Can't Join Servers.
  222. New ideas, More Improvised weapons, firearms Realism
  223. New Server - EasyRust
  224. Glad I didnt buy this shit game
  225. (hopefully) OFFICIAL SUGGESTION THREAD [Rules in OP]
  226. Sleeper Server / Item Decay
  227. How to create a new server ?
  228. How do I get my steam code?
  229. How do I be good at this game?
  230. US West Active Admins PVP!
  231. Rust's Future - A giant list of possible changes, additions and content.
  232. Facepunch_Connector_AuthTimeout
  233. worried about crack usage
  234. ESP?
  235. Rust : 2 funny guys doing funny stuff in a fun game,
  236. Full Server Join Game Queue
  237. Noob Question - Low Rad City
  238. server.cfg
  239. [Rust]Anyone wanna team on a PVP server?
  240. BUG REPPORT "facepunch_connector_authtimeout"
  241. [Opened Flood Gates] Teamspeak Server
  242. Brand New Noob Friendly Server!
  243. Cover Shields
  244. Springfresh is a hacker
  245. Rust Issues
  246. A new command for teams
  247. windows
  248. New identification suggestion
  249. Rust Community
  250. This may be an overly asked question.
  251. Bad Lag Since newest update.
  252. (Failed to connect) Connection Failed US East 3 (Large)
  253. my rust is lagging to hard, unplayable
  254. Rust font?
  255. Come check out my stream twitch.tv/xmccafex
  256. Air Drops In A Nutshell
  257. PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!! (To much lag, unplayabe)
  258. Is there ANY way to disable V-SYNC?
  259. I love Rust.
  260. Game keeps crashing for me
  261. Won't let me play!!!!!
  262. The game is awesome even in alpha,with low fps in the crowded areas and lack of content but the hackers ruin the entire game experience.
  263. Having to re-connect to server every 30 seconds
  264. Server selection screeen freezing
  265. I have a question and would love an answer.
  266. Who's server is this?
  267. I cant connect to community servers
  268. Binoculars
  269. Game stuttering/freezing - looking for help
  270. People Hear Me Issue? Raise My Output Volume?
  271. People Cant Hear Me Issue? Raise My Output Volume?
  272. WTF is being done about cheaters?
  273. Can you break wooden walls with a pickaxe or hatchet?
  275. car
  276. Australian server has TERRIBLE lag
  277. New PVE Server 24/7 uptime.
  278. "Community Servers"
  279. Survival in groups.
  280. Rust Co. brings you A FRESH SERVER! (US East)
  281. After crafting, how do you put out the objects you have made?
  283. Is there any "free construction mode" server?
  284. Improvements to RAD system
  285. Just Let Me Kill all the Foreigner
  286. Rust bundle
  287. Rad measuring item
  288. Very low FPS on a system that should be able to run the game fine
  289. Rust Needs Better Antihacks
  290. Is the Australia server down ?
  291. EU/BE No Sleeper Admin/help New Server
  292. As an Admin I'd like to see these commands
  293. New service "[CN]PVPforeigner"
  294. Rust server [BR]Pelotao Mata Defunto(New)
  295. Help! Ultra Laggy FPS
  296. New rust server just started today (chicago based PVP/sleeprers)
  297. a bug report, "inception"
  298. Construction should have animation and time perpetration
  299. Unable to see all the Official Servers?
  300. How alpha is this alpha?
  301. New UK 80man Server - UK Newbie NoDev
  302. As a weekend player whats the point with decay?
  303. Help awefull FPS Lag
  304. Alpha Feedback: Cause of the FPS drops, server browser functionality and balance
  305. Random Stuttering?
  306. I paid twice the rust
  307. Breaking spike walls
  308. Facepunch PLEASE READ!! (about lag issues and how to fix it)
  309. Game won't load
  310. YouTube Videos
  311. RUST ISSUE - No servers and can't use net.connect...
  312. I Need help, playing on a Mac
  314. What CPU is better for gaming?
  315. Germany 1 down?
  316. Rust on PlayStation 4.
  317. Strange errors in the console
  318. Australian Group 16+
  319. Guys, can you help me? I can't play Rust
  320. Amount Slider
  321. Permissions Sugesstion
  322. change my server name
  323. More suggestions. Time for improvement on building mechanics.
  325. Official UK Servers Down?
  326. Wood Wall Question
  327. Console command to show fps?
  328. Facepunch Connector AuthTimedout
  329. Controls Issue
  330. To start after all people gonna tell oh its just a kid crying so read first.....
  331. Please help me out thanks please rust
  332. Can we get an official statement about monetization with youtube videos?
  333. Can't join any community servers at all?
  334. Problem: My game voice is low
  335. Pure Rust Server PvP/Slprs
  336. research a research kit
  337. Vehicle Rust
  338. Mac (or PC) startup glitch for Rust Game
  339. Rust: Now 150% unplayable!
  340. (Facepunch_Connector_AuthTimeout) Cant connect to my own server
  341. Rust running gpu hot?
  342. Spawn whit itens
  343. A serious connection problem, freezing (I think?)
  344. Fresh Rust Server 19.12.2013
  345. UK1 and UK2 down!
  346. Rust Combat - turns to fast and hard to shoot ppl!!!
  347. When will the UK servers get online again
  348. Rust/DayZ youtube channel - check it out
  349. New Server
  350. Body loot's name
  351. Toggle Ironsights
  352. Subscription to newsletter for fixing of game?
  353. German Fan Page Rust !
  355. intro trailer music ?
  356. How do i give my friend admin on rust?
  357. Rust Idea Compilation
  358. I just started a server and I cant find it on list?
  359. No one can join server
  360. Play over LAN with same game copy?
  361. Do you get Metal Windows That Open and Close?
  362. Game wont work
  363. Refund via Stream
  364. Refund via Steam
  365. UK servers down
  366. Additions to the game that will make it ever better than it is
  367. US East 3 (Large) Connection Failed
  368. Cannot join Rust cracked servers with legit copy
  369. I want to buy (MAC)
  370. RUST crashing?
  371. Purple names ingame?
  372. While East coast 3 Large was down.
  373. Last Night...
  374. US EAST COAST 3
  375. Request for the Door
  376. Steam ID of an hacker
  377. Interesting new bug (or hack?)
  378. Rust - Santa Claus !
  379. I didn't redeem my Rust key on Steam when it was given. Now I can't obtain it. Help?
  380. Rust - Episode Three
  381. 10-20 FPS PLEASE HELP
  382. =WFC= Server with safe zone enforced! Pvp and Friendlys welcome!
  383. Need administrators and rust players to read about concerns and game improvements about updates and building.
  384. Looking for a partner or group! (Rust)
  385. Server OFF?
  386. Can't Join
  387. Change starting items
  388. Banned for no reason.
  389. fps rust severs
  390. Dev team communication
  391. Colored Name?
  392. What happend to the UK server?
  393. building parts disapearing
  394. Newly installed drivers make rust worse
  395. What are some item names?
  398. Looking for people to play with
  399. Two Different Admin ranks, one Owner, the other Admin.
  400. Bug report
  401. When i start Rust it crashes on the server loading
  402. Cant join servers
  403. Whoever gets geared first wins?
  404. Server Administration - A Plea
  405. Aimbotter K for Kris
  406. Server Just went live! [New][NoobFriendly][Sleepers][ActiveAdmins][Insta-Craft]
  407. [FYI] Ever wanted to practice building bases without time or resources cost? (Read this)
  408. Help with stuttering movements
  409. New Fun Server w/ regular events - US PVP Admin Wipe 12/26
  410. Greatest Raid Ever || Leather to Kevlar ^o^
  412. How Do You Wipe a Server?
  413. F1 Grenade Damage
  414. Becoming admin/Giving admin access
  415. looking for more clan mates
  417. [US]EST[PVP]sleepers[12-26]
  418. Looking for Partner(s)
  419. New (AU) Server Through Streamline! YOLO Gaming
  420. Hunger Information
  421. Addressing hacking issues
  422. Trapped
  423. Server Europe Opening and Pack Opening(50 First player posted)
  424. Has anyone been able to play on US East Coast 3 (Large) at all today?
  425. Houses disappearing
  426. NEW - Streamline sever. Looking for players
  427. New Rust + DayZ youtube channel!
  428. need help asap! (MAC)
  430. New Rust Server - US -West Coast -PVP -No Sleepers -Active Admin
  431. Uk servers still not up?
  432. Fresh Server: Pvp, 50 slot, Sleeper
  433. Episode #3 - "Confusing Situations"
  434. Will I have problem playing Rust on my laptop?
  435. New Noob Friendly Server
  436. 'Episode 3' THE BIGGEST RAID EVER
  437. Rust
  438. Popular Exploits =Fix Required=
  439. How to fix Lag in Rust.
  440. Will aimbot fix become priority showing up at trello?
  441. Germany 1 Server totally broke
  442. Officiel Server!!!
  443. Dev Version Changelog
  444. finding server ip address
  445. new ideas ?
  446. Easy way to find your friends/yours Server
  447. Is this a hacker or Admin? [PIC]
  448. Ping community servers using Command Prompt
  449. How to fix lag in 1 min (video help)
  450. Rust CD-Key
  451. Electricity idea.
  452. Server Error
  453. 11 c4 to blow one wooden wall
  454. Heat Stroke
  455. Server Script to Enable PVE during the Day, PVP during the night?
  456. UK Servers Down?
  457. Request: Sticked changelog
  458. *VIDEO* How to get baited! Rust Style
  459. So whats going on with the German servers? *Answer*
  460. Banlist.cfg not saving names/ids
  461. Rust - Unofficial Soundtrack (parody)!
  462. Germany 1 Dev Render Texture Create failed : format unsupported
  463. Internet is fine, but can't connect to a server?
  464. Connection to servers! Cant Connect? Can Connect? Post Any Info or Errors IN HERE!
  465. raiding to easy
  466. [SUGGESTION] Rustic weapons & ammo
  467. West Coast Rust PvP Server
  468. My personal suggestions
  469. Server admin subforum
  470. Attention: To Clear Server Confusion
  471. A small Intuitive suggestion
  472. Problems with servers ?
  473. Very weird fps problem
  474. Suggestions/Improvement Ideas
  475. Some Balancing ideas.
  476. Server Connection
  477. Rust Episode Three: Confusing Situations!
  478. Community driven thread of suspected aimbot users & steam profiles (regularly updated)
  479. Spike wall - Decay
  480. [BUG] Duping (sort of) a flare with chicken.
  481. The recent suggestions.
  482. building abilities ?
  483. how can i make a rust server?
  484. Difference between community and Modded
  485. Idea for Sleep Base Structure Invulnerablility
  486. My server is up!!!
  487. Doors
  488. Desync still isn't fixed for those who have it
  489. Server question
  490. Developer Transparency
  491. Need More Tech!
  492. Rust Episode Three: Confusing Situations!
  493. Game Improvement/Addons Using Existing Content v.3
  494. Can't get back in after I Alt-Tab?
  495. Low FPS on Rust with a Nvidia ? [Improve Tutorial]
  496. Later on down the road, it would be cool if they implemented...
  497. Europen server ip: net.connect rustbg.v4.net:28015 no lag, good admin.
  498. RUST. PvP/Tutorial Series!
  499. [QUESTION] Steam buy Rust from Garry
  500. Rust Server Admins/Moderators